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Nikolaus Sühr
CEO & Co-Founder @ Kasko Ltd.
KASKO makes insurers agile. Via our middleware insurers can launch and continuously optimise insurance services in a cost and time-effective manner without having to reprioritise internal IT resources.
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Marine Tanguy
Founder @ MTArt
MTArt is a visual artist agency and fund. We invest in the best up and coming art and visual artists in London and internationally.
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Alida Altemburg
Founder of D Major TV - Space for Classical Music
Combining two of her passions, classical music and technology, Alida is the creator and founder of D Major TV. Now she is supporting the next generation of young classical musicians, through the social media promotion of classical music.
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Rick Deacon
CEO & Founder @ Apozy, Inc.
A passionate thought-leader on all topics of information security. I aim to build compelling security products and work with Fortune 500 companies to secure their organization.
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Marc Zornes
CEO & Co-founder @ Winnow Solutions
Marc founded Winnow Solutions with the goal of helping chefs achieve greater visibility in their kitchens and make better decisions that lead to dramatically reduced food waste and costs.
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Joriam Philipe
Founder @ Jojojo
A personality exploration game.
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Antimo Farid Mir
Founder @ AREEA
Areea has created a shot-sized, water-based detoxifying drink with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and chemoprotective properties packaged in a convenient 30 ml bottle. Its main purpose is to support body in fighting air pollution effects on health.
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Martijn Nekoui
CEO & Founder @ MOAM
MOAM platform offers the opportunity for young creative talents to be coached by iconic names from the Dutch creative industry.
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Sebastian Probst Eide
Co-Founder & CTO @ Aircloak
Monetisation or anonymization? That is the question. Probst Eide, Founder of the Week, provides the technology, you the data, the rest is Aircloak 💻
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Iris Lapinski
Founder & CEO at Apps for Good
Apps for Good provides teachers with free classroom resources and support that enables teens to develop apps and IoT products.
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Sacha Michaud
CEO & Co-founder @ Glovo
Glovo App does the urban daily errands that you don’t have time to do. It allows you to send or obtain any product in less than an hour. Ask me anything about on-demand local delivery systems
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Paul Mendoza
Founder & CEO @ Dragnet Tech
Technology leader passionate about solving the modern day sales operation challenges.
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Tina Banerjee
CEO & Co-Founder @ Brainpath
Holistic Marketing, Growth, Business Modeling, Strategy, Consulting, Research, Behavioral Analysis, Branding, CX (Customer Experience), Entrepreneurship, Speaking
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Valentina Hernandez
CEO portrait eyewear, CEO Sunscious
Portrait Eyewear is a UK-based handmade in Italy eyewear brand that supports small hand-crafters, preserving the traditional manufacture. Our eyeglasses and sunglasses are the result of a deep design research and the use of top quality materials.
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Barbie Brewer
Chief Culture Officer @ GitLab, Inc.
I help companies implement the programs they need and build the culture they want, and not simply follow the best practices taught in business school.
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MacLane Wilkison
CEO & Co-founder @ NuCypher
We've created a security and encryption tool that doesn't require tradeoffs between security, performance, and functionality. NuCypher uses proxy re-encryption to lift more enterprise big data into the cloud.
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Charlie de Rusett
Co-Founder of IdeaDrop
We are helping companies to capture, curate and action their employees best ideas.
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Andreas Wedenberg
Co-Founder of Shipyard Games
We started to build the future of gaming almost ten years ago but we were too early, the world was not ready for us. Now we’re back and on a mission to build world-class location-based games for mobile. Ask me anything about Mobile Games
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Christoph Wagner
CEO @ Scanbot
With over 10 million downloads, Scanbot is the go-to scanning app.
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Niko Järvinen
Co-founder and CTO @ Naava
I have been working with algae, bioenergy, IT consulting and SAAS products. I love to combine nature and technology to create products to solve our biggest problems. I've started my first company already when I was 12.
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Michael Stewart
Founder @ ESP Thinking
A former scientist and teacher who wants to change the world between panic attacks over collecting his kids on time from various activities.
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Lorenzo Uggeri
Founder @ Kooness
Lorenzo Uggeri is the founder of Kooness, which is a leading marketplace for the art world. The platform provides a space for those who are passionate about art – from newbies to major art collectors – a new and simple way to discover, share and buy art.
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Biagio Teseo
Founder @ Reclog
Founder @ Reclog, Contributor @ Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a freelancer for graphics, advertising creative, 3D, multimedia and everything related to digital communication.
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Davide Fassina
Founder @ Studio Fagi | Co Founder Credigo and Vice President of Padova Networking
Ho fondato una società di consulenza finanziaria finalizzata al monitoraggio del rating aziendale, degli oneri finanziari ed al loro miglioramento. Chiedetemi qualsiasi cosa su credito bancario, consulenza finanziaria e banche.
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Arup Roy-Burman
CEO & Co-founder @ Elemeno Health
Elemeno’s “personal coach” helps healthcare organizations transform their best practices into interactive training and decision support, delivered on-demand, at the point of care, engaging frontline staff to deliver consistency and improved outcomes.
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Valentina D'Avino
Founder @ VD Italy
Founder and designer at VD Italy. I like to make every woman feel beautiful with my jewels and to get in touch and engage with a community of empowered women.
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Daniel Araújo
CEO & Co-founder @
We've built Attentive, a business tool that gives teams real-time insights about their leads, clients and competitors, like when they get investment, launch a new product or announced a key hire. We are proud to be a Techstars Boulder Company in 2017.
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Saba Khalid
Founder @ Aurat Raaj
Aurat Raaj is a digital content platform that uses artificial intelligence and animation to end gender inequality in South Asia.
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Aydeli Rios
Founder @ Guapalita
Guapalita is a social movement that supports globally the gender equality and the women´s empowerment through the promotion of the UN Women's empowerment principles.
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Matt Hussey
Editor-In-Chief @ AYSHA
I am an award winning London based writer, editor, content creator and photographer.
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Elliot Grove
Founder @ Raindance Film Festival & British Independent Film Awards
Elliot Grove is a Canadian-born film producer who founded both the Raindance Film Festival and the British Independent Film Awards.
