Interview with Nikolaus Sühr
CEO & Co-Founder @ Kasko Ltd.

We started with a white piece of paper and focused on what the customer sees and distribution partners need. Then, we stripped down the complications in insurance to the very core and injected technology solutions. Now we let our insurance partners choose what they need. Our engineering team has built an agile product platform that allows for modular product setup, integration of best-in-class third party services and easy integration into any digital customer touch point.
What's next for Kasko Ltd., as well as your own career?
Onwards and forwards. We’re currently looking at raising another round because we need to extend our platform to become a full digital insurer for rent. To continue to onboard customers, insurers, distribution partners, consultants, and other tech providers and to enjoy the ride. For me personally, this is it, I'm a one trick pony, I'll be doing this until I die.
What kind of growth has Kasko Ltd. experienced since it was founded in 2015? Who is its main client base?
So we've been experiencing tremendous growth, especially after the last 15 months when we started pivoting away from an intermediation model to a service model and identifying our insurers not as our product providers but as our customers. In the last 15 months, we've managed to onboard 17 insurers in five countries, we've built hundreds of products, we’re connecting into 50 distribution partners and the revenue growth over the last 8 quarters was at 100% quarter on quarter. The customer growth on the platform has been 80% quarter on quarter, and we're just getting started.
When did you first realize that IT practices were holding back insurers, and how did you initially become interested in insurance?
I initially became interested in insurance at age of 6 when I started scanning classic car documents at my dad's MGA business. I first realised that IT practices were holding back insurance. When I joined the family business I wanted to build a specialised aggregator business. There was no way to get any digital products and it was super complicated, super long. That was the first time that I realised that there was something there. But it took me 5 to 8 more years to be comfortable and able to get a team around me so that we could actually find a solution rather than just being pissed about the problem.
What sets Kasko Ltd. from similar companies?
So what sets us apart from some other companies? I would say at the core of it is curiosity. Whenever we build a new product, we build a new service, we get into a partnership and we assume that we don’t know how it’s going to pan out. We assume that we're going to get it wrong more times than we're going to get it right. That drives the entire culture, and at the end all of our technology, because it's all about the speed of execution, nimbleness and flexibility, and being able to change and iterate in a constant manner and doing that together with our customers rather than against our customers. I think that's one of the main things that sets us apart and drives really what we do.
How many people currently work for Kasko Ltd.? What do you look for in an ideal employee and team member?
At Kasko we’re currently 16 people growing strong. What are we looking for in an employee? It’s very simple: motivation, dedication and curiosity. Skills? Of course, but that really comes secondary. If you have the aforementioned trades, skills come from themselves.
Could you please introduce Kasko Ltd. and what led to your co-founding the company?
Hey guys, my name is Nick, I am the CEO of Kasko. Kasko Ltd is an insure tech company. Helping insurers to digitally transform their businesses model from the outside in. Our goal is to build the largest insurance distribution platform globally, connecting insurers, distribution partners, tech companies and consultancy companies. At the moment we start by focusing on the insurer to build an API layer, or as we call it a digital inventory. Which effectively results in us having built a digital MGA, which is a bit like a digital insurer with all the customer-facing processes which we then rent to our insurers, so they can deploy a launch and run the products in a very cost-effective manner. What led us to Kasko? I come from an insurance background, I had a family business in the insurance industry and I worked my whole life as a consultant or an insurance broker before founding Kasko. But to us, we saw a lot of things come together, we have a great Co-Founder, Matt, we saw a real market opening and a true opportunity to change the world.