Interview with Tina Banerjee
CEO & Co-Founder @ Brainpath

Tina Banerjee started her career after completing her studies in communication sciences and design in the highly competitive Berlin startup scene, first at the fashion eCommerce startup before shortly thereafter becoming head of design at eDarling and the co-brands EliteRencontre / EliteSingles - took over the international brands for the online dating service. Most recently, she was Head of Marketing at the e-commerce startup and is now leading the own business with her co-founder to success. Tina Banerjee is a regular speaker at specialist conferences.
Could you please introduce Brainpath and how you came to co-found the company?
We do growth marketing, we consult, we do research and we educate. We see growth marketing, as evolved marketing, that only focuses on growth results. Companies come to us for three reasons: One is where there is an issue, but you don’t know where it is or how to solve it and you come to us, and we find ways how to solve it and grow. Second is where you come to us because you're not growing and don’t know why. Here we will dive deep into the business model and find the reasons for not growing, then we prepare concepts and audits to solve it. The third reason is where the company is doing great, and fine, but you want to grow to the next level. We will use state of the art methodologies to help you achieve that growth. We think of it as a holistic mindset or a holistic way of working as we look into the team you are working with, the industry, the environment, the competitors. All these need to be researched to find the right way to grow.
Who are the typical clients of Brainpath?
Brainpaths clients consist of 5 types as far as I can count. There are startups, especially if they want to scale fast. We have SMEs, where they are 5-10 years old, and they want to scale growth too. Then we have big brands, Meta people and marketing agencies. Another type of client would be employees themselves, like marketing managers or product managers, that come to educate themselves as we offer webinars, seminars and workshops. The last type of client would be the marketing experts that actually come to work on the next level of marketing techniques and the tools needed within their business.
What is one marketing mistake made by young startups which hinders their growth?
I actually think that there are three big marketing mistakes startups can do. The first is not having the right tools. The second is not doing analytics and reviewing the data. The third is doing too much that they can not finish their projects and don’t have time to review why things didn’t work. That’s where we help startups to get the right set of tools for their individual business model, we help them in getting set up with analytics and knowing how to do user research, usability and AB testing, and we also help them with how to focus and prioritise tasks.
How many employees currently work with Brainpath? Do they predominantly work in the consultancy, seminar courses, or as researchers?
It might sound a little weird to you, but Brainpath only has two employees right now. My co-founder/business partner and I. But we wanted to set new standards in collaborations and also standard for our clients. Which actually means we created an expert network, so we found really high-quality experts to provide the services to our clients. We noticed the big agency overheads, and that most agencies are suffering right now. We wanted to provide services just for the current needs of the clients and where they only pay for the services they really need. Which means if you are looking for traditional marketing or SEO, we can provide both. Or if you are looking for mobile developers or a team of developers, we do strategies, workshops, specialised expertise, we’re doing research. We offer a wide range of services, without producing the overheads that come with.
What differentiates growth marketing from other forms of marketing and branding? What makes Brainpath unique from other growth marketing agencies?
Growth marketing focuses not only on the growth in marketing but it goes further than traditional marketing activities. What differentiates BrainPath as a growing marketing agency from others, is that we set a broader way of growth, not only in the marketing activities but in all kinds of business activities. So we combine all things related to the whole customer journey, from traffic allocation to conversion optimisation and retention, all touchpoints. Also seeing how to reach the main business goals with the success metrics that need to be reached. We see the customer as a centric part of growth and achieving goals. The analysing part is more much deeper in our business and in our points of differentiation. Other two other ways we differentiate from other agencies is our holistic view and in our research.
How did Torsten, the co-founder of Brainpath, and yourself meet? Why did you decided to co-found an agency together?
Torsten and I met at Chefkoch, the leading recipe website in Germany. We worked in top level management. He was the head of SEO and AI, I was head of research, UX and design. We have a few things in common. We’re super curious and constantly reading about new ways, technologies, methodologies and techniques, not only in marketing areas but in other areas of business. That’s what we actually provide our clients with. Torsten actually studied sociology and education, and my background is in media communication and computer science. He's more of the nerdy, techie guy and I’m more the user-centric person. And I think that’s a good combination for our agency and to help our clients grow.
We saw that Brainpath also offers seminars and workshops on growth hacking. Where do most of these lectures take place, and what has been the feedback?
Yes, our seminars and workshops on growth hacking and marketing are getting really good feedback. Our recent workshops were in-house ones and not public but actually because of interest we’re thinking of making it bigger and doing it as a webinar or an online course. But it's still in production, so stay tuned. If you have a specific topic or specific questions get in touch, feel free to ask, we love to answer questions. Or get in-house seminars at your company.
What's next for Brainpath, as well as your own career?
Of course, BrainPath is doing projects. One of our projects is growing our expert network and if you would like to experience collaborations and being a part of great projects, then get in contact with us on, would love to hear your story. Another project is that we’re developing a test tool for our clients where they can manage quick tools, get fast results and manage their business based on data and the right methodologies for their own projects.