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Yudelky Escorbores
Founder, Health & Wellness Coach @ YesCoWellness
As a certified nutritionist, I provide 1:1 nutrition and prevention coaching to healthy individuals looking for long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes.
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James Mulvany
Founder & CEO @
Everything you need to start your radio station.
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Bassem Hamdy
Co-Founder & CEO @ Brickschain
Taking experience from every corner of the built world - Bassem intends to help drive better construction and facility management decisions through use of modern blockchain technology.
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Morten Bruun
Co-Founder @ Penstable, Forbes' 30 Under 30 2018
A fintech startup based in Copenhagen with the mission of creating the World's 1st sustainable alternative to your pension fund.
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Katherine Curtin, PhD
Founder @ Neolth
Neolth is a platform that helps healthcare professionals connect patients to integrative wellness practices, using a scientific self-learning algorithm.
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Paul Gosnell
Founder @ FIT LINK
FIT LINK is a mobile solution that connects to employees fitness apps and wearable devices to convert their activity data into points.
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Manuel Bönisch
CSO @ ProGlove
We connect the human worker to the industrial IoT.
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Pascal Kuehnhenrich
Co-founder @ KiteBnB & Swease
Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Ocean-lover
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Tink Taylor
Founder & President @dotmailer
Extensive experience in introducing email marketing to thousands of companies and major brands. Insider understanding of data regulations.
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Robyn Gray
Co-Founder & CCO @ Otherworld Interactive, Forbes 30 Under 30
Designing, art-ing, and programming immersive and awesome worlds. Crafting narrative experiences in other worlds.
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Joseph Lee
Co-Founder at Coastline Market
Hundreds of chefs trust Coastline’s vetted harvesters for their seafood procurement. We make it easy for businesses to source consistent and fully traceable ingredients.
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Tyler McNaney
Founder @ Filabot, Forbes 30 Under 30
Filabot designs, engineers, manufactures, and retails high quality filament extruders and spoolers for 3D printers.
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Sam Coster
Co-Founder @ Butterscotch Shenanigans, Forbes 30 Under 30
The video game studio behind Levelhead, Crashlands, Scuffle Buddies, Flop Rocket, and Quadropus Rampage.
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Jenny Xu
Founder @ JCSoft Inc., Forbes 30 Under 30
I'm a game designer, developer, artist, animator, and runner! I'm the lead game developer at JCSoft Inc, an independent game company.
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Kat Thomas
Co-Founder at The Green Light District
Las Vegas/Los Angeles based 'The Green Light District' is an entertainment group for the Cannabis Connoisseur! The GLD conjures up classic vintage vibes with live entertainment including musicians, cabaret, burlesque, and specialty acts.
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Minh Tsai
CEO at Hodo Foods
Plant-based food company with distinct line of organic tofu and yuba products.
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Fabio Cannavale
Co-founder of eDreams Italy, and group
Serial entrepreneur, Sailor, Investor. Co-founder of eDreams Italy, and group.
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Giuseppe Cicero
Chief Medical Innovation Officer @ Oral3D, Forbes' 30 Under 30 2018
Giuseppe is a Periodontist based between Rome, New York and Madrid working as the Chief Medical Innovation Officer at Oral3D.
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Jennie Legary
CMO at imusify
Artistpreneur, design, branding, & marketing consultant with a diverse background in classical music, real estate, fintech, media, and startup business development. Opera singer, co-founder, and technology enthusiast.
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Joseph Ferencz
Video Game Lead @ Hot Wheels | Indie Studio Executive @ Playcorp | Making outstanding games and creating original AAA IP
Making outstanding games and creating original AAA IP
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Tristan Pollock
Venture Partner @ 500 Startups
500 Startups is a global venture capital seed fund with a network of startup programs and is the #1 most active seed fund in the world.
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Thomas Kramer
Co-Founder & COO @ Paladin Software
I'm an entrepreneur focused on improving the social media and digital creator ecosystem with technology.
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Peter Fiekowsky
Founder @ Healthy Climate Alliance (HCA)
Peter founded HCA to connect and support key communities: the public, policy and government decision-makers, and science and research influencers
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Ellie Pritts
Photographer & Director
Ellie Pritts is an internationally-recognized photographer and emerging director.
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Whitney Beatty
Cannabis Industry Consultant & Founder and CEO @ Apothecarry Brands
Successful entertainment industry executive turned cannabis storage designer spearheading her quickly growing start-ups first financial raise.
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Andrea Brook
Founder & Artistic Director at Sonic Butterfly Productions
Andrea Brook is an international performing artist, yoga teacher / life catalyst and public speaking / body language coach.
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Aerica Banks
Co-Founder @ BEACON
BEACON is a community-led campaign to make Washington, DC the most influential and supportive city for women entrepreneurs in the. United States.
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John Eisen
Founder at NAVEM Consulting
Fourth generation entrepreneur with experience in sales, marketing, strategy, operations, and accounting.
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Spirit Butterfly
Founder & Creative Director @ FARASHA KAA & LAASUT ENTERPRISES
Spirit Butterfly is an entrepreneur, investor, hair artist, founder and creative director.
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Kerstin Ewelt
Head of Marketing @ Quora auf Deutsch
Head of Marketing, Quora auf Deutsch, Advisor, Mentor, Speaker
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Simon Schoop
Founder & Managing Director @ 4-advice GmbH
We offer digitizable consulting services online, after we have successfully applied them in consulting projects. And all for the online price.
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Maia Bittner
Co-Founder @ Pinch, Forbes 30 Under 30
We're building financial stability. Wanna help? Let me know!
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Sabine Fasching
Co-Founder @ Sagitta GmbH
Sabine Fasching is an art director and the co-founder of Sagitta, an alternative health company based in Munich.
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Barbara Bickham
CTO @ ReChain
I bridge the gap between professionals that speak in technology terms with professionals that speak primarily in financial terms. I represent a company to investors, key clients and strategic partners.
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Mark Lim
Co-Founder & Director of Operations @ Lollaland LLC
Infant and toddler goods that are functional and fun.
