Interview with James Mulvany
Founder & CEO @ is a live streaming platform which allows anyone to build an online radio station. Live DJs can broadcast from anywhere in the world you can also schedule content & automatically switch between live and automated broadcasting. It's not just for radio stations, can be used by anyone who wants to create a human curated audio experience. We have clients that are restaurant chains, gyms, churches, DJs & musicians or you could even use it as part of a game or app.
What's next for, as well as your own career?
We’re going really well at the moment with focusing on an extension, we’ve had some good enquiries and some really good potential deals that we wouldn't have expected probably a year ago. We've also been releasing good features. We rolled out a new statistic platform which is more accurate than our previous one. It allows customers to get greater insights into their audiences and it filters out a lot of the crap as so to speak. All these things like Facebook and Google that crawl your website, you don't want to count them as listeners because they're not actually people that are listening, they’re just bots hitting your screen. We're introducing some technical features that gets rid of that junk. We’re in the process of introducing talk, which is a system allowing anyone to have a talk show. It's really easy you send a listener, interviewee, or guest a link through your browser and it's all browser-based technology, no apps or software, with really high-quality peer to peer audio. We had our first Beta testers on board last week, so we will be putting that live in the next couple of weeks. And finally, we're working on an entirely new business as well. Which will be announcing very soon is going to be a complementary offering to There's going to be a lot of crossovers with the two companies. We're excited to go into new markets with that product too. So yeah lots going on and we're hiring as well. Lots of positions open at the moment including technical support, a second videographer and we're just taking on a new development team as well. So busy busy busy. Thanks for listening to me guys, this is been good fun. has experienced a large amount of growth since it was established in 2014. How have you managed to ensure that this growth is healthy and sustainable?
We launched in 2015 following a year of development. You know this thing where you launch something and you wanted to make a big impact in the marketplace, and I guess it's always a fear when you bring a SaaS product to the market and whether you’re going to create a significant amount of impact quickly. We were really lucky, we managed to onboard our first 500 customers in the space of about a week. That was really interesting because we had lots of support enquiries because there were people that were new to this and they had not seen this type of platform before, and it was completely different to anything that they've used in the past. Ever since then we focused on creating really good quality content. We've got a team of content creators including bloggers, and copywriters, and we have an in-house videographer, which is awesome because we can create some really great videos. That's the one thing that I think you need to ensure is that you're up on your content marketing strategy, for a SaaS business in this day it’s crucial to ensure success. Also, don't copy people, we are consistently copied by our competitors. We will create the content and they will literally duplicate it and reword it. That's fine but that will only take you so far with a content marketing strategy. To be ahead of the competition you need to create original ideas, original features for your product and making sure you support customers and have a good customer service culture within your organisation.
How many people currently work for Do they predominantly have radio, web development, or other backgrounds?
So we have a team around 23 and we're growing. We're recruiting at the moment. The team is split up into marketing, developers and sales, and also have support and operations. Most of the team is based here in Manchester, we have two guys that are out in the USA who take care of customers in the USA because that's a big chunk of our customer base. In terms of how we recruit and the sort of people that we look for, they don't necessarily have to come from a radio background. We do have people that have come here from radio but have decided to break the mould of the traditional radio industry and look for something a bit more cutting-edge. We’ve also got people from different media backgrounds, we've got people that worked in broadcasting, publishing, worked for agencies, we've really got a diverse range of backgrounds that different people have come from. But the one thing that everyone's got at is that everyone is passionate about technology. It's all about creating a great product and delivering a really good experience to our customers.
When did you first become interested in radio and cloud-based radio streaming?
So the reason why I started is before this I used to run a streaming business called Wavestreaming and it still exists but it's not really the main focus of a business anymore. But I've been around this for several years. I started very young, I started Wavestreaming when I was about 16/17 years old, just before I went to university and I grew it whilst at university. Initially, we started B2B we were selling streaming services to radio stations. Over the years with Wavestreaming it became more apparent that there was a big demand for prosumer focused products. Something that doesn't require lots of technical expertise to get started and for it to be operated by people that don't necessarily have an engineering background. To create a platform that was really simple, easy to use and completely accessible to someone who perhaps doesn't have experience operating streaming services. So that's how came about. We spent about 2 years building the platform, probably about a year of hardcore development and an initial year of trying different ideas and figuring out what we were really doing. Then we brought it to market in July 2015.
Could you please introduce and what led to your founding the platform?
Hi, my name is James Mulvany, and I’m the founder of is a cloud-based broadcasting platform, it's used by radio stations to manage their radio channels in the Cloud. It allows them to do things like upload media, make playlists and then schedule playlists to go out at certain times in the day. So effectively what we've done is create a cloud-based product, which is controlled by the browser, which is usually software that's run through studio computers. So it's about decentralising radio studio management, and moving it into the cloud.