Interview with Mariana Ferrari
Ask me Como Cambiar La Vida!

Mariana founded her company, named after her, in 2010. Mariana Ferrari INC is a professional and personal development company, its goal is to educate people to achieve success and be happy through mentoring and coaching. Mariana Ferrari works with companies in a unique innovative way, providing a year-round motivation that doesn't stop after the workshop. She believes that a team needs to think big, to get out of its comfort zone and be willing to give the best. She also founded Como Cambiar la Vida, "How to Change Life", a personal development company dedicated to help people to reset their life and create a new start, with coaching services such as the change of career after 40 and change of partner or marital status. Check out our exclusive Q&A session with Mariana:
How does happiness increase productivity and professional success?
We used to think that success would lead us to happiness but then we found out that it is actually true the other way around: happiness will lead us to success. The latter one takes a lot of commitment and implies that you can be successful in many ways, but if these things you are achieving are not your real passion and are not really making you happy, then you are successful and sad. When this happens your brain drops energy and your productivity goes down. Happiness is the motivation, the "motor of action" to a more productive and successful life.
What strategies did you use to create a strong personal brand and build a business around it?
When I created my company I had just finished doing a report where I found that the companies that in 2009 were leading in sales, despite despite the economic crisis were very few. Those had three values that none of the rest had all together. Their products were simple, smart and super attractive, and those two companies that I found were Apple and Nespresso. If your put those three values together you have a great brand.
What is the most essential piece of advice you can give to someone in their 40s hoping to make a change in their professional life?
This is the biggest question I get: how to change your career when you're 40. There are a couple of things I want you to know; when you get to that point in life when you want to change career and got to the midlife crisis thinking "what the heck have I done with my life?!", then that's a point when you feel very confused, which isn't nice, but there are a couple of things that are good to know. The first one is that when we are in our forth decade is like when we were kids but with 40 years of wisdom. What did we do when we where little kids? We made life decisions like "who am I?", "what I am capable of doing?" "what do I believe it's true for myself?. Those were life decisions made with a kid's mind, so now that you're 40 you can rethink and rewrite those decisions in your brain and change your results forever. The second thing is that confusion is a fusion of concepts, so when you feel confused - I know it's not nice - think of you brain as if it's cooking new results, because it's fusing different concepts. When we are not confused we just go straight and sometimes that could lead you into bad results. The third thing is that when you want to change your career, rethink about who you are, what is your life purpose and what are you really passionate about, because when you align those three things nothing will ever stop you! Very good luck, send me an email at marianaferrari@com.
What drew you to working with the Spanish-speaking community in Miami?
I created my business in Miami but not for the Spanish speaking community in Miami. It is an online business for the Spanish community around the world. What drove me there was that I had learned so much in English from my teachers, professors and mentors and I could not believe that all that knowledge and wisdom couldn't be accessible to someone not living in the US or not bilingual. I wanted everybody to have access to what changed my life.
What do you find most rewarding about teaching at FIU and having an impact on people at an early age?
I love teaching young people, it keeps me young at heart and it makes my brain go faster. I have some very young people in my team and I love it! I have to run behind them, it's an incredible experience. If anybody tells you what you millennials are this and that (in a negative meaning Ed.): don't believe them. They're saying it because they're getting old, millennials are great and idealistic, that's the way you have to be when you are 18/20/22/25, because if you're not idealistic when you are at that age, who's going to change the world? - And we all know that this world needs to be changed. So, please, keep being the way you are!
Is there any daily exercise/routine which you could recommend to boost your happiness and stay focus to achieve a success?
Yes, there is a great exercise that you can do every day. I am going to give you two tips, because I have this exercise in Spanish and it's an entire routine that I call "emotional fitness", but there are two important parts of it. The first one: you wake up every morning thinking what is that you want to achieve today. Usually when we wake up we take care of whatever comes around us or at us, so, the one change you have to do is to wake up and start your day thinking about what you want to achieve, once you have that clear in your mind you go out and start walking or running. It doesn't matter if it rains, snows or it's cold or dark - you have to go out and do some exercise for 15 minutes, that's all it takes, no more. When you exercise you have to make sure you alterate your heart rate, when you do that you create endorphins, the hormone of happiness. When you are running or walking you are visualizing the end: whatever you want to accomplish that day on one hand and you are creating hormones that will give you pleasure on the other hand. That's my way of keeping energy and staying very focus on whatever I want to accomplish. Take care!