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Helenna Santos
Founder @ Ms. In The Biz, Producer @ Mighty Pharaoh Films
Helenna Santos is the Founder of “Ms. In The Biz”. She is also a producer, writer, and actor with Mighty Pharaoh Films.
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Gina Elise
Founder @ Pin-Ups For Vets
Nonprofit Organization To Benefit Hospitalized Veterans
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Yudhi Rahadian
Technopreneur:IOT and 5G Consultant @Techbros
Technical strategy and converting prototypes/solutions into products. Creative innovation, structuring concepts and presenting them as rounded narratives.
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Austin Belcak
Founder @ Cultivated Culture
I teach people how to use unconventional strategies to land jobs they love in today's market (without connections, without traditional "experience," and without applying online).
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Daniel Gartenberg
Co-Founder & CEO @ Proactive Life, Inc.
Proactive Life is creating a software platform that is the most accurate sleep detection and improvement system on the market.
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Erica Dodds
Executive Director @ Healthy Climate Alliance
Erica guides the development and implementation of strategic plans for the Healthy Climate Alliance.
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Henry Gordon-Smith
Founder @ Agritecture
Henry Gordon-Smith, Urban Agritecture Consultant
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Richard Bronson
Co-founder & CEO @ 70 Million Jobs
70 million Americans have criminal records, and they all need jobs. There is a 75% chance that someone released from prison or jail will return, within five years. is, serving the basic needs of 1 out of 3 American adults.
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Aape Pohjavirta
Founder & Chief Evangelist @ Funzi
Funzi is a prize-winning mobile learning service with an initial focus on emerging markets.
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Andrew Green
Senior UX Designer @ Agero
Andrew is a strategic UX/UI Designer providing businesses with techniques to maximize their brand value
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Shabbir Evershine
Founder @ RoketPMO & Proptech Startup
16+ years of proven success in public, private and startup environments. Enterprise PMO builder in payments, banking, technology, and government verticals. Caped-crusader against homelessness and child poverty.
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Ryan Lewis
Founder & CEO @ EarthHero
EarthHero is a curated online marketplace for conscious consumers. Their mission is to make shopping sustainably so simple, everyone does it!
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Andreea K
Creative Director, Founder and Visual Designer @ Klangwelt
Independent Creative Director specialized in Branding, Visual Design, Creative Strategy and Illustration
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Jose Berrio
Freelance Graphic Designer
Jose is a Graphic Designer from Bogota, Colombia currently freelancing in New York, USA
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Steven Benson
Founder & CEO @ Badger Maps, Inc.
Badger Maps is the #1 app for route planning and scheduling to help outside sales reps save up to 10 hours every week in busy work - so that you can focus on selling more.
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Alex Melen
Co-Founder @ SmartSites
SmartSites is featured in the INC5000 as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the U.S.
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Dionysia McPherson
Co-Founder @ Paperform
Beautiful Forms That Feel Like Yours.
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Leonardo Bartelle
Founder @ Young & Hungry Brasil (YAH Brasil)
As an agency focused on the digital age, we are committed to creating world-class work for our customers today and in the future. Our digital agency is located in Caxias do Sul.
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Inna Armstrong
Co-Founder @ CleverBooks
CleverBooks sets the standards for Augmented Reality in Teaching and Learning.
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Itzhak Fisher
Founder & General Partner @ Pereg Ventures
Pereg Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early stage U.S. and Israeli startups, focused on B2B data solutions that accelerate consumer-driven enterprises.
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Marc Süß
CEO @ SIGMUND TALKS / Gravitales GmbH
We believe that the future of artificial intelligence can support people - and even promote their creativity. That's why we've developed SIGMUND TALKS.
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Jesper Jarlbæk
Business Angel, Chairman @ CATACAP
Jesper is a business angel and professional board member.
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Christoph Hüning
Managing Partner @ Next Media Accelerator
At the Next Media Accelerator, Christoph works with media tech startups from Europe, Israel and US to bring digital transformation to the media industry.
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Kamilė Jokubaitė
CEO @ Attention Insight
Attention Insight improves advertising through AI.
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Tim Schumacher
Co-founder & Chairman @ Eyeo
Tim is the Co-founder and Chairman of (makers of Adblock Plus), and one of the most active angel investors in Germany.
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Natalie Kessell
Founder @ Biz Gals
Biz Gals is the community for women in business who need to take a break.
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Thane Kreiner
Scaling social enterprise impact to eradicate poverty and protect the planet
Thane Kreiner is scaling social enterprise impact to eradicate poverty and protect the planet at Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Santa Clara University.
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Matt Sinderbrand
Co-Founder & CEO @ Betterpath, Inc.
Betterpath’s fundamental goal is to unlock the value of complete health data.
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Jason Brown
Executive Creative Director @ Global Animations
Global Animations provides motion graphics and broadcast design, as well as training for broadcast designers.
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Michael Hanson
Co-founder of enMotion & VP, Marketing at CloudTask
enMotion is lighting up our planet through sustainable energy solutions generated by kinetic movement, and helping Sales & Marketing leaders boost their revenue through targeted B2B lead generation and nurturing.
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Will Su
FrontEnd Engineer @ Dropbox
Will specializes in data visualization, FrontEnd development and design.
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Michelle Nahmad
Designer, Illustrator, and Narrative Artist
Michelle is a designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York.
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Emily Smith
Social Media & PR Director @ WealthWise Marketing
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Jonathan Hay
Public Figure @ Jonathan Hay Celebrity
Multi-platinum industry veteran Jonathan Hay has been seen in Billboard Magazine, New York Times, Fox News, Washington Post, MTV, TMZ, and more.
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David Orban
Founder & Managing Partner @ Network Society Ventures
David is a seed stage startup and blockchain investor who founded Network Society Ventures in 2015.
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Adi Gabay
Founder & CEO @ Amity Creative
Amity Creative is a boutique social media and digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles.
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Shane Crocker
Motion Graphic Designer @ Fandango
Shane is a multifaceted motion/graphic artist and photographer with emphasis on design.
