Interview with Jennie Legary
CMO at imusify

Jennie Legary is a Senior Operations Manager for imusify, a new award-winning blockchain music platform that allows users to curate their own channels and content. Imusify is a decentralized platform that incentivizes content creation. Before working with imusify, Jennie was an artistpreneur, working in everything from media and technology, to working as an opera singer. She's also worked for companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington, D.C. and Italy. We at LAMA recently had the privilege to interview Jennie about her work with imusfy, how she effectively manages a completely international, remote team, and how artists and content creators have reacted to the platform. Her answers give a fantastic snapshot into the unique music blockchain industry! Check out our exclusive Q&A session with Jennie:
Could you offer any productivity hacks for working in an international context remotely?
What we've actually done is had a collective server that we all use, similar to Slack, called Discord, and what we've done for our profiles is put in our time zones. We know who is where, when they might come online, and when their downtime would be. Another hack is scheduling through Calendly and Google, they automatically calibrate timezones, and getting those things streamlined will be the easiest way to facilitate work with a completely remote team.
What has been the feedback from artists and content creators?
Every artist we've talked to, every content creator, which is anything from a producer to a rendering artist on YouTube, is very much excited about the platform we're building. And you can even try and test out the beta prototype that we have right now on and you can see the reward functions and 'incentify' features on the platform. We are in the development stage, so we will be rolling our the actual product within the year. You can go to to see what that would look like.
Could you please introduce imusify and your work with the company?
Imusify is a brand new online community for music, which is for artists, by artists, and it's going to integrate all of the best practices that you've seen with music streaming, music sharing, crowdfunding for artists, as well as a social network. The idea behind it is that an artist can come to the platform, they can share their music, and they can get rewarded directly by their fans. Since we're built on blockchain technology, we have our own cryptocurrency called $IMU, and with this $IMU you can also reward artists for their music.
What are some of the biggest partners of imusify?