Interview with Jiwon Chong
Designer & Illustrator

Jiwon has worked as a Design Intern on the Product Documentation team at Apple in Cupertino and at Sagmeister&Walsh in New York. She has also freelance illustrated for Apple’s App Store team. She received the PRINT Regional Design Awards and The Dieline Awards. Her work was exhibited at the 2017 Chicago HOW Design Conference. The blend of visual, interaction design and illustration is her primary interest. She has a passion for making delicate visuals that embody a sense of intention within a harmonious color palette. The part of the design process that she gets most excited about is measuring and arranging types to get to the best readability layout. Most of all, she seeks to create interactive moments that will engage and delight her audience. Learn more about Jiwon's work here. Check out her Linkedin here to connect.
Hi Jiwon! Could you please introduce your work as a designer and illustrator and what have been some of the main projects you've focused on in the past?
Branding, packaging, design and illustration is my primary interest and three projects that I enjoy the most are a logo design of a sign language organization for childhood education and designing an invitation for fine artist exhibition. And an illustration, introducing three financial mobile apps.
Why do you prefer working as a freelancer?
I learned a lot from collaborations and love when I'm learning things outside graphic design. When I was doing a branding of a live show, I worked closely with film producers and editors and watched a process how they've refined the script or what tools they use to edit the show. And these days I am working at an orthodontic practice and I'm also learning what are the technologies that enables the teeth to be straightened. And I think freelancing I get more chance to be exposed in a variety of fields with cross-functional teams.
How would you describe your aesthetic and approach to illustration?
Working with color is definitely the favorite part of my illustration and I think the work is like, like me when I use soft and subtle colors like pesto. I rarely use solid black or bold colors unless they're the requirement. I like to start from lots of pencil sketches until I get the clear shapes of the elements and bring it to the computer to try different color combinations.
What was it like interning at Apple? What was your greatest accomplishment during your time with the company?
Interning at Apple was great. I love the California vibe. I worked as a design intern on Apple product documentation team and during my internship, I teamed up with an instructional designer and an engineer and we build a working prototype and gave a demo at the presentation. So I was commissioned by the app store team to create the card illustration for App Store today tab. And it was great that the work was additionally selected by Apple marketing team to be included in the promotional video at all new App Stores.
What's next for your work? What are the main projects, mediums, and partnerships you'll be focusing on throughout 2019?
These days I'm working on a rebranding of orthodontic startup and I am designing a mail delivery packaging Web sites and doing illustrations to instruct how to wear clear clearer liners and I have a Pinterest board full of teeth lips and mouth. There are lots of mediums to work gone on a rebranding but I am excited to see how they all look together as a as a system.