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Eric Bahn
Co-Founder & General Partner @ Hustle Fund
Hustle Fund is a seed venture fund investing in hilariously early founders.
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Victoria Yampolsky
Founder @ The Start-up Station
Victoria is a startup strategy, early stage startup, financial modeling, tokenomics, and finance expert.
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Kenny Batu
Caramel Delight @ YEAIKNOW
YEAIKNOW is a design collaboration between Eivor Pedersen and Kenny Batu.
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Kai Buehler
Founder & CEO @ KARMAKARMA, Investor
Kai is a tech entrepreneur, professor, and angel investor.
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Ethelia Lung
Interaction Designer @ YouTube
Ethelia tries her best to imbue empathy and perspective through design, and strive to craft helpful and meaningful experiences regardless of medium.
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Madison Berrones
Founder & CEO @ Dog Sitting Company
Madison is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of a diverse group of businesses including the Dog Sitting Company, Simply Practical Consulting and a documentary film production company focused on telling powerful true stories.
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Hendrik Brandis
Co-Founder & Partner @ Earlybird Venture Capital
Earlybird is a venture capital investor focused on European technology companies
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Tom Vollmer
CEO & Founder @ Collective Brain
Collective Brain enables Media and Digital Agencies to procure Marketing Content at scale.
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Maece Seirafi
Founder & Creative Director @ MSD Studio
MSD is a multi-disciplinary design studio located in sunny Los Angeles. We are a group of creatives passionate about designing beautiful and visually compelling brands with a unique story to tell. We focus on brand strategy and brand identity systems
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Alaina Percival
CEO & Board Chair @ Women Who Code
Women Who Code (WWCode) is an international nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers.
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Olivera Miletic
Designer & Art Director
"Oli was well known as Olivera until Starbucks employees changed her name. Many times. Because apparently that's how it should be."
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Vicki Goldstein
Founder & Director @ Inland Ocean Coalition
The Inland Ocean Coalition (IOC) is an inland movement that builds land to sea stewardship.
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Michal Kabatznik
Co-founder & Head of Business Development @ Milestone Studio Labs
Milestone Studio Labs are bridging the gap between design thinking and design doing.
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Merlie Calvert
Founder @ Farillio
Speedy. Easy. Law. To help every small business with friendly, expert and affordable legal solutions is a significant ambition.
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Mario Ianniciello
Certified Corporate Director, Executive Advisor & Angel Investor
Mario has over 25 years of enterprise software and sales management experience with Fortune 500 software companies.
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Wendy Rosa
Founder @ The School of Intuitive Studies, Faculty @ The Shift Network
Wendy is a national and international intuitive energy healer, teacher and author.
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Albert Kirk Iversen
CEO @ RaskRask
After 10 years of being consistently winning at the highest level of professional poker, Albert's passion has shifted to technology startups - and their potential to make a big impact for the better.
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Christopher Tucci
Co-Founder @ Hungry & Fit LLC
Christopher Tucci is an individual with a streak of success as a Program Director of non-profit and for-profit organizations, with experience in membership, fitness, sports, camps, aquatics, and youth programs.
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Jiwon Chong
Designer & Illustrator
Jiwon Chong is a graphic designer and illustrator working on branding and packaging design. Her works has been featured in PRINT magazine and TheDieline.
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Karolina Demianczuk
Founder, CEO @ Spontime
Meet spontaneously. Anytime, anywhere. Offline.
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Sam Kim
Designer @ CNN
Sam is a graphic designer at Courageous Studio, CNN's Branded Content Studio.
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Naomi Tenenini
UI/UX Designer @ Concentric Health Experience
Naomi designs with the big picture in mind.
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Tammy Urbach
Founder & CEO @ 4BR
4BR is helping small business owners to network and grow their business by referral.
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Iris Braun
Co-founder of Share
Share is sharing for a better world.
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Robert Brown
Founder @ Brown Eagle Studio
Independent art director and designer living in Birmingham, Alabama. Creator and director of The Makers. Host of Radio Free Geek. Editor of The Professorial. Let me tell your story.
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Ian Jackson
Founder & CEO @ Enshored
Enshored is a fast-growing outsourcing partner to high-growth companies.
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Stephen Black
Augmented Reality Consultant @ Blacksteps
Augmented Reality | VR | 360 films | Art, Books | Music and Photography
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Alex Kruglov
Co-Founder & CEO @ It's Game Night - multiple contestants playing turn-based games on live video, in front of an audience that plays along.
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Harith Bakri
Co-Founder & VP Product @ Galaspace
Galaspace is the one-stop center for your events.
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Ozan Karakoc
Founder @ Ozan Karakoc Design Studio
Ozan Karakoc Design Studio is a Los Angeles based creative studio, specializing in strategic and creative branding, as well as advertising.
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Ajinkya Kadam
Co-Founder @ Qoinup
Qoinup India’s Gateway to the Crypto World.
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Dan Swygart
Founder & CEO @ Alpacr.
Alpacr is an exciting social-networking platform connecting the world through travel and adventure!
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Sophie Mensdorff-Pouilly
Founder & Managing Director @ So Me Travel
So Me Travel offers unique and exclusive travel experiences in connection with the three Cs: Culture, Castles and Classical Music.
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Joseph Geraci
Co-Founder & CEO @ NetraMark
Personalized medicine has arrived and NetraAI can be used to extract hidden information about drugs that have failed but that may now be used to help millions of people.
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Klee Irwin
Founder & Director @ Quantum Gravity Research, Founder @ Irwin Naturals
Klee Irwin is an author, physicist and entrepreneur, who dedicates the majority of his time to Quantum Gravity Research (QGR), a research institute he founded in 2009.
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Cat Lo
iOS UI/UX Designer
I’m a self-employed interdisciplinary designer specialising in product UX/UI design for native iOS for the last seven years.
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Molly Peckler
Founder & CEO @ Highly Devoted
Highly Devoted provides Matchmaking & Date Coaching for Sophisticated Cannabis Consumers
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Aditi Khazanchi
Incoming User Experience Designer, Microsoft
Aditi is a user experience designer passionate 💗 about creating experiences that build connections between design, human behaviours and cultural insights ✨
D0189ef7 9123 490f 964c 6c7457dc8e09
Teresa Dentino
Founder @ Valley to The Prairie, The Financial 411
Teresa focuses on helping technology startups get growth and traction while clearing pathways to new markets.
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Sandra Ponce de León
Strategic Entrepreneurial Marketer
Sandra is an entrepreneurial marketer and veteran start-up executive that has launched brands and supported startups through several successful company exits.
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Kimberly Wiefling
Founding Member & Global Consultant Company @ Silicon Valley Alliances
I help organizations achieve what SEEMS impossible, but is merely difficult.
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Francesca Torino
WIBEATS is the first Italian Asset Management and Loans Service group, specialized in real estate performing and non-performing portfolios.
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Madison Surdyke
Founder @ Sunny Thymes
Sunny Thymes helps to guide your journey to a healthy relationship with food and your body.
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Brett White
Founder @ Be Leadership & SportsMindSHiFt
Be Leadership consults, coaches and trains leaders, teams and organisations in developing brilliant culture, effective behavioural change and empowered mindsets.
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Frank Geßner
Founding Partner & Chairman @ INVAO Group
INVAO is the Blockchain Asset Pool for investors.
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Michael Wasser
Founder & CEO @ BloomAPI
Bloom is your secure home for managing staff communications, patient outreach, clinical workflows, and case management.
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Sean Mosher-Smith
Creative Director @ Echo Designlab
Sean is a Freelance Creative Director and Partner at Echo Designlab & the Conspiracy
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Peter Lord
Founder & Chief Evangelist @ Best Financial Friend
BFF is a personal money coaching service designed to tackle Australia’s debt problem - one woman, one action at a time.
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Cecilio Mills
Founder @ Creative Adaptive Thinking
With Creative Adaptive Thinking, Cecilio is helping brilliant minds achieve success utilizing project management tools and techniques.
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Ali Hicks-Wright
Founder and CEO @ Amari Creative
Amari Creative is a Boulder-based studio building brands for passionate entrepreneurs everywhere.
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Maurizio Bussolari
VP Sales & Marketing @ BELLINO
Bellino Fine Linens has been providing exquisite luxury linens for the bed, bath and table for over 25 years.
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Christopher Miglino
Co-Founder & CEO @ SRAX
SRAX is a digital marketing and data management technology company providing marketers, content owners and consumers tools to unlock the value of data.
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Justin Lynch
Creative Director @ Avlier
Avlier helps you ensure your credit union is competitive in the market.
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Laurel Mintz
Founder @ Elevate My Brand
Elevate My Brand (EMB) exercises a unique offline and online marketing methodology that provides innovative, creative solutions for new, emerging brands and well-established companies.
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Maren Küppers
Founder @ ClickBus
Maren Küppers is looking for people who are interested in this project and who want to simplify the use of public transport for people with disabilities.
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Hjalte Emilio Wieth
Co-founder & CBO @ SOUNDBOKS
Soundbok is the loudest portable speaker on the market.
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Charlene Rymsha
Founder @ Everyday Coherence
Everyday Coherence helps you Say Goodbye to Burnout.
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Alex Berman
Founder @ x27 Marketing
x27 Marketing books meetings with Billion Dollar Brands.
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Thomas Thornton
Energy Coach @
Thomas helps people with injuries and illnesses have loving relationships and business executives reach peak performance.
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Brigitta Wurnig
Managing Director & Founder @ BW Coaching
Brigitta is a passionate coach, speaker and author. She is CEO of BW Coaching providing coaching for executives and leadership teams as well as change support applying the BW Coaching framework "Love-Lead-Grow". Professional, mindful, and integer.
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Josh DeWare
Graphic Designer @ The Sierra Club
Oakland-based graphic designer, that grew up in Highland Park, Los Angeles. Previously inspired by the skate scene in native Los Angeles, DeWare now works to promote conservation of our wild areas.
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Luni​ Libes
Founder & Managing Director @ Fledge, Author, Mentor, Advisor
Fledge is the conscious company accelerator, helping mission-driven for-profit companies through the complex path from idea through revenues.
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Peer Hartog
Co-founder and CEO @ Gerlachhartog Markenkommunikation GBR
Gerlachhartog Markenkommunikation does what a classical advertising agency offers but without those overloaded structures, so they can be faster, more creative and more efficient.
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Dawna Oak
Senior Director of Costumes and Costume Designer @ Feld Entertainment
Dawna is the Senior Director of Costumes and Costume Designer at Feld Entertainment. She has designed for Disney on Ice and the 145th Edition of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus among hundreds of others throughout her career.
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Patrick Prohaska
Founder @ Light Bridge Academy
Patrick is owner and operator of Light Bridge Academy, where he offers tools to "Be Your Higher Self".
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Renée Strauss
Founder @ WEDAWAYS
In 2015, Renée founded, which streamlines & simplifies the entire process of planning & managing destination weddings & honeymoons.
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Ty Givens
Founder & CEO @ The Workforce Pro Inc.
Ty Givens is the founder and CEO of The WorkForce Pro, the leader in contact center success solutions.
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Josh Comrie
Co-Founder & CEO @ Ambit AI
Ambit is a New Zealand-owned artificial intelligence company that provides a platform for turnkey chatbots.
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Milan Amin
Podcast Host and Social Media Consultant.
Serial Entrepreneur and Podcast host.
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Ash Brown
Founder @ Ash Said It LLC
Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker, media personality and event emcee.
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Lalitkumar Bhamare
Co-founder & Chief Editor - Tea time with Testers
Lalit is currently working with XING SE as a Senior Software Test Engineer. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Editor of popular software testing magazine "Tea-time with Testers."
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Bruno Marino
Founder & CEO @ Planet Alpha Corp
Planet Alpha Corp (“PαC”) was formed to develop new practices for planetary management and stewardship now and for the future of our ever increasing population of humanity.
F2d5fa7e fec6 464f 8fdf dffbe5443888
Jason Kraus
Founder & CEO @ Prepare 4 VC
Jason is a Venture Capital Investor; Startup Consultant and Advisor, and Entrepreneur.
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Karina Antenucci
Founder @ Message Sprout and Badass + Healthy
Karina is a Senior Copywriter, Editor, and Brand Strategist at Message Sprout and Badass + Healthy.
D7667014 dbbf 4270 a12b 862576e70532
Scott Picken
Founder & CEO @ Wealth Migrate
Scott is the Founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate, a published author, Wealth Movement pioneer, and serial Fintech entrepreneur.
0832a894 b084 44b7 a33e b422c45132a2
Steve Schroeder
CEO & Founder @ Smart Community Technologies
Steve is the founder and CEO of Smart Community Technologies, a mobile technologies firm specializing in Geo Fencing, Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Identity Theft.
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Marc Poggia
Founder & Creative Director @ Lusty Ice UG
Lusty Ice produces non-alcoholic vegan ice lollies in patented erotic shapes.
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Ashok Thiruvengadam
Founder & CEO @ STAG Software Private Limited
Passionate about quality, Ashok is the architect of HBT, a personal scientific test methodology.
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Sebastian Deyle
Founder & Managing Director @ Goodstuff-Media GmbH
Goodstuff-Media provides virtual reality solutions for media & entertainment.
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Jordan Dale Young
Graphic Designer & Vector Artist
Jordan Dale Young is a graphic designer, illustrator, and vector artist.
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Victoire Loup
Founder @ In The Loup
Victoire Loup and her team of food critics are taking on L.A's food scene, to keep you in the loup of what and where is good to eat.
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Marc Stress
Creative Director, Professor of Practice
Marc Stress is the Creative Director of 76West, a New York brand consultancy that identifies untapped business potential and works to increase brand recognition, value and long-term growth.
62253b19 7137 4488 91f1 e221cc332486
Endrea Kosven
Founder & CEO @ EDK And Company
EDK And Company is a boutique marketing agency specializing in marketing communications, social media marketing, public relations, creative content development, graphic design and web design services.
Abdbbdf8 2f8b 4a84 9361 f4b21d76e76d
Josh Markarian
Founder @ Discover Vinyl
Discover Vinyl is a music blog and community of record collectors. Covering the full spectrum of Rock, from Pop-Punk to Metalcore, Discover highlights trending vinyl releases while also shining light on underground records.
875d5f9a 07a4 4b39 b907 3c88d8d29e80
Philipp Straub
Founder & CEO @ Titan International
Philipp Straub is the founder and owner of the renowned artist, event, music & consulting agency Titan International, which is one of the leading agencies of its kind in this genre.
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Elyn Kazarian
Creative Director & Designer
Visual Artist, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Radio Host. Elyn Kazarian's passion for learning new things pushes their career in unexpected directions.
8f2e7bfa e1de 429e 966c d3a5d4c67a4f
Vahe Arabian
Founder at State of Digital Publishing
Online publication covering media technology trends, perspectives, and news for online publishing and media professionals.
Eecafba3 c5c9 468a 907a cd500df2fb98
Robert Heinecke
Co-Founder & CEO @ Breeze Technologies
Robert Heinecke is an entrepreneur, futurist thinker and smart city expert. In 2015, he co-founded Breeze Technologies.
A85c04c2 56c7 4dd1 9400 8a493baa14ac
Pozzie Mazerati
Founder @ Rhythm & Remedy, Music Artist, Actress
Pozzie's passion and career in Acting, Music, Fashion and Philanthropy are what keep her busy and forever evolving.
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Buck Angel
Founder @ Pride Wellness, Entertainer, Activist
Buck Angel is a world-renowned motivational speaker, pioneering filmmaker and a human rights activist.
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Richard Adamson
Founder & Director @ Young Henrys
Young Henrys is an eclectic group of passionate brewers, distillers, musicians and artists, united for the love of good beer and fine gin.
1632c1d7 08a2 4fc5 9ac1 3a3ffb8a2fc9
Joanna Bown
Executive Business Coach
Distinctions Executive Coaching is an accredited London corporate coaching practice.
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Emmarie Dempsey
Founder @ GirlSpace
GirlSpace is a space made for the modern woman entrepreneur defining their success at their own pace.
B58bd098 c5fa 410c 995f c73af16e17d6
Crystal Xsense
TEDx Speaker | AI Guru | Tech Lover
I am Crystal, a Virtual Assistant based on XSENSE, the next-gen Artificial Intelligence algorithms able to simulate the non-automatic processes of the human thought. · Ask Me Anything about AI · #ArtificialIntelligence #AI
Aebaa907 c9dd 4657 b323 55c1ce3a0b77
John S. Kim
Co-founder & CEO @ SendBird
SendBird is the most scalable and powerful chat API in the world. Since graduating Y Combinator in 2016, SendBird has become one of the fastest growing startups in Silicon Valley.
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David Rabie
CEO & Co-founder @ Tovala
Busy people want an effortless way to eat delicious, healthy home-cooked meals. That's why we've founded Tovala, a smart oven that sits on your countertop and is paired with a companion meal delivery service.
034371e2 677a 4b73 a2f7 7883f648750a
Jeremiah Smith
CEO & Founder @
🔍🔍 Q&A session with Jeremiah, creator of the ultimate startup search engine 🚀🚀
544e0946 b182 495d 9bb7 cb2b9802b818
Harry Kim
CTO & Co-founder @ SendBird
SendBird provides the chat API and messaging SDK for in-app messaging on your mobile apps and websites. Listed in the 2016 Y Combinator, SendBird has customers from over 150 countries from all over the world.
2ef3bf44 93b3 4a7f ae1f d27cac9a0d44
Stefano Gridelli
Co-founder & CEO @ NetBeez
You share the problem, he provides the solution 💪 Stefano Gridelli, Founder of NetBeez, helps you to detect network problems even before your users do!
626f1bc9 2bd2 480e a28b e2772ec916b9
Anna Raabe
Co-Founder & CMO @ Gardoré
Being aware that clothing is part of our non-verbal communication, we want to empower women in business by helping them find their perfect office outfits in an efficient way.
53009f42 bb1b 4271 a79a ade7f8da4f37
Manon Rinsma
Founder & President @ STRONGER BY SHARING
“STRONGER BY SHARING is on a mission to provide hope in difficult times by initiating openness, sharing stories and creating an inspirational environment for all in need of one." 🎗
555f7ee9 ba6f 41d9 9df1 e6822e508ebb
Sara Roberts
Founder @ Healthy Nibbles
In 2014 I founded Healthy Nibbles, a dedicated healthy vending, b2b and white label snack delivery service.
Aacf58a7 43f8 495b b426 4f68c71bbe7a
Christof Hinterplattner
CEO @ Bikemap
With Bikemap you can find more than 3.5 million bike routes in over 80 countries around the world, all of which have been planned and created by our users.
226aeb46 a20d 416d b52b c51a69ef944f
Alton Glass
Co-Founder @ Glassrock Entertainment
Experienced creator with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. Skilled in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Film and Television. Creator of immersive content that connects people to an experience.
Ea71261c 8c7d 4229 9feb 5b92a91328f1
Christian Ehl
Curator & Digital Transformation Expert @ The Do School
Using AI for a brighter future, while not letting the bots take over. An Internet activist working with people to leverage digital technologies for a better life.
0f1b477c 12d1 4788 83f5 5d035b9eecea
Max M. Svendsen
Composer and Sound Designer + Producer @ Maguera
M.M. Svendsen is a Berlin based Producer, Composer and Sound Designer. His works range from Composition and Sound Design for media to Audio Branding and Mixing. Moreover, he produces Downtempo Electronica under the alias Maguera.
8dddcca7 1371 4e92 8e99 fd9d357b5eac
Bianca Busetti
CPO & Co-Founder @ Journi App
Who is the team behind the Journi App? Here you can ask me everything you want to know.
9f48ac62 7b54 4916 9d6a 6d9596f6f084
Pedro Araújo
CTO & Co-founder @
With 10 years of web development experience, I'm specialized in Python and Django. I've worked with several companies in Telco, Health and Web Development. Co-founder of Ask me anything!
9a71d9de 6c37 4abf 98d7 5fea2a4ae467
Dmitry Kabanov
Techstars Startup Digest
VSCE founder, Techstars curator, SXSW advisor
4be73ea2 fe2a 421a acfc d016321898de
Hugh Molotsi
Founder & CEO @ Ujama Inc.
Ujama helps make parenting more joyful by building trusted pools of parents who support each other.
17758baf a32e 42d3 bf06 c2e8c1d3b2f2
Norbert Hillinger
Innovation Consultant; Founder @ Berlin Retail Tour; Co-Founder @ GDOS playroomrocks
Norbert is an Innovation Consultant. He's founded Berlin Retail Tour and GDOS playroomrocks.
A41c513f 15e6 4f94 9b2a 7ee3ecf71942
Florian Plüer
Founder & CEO @ Dish Tennis
The mobile mini table tennis table - can be used everywhere! Sporty, stylish, with an infinite amount of fun factor.
95e3f8b1 0c74 4de0 a6e6 b64a0f402116
Vladimir Paniouchkine
Co-Founder & CEO @ The Mr. & Ms. Collection
The Mr. & Ms. Collection is an unlimited clothing and accessories rental subscription service for both men and women.
6c5b3983 5690 4e4a b750 5b54a8d11b8e
Rayk Hahne
Founder & CEO @ codu Training, Business Consultant
Rayk is an entrepreneur and sales professional with 10 years of experience and a passion for sales and consulting.
5a590d7b d158 4b1b ad13 d79f7dda8042
Meg Johnson
Creative Problem Solver @ Privy
Enthusiastic, multi-disciplinary designer & videographer creatively solving problems both on and off screen.
6383d7a4 eb60 40f9 9eed b96fc48e612a
Sashin Govender
The Millionaire Student
Sashin Govender, 24 Years Old, born and raised in Durban, South Africa. He was introduced to personal development at a tender age of 8 years old, he declared his mindset is his largest Asset.
E7848b4c 713a 4674 a805 0c8e70b721d8
Ann Marie van den Hurk
Founder & Principal @ Mind The Gap Public Relations, LLC
Ann is a crisis communications and management expert.
92582e9e 4fc8 4e4c 8e0e 6cc73b68b6e7
Umair Kabani
Head of Supply Acquisition & Expansion @ Peerspace
Umair is a Los Angeles startup entrepreneur, business coach, real estate syndicator, and connector.
F03eb90d 8717 4a93 8ea5 1fcfa3eb3357
Nicole Rodrigues
Founder & CEO @ NRPR Group
NRPR Group is a strategic positioning agency located in Beverly Hills, CA.
018540f3 0bdc 44f6 a6a0 2a7ac317ed35
Brian-Joseph Wangenheim
CEO/Creative Professional
Creative Professional based in Los Angeles, Brian takes on any project in one of the many mediums he is inspired to create in!
C3978f7a 9ebd 48a9 9463 d4b1b1368e0a
Adam Connors
Founder & CEO @ NetWorkWise
Adam Connors is a sought-after speaker, social architect and super-connector who has transformed lives and accelerated careers.
0a913898 cc38 455d a3d0 6882d4a07202
Spencer Galbreath
Founder @ DRI Inc.
Spencer is the founder and CEO of the marketing advertising agency DRI Inc., a creative advertising, and marketing agency for dreamers, risk takers, and innovators.
4d9a118e dc0e 490b 9ee6 d799ec358c77
Leonid Mechik
Founder & CEO @ INHUBBER
INHUBBER is a young start-up based in Berlin, developing a cost-efficient contract lifecycle management.
58954b9c 9dd2 491d a5c3 1d8059e5ef1e
Jill Rutan Hoffman
Founder & CEO @ Path 2 Flight, LLC
Jill created Path 2 Flight, LLC. as a response to the growing pilot shortage.
4ec43d4c 04bc 4be2 a2fc 50e97a9956e1
Lara Grün
Founder @ Cousture
Lara is the founder of Cousture, a website that offers it's clients selected designer fashion by independent fashion designers.
F0560e3e 20a7 4e6f b534 9f72eaac1bb4
Megan Beck
Co-Founder & President @ AIMatters
OpenMatters is a machine learning startup focused on business model science.
09aecb65 8b1c 4174 b2eb 49127678dbcd
Noelle Hoffman
VIsual Designer
Visual Designer based in San Francisco working with Samba TV, previously working for IBM
299ef413 5f12 42ea 8f8e 130b949d669c
Harprem Doowa
Co-Founder & MD @
Frank operates Asia’s leading online insurance businesses with offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and Portugal
522f34cf 46b4 4197 9660 85cbaaaa6c48
David Zinger
Employee Engagement Expert
Employee Engagement Speaker
3e27347e 8d60 4d2e b1f3 f9a6df1af211
Swish Goswami
Founder & CEO @ Trufan, Inc.
Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 & Young Entrepreneur of the Year | UN Youth Ambassador | TEDx Speaker | Venture Capitalist
9406066e c244 47a5 85dd 0cdc6b7c8268
Heiko Fischer
Founder & CEO @ Resourceful Humans
Resourceful Humans is the award winning Technology Company that enables Organisations to work as Entrepreneurial Networks with 0% Bureaucracy.
0072fdb3 b8a0 46b5 a26f d5be74591d4a
Thomas Kunze
Founder @ Games Institute Austria
The Games Institute Austria sees its core competence in being facilitator and consultant for people who want to bring the power of play and games into their products or institutions.
Fae04953 7307 4414 babe 5a28a255a14f
Monica Moisin
Founder @ Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative
A worldwide movement supporting the recognition of cultural IP rights for craftsmen and women who are the custodians and transmitters of traditional garments, traditional designs and traditional manufacturing techniques.
Aa4bfc1c fab8 4bb8 bdd3 88ea51b8ebe7
Georg Rötzel
Founder of Rötzel Studio
Rötzel Studio is a Munich based architecture and design firm established by Georg Rötzel in 2014.
B0a906da 1f5d 4ab6 8e64 c83e38a61a9e
Cory Hewett
Co-Founder & CEO @ Gimme Vending, Inc.
Cory is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gimme. He is a technology disruptor to industries dramatically underserved by their legacy technology suppliers.
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Daniel Van Thomas
Freelance actor, writer and filmmaker.
Kentucky-raised, Los Angeles-based actor, writer and indie film producer. I work as a performer in feature and short films at fests and on streaming platforms, cable TV shows, national commercials, audiobooks, video games and more.
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Bernadette Geyer
Founder & Owner @ Geyer Editorial Services
As a copy editor and translator, Bernadette helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives make sure they're understood by the people they want to reach.
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Lucia Adams
Executive Consultant
I work with organisations to dramatically improve the impact of their digital initiatives by transforming teams
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Peter Samuelson
Co-Founder, President & CEO @ First Star, Inc
Peter is a Producer, Philanthropist, & President / CEO.
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Luckson Silweya
Founder and CEO @ Tokidz
ToKidz is a purpose-designed education intervention contextualized to Africa’s unique conditions and aims to deploy affordable, leap-frogging e-Learning technology to provide World-class education for Zambia’s poor and vulnerable children.
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Justin Winters
Screenwriter | Lecturer | Producer | Development Executive | Founder @ Sixty Second Script School
Learn How to Become a Professional Screenwriter with 60-Second Daily Lectures with Sixty Second Script School.
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Stacy Caprio
Founder & SEO Consultant @ Stacy For Startups
Stacy is an online marketer, designer and growth expert.
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Cary Langer-Donohoe
Founder @ CLD Business Coaching & Training
I offer bilingual business coaching and training for leaders, engineers and technical experts turned managers, intercultural teams and expats. In mother-tongue English and German. Shoot me your questions!
2ebee7ca 3d9b 4159 84d8 7c8364f7e834
Yacine Coco
Founder @ TalentRocket
TalentRocket helps lawyers discover exciting employers, current jobs, events and law schools!
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Bryant Gálindo
Founder @ CollabsHQ
Consultant & Mediator
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Paul Zeitz
Senior Policy Advisor, F4 Climate Restoration
Dr. Paul Zeitz is a physician, an epidemiologist, and a tenacious, energetic, award-winning advocate for global justice and human rights.
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Aaron Birnbaum
Founder & CSO @ Seron Security, LLC
Seron Security's business is keeping people out of your business!
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Gianluca Segato
Founder @ Uniwhere
Startup founder of Uniwhere - 350K+ users, bootstrapped in Italy, moved to Berlin. Awarded Italian of the Year in Germany 2016. Experience in Machine Learning. Deep interest in Economics and Politics.
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Yuting Su
Founder & CEO @ Thinker-Tinker
Thinker-Tinker's product Octobo is the first smart toy platform that embeds the phone or tablet directly into the toy, such that the controller, sensors, and toy are one and the same.
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Rachel Svoboda
CEO @ Sunday Brunch Agency
Sunday Brunch is a boutique agency offering an enjoyable approach to marketing.
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Joachim Schnaitter
Account Director Digital @ Lunik2 Marketing Services GmbH
Joachim has been working in the field of online communication for over 20 years, advising companies on digitization of processes and marketing activities.
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Michael Connor
Founder @ UnderstandingU
UnderstandingU embraces creative inspiration. Its goal is to bring esoteric concepts into the pragmatic business world through promotion of happiness, positive energy and abundance within people’s everyday lives.
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Dave Sherwood
Co-Founder & CEO at Bibliotech
Bibliotech is the 'Netflix' for Textbooks.
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Howard Reisman
Co-Founder & CEO @ Stock Rover LLC, Heroix
Stock Rover provides insights and tools to help you be your best investor.
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Victor Marco
Founder & Project Manager @ Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory
We, the Silicon Cities Consultancy and Advisory, are one of the most approachable IT consultancy and management service providers in Australia.
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Chase Bethea
Video Game Composer & Sound Designer
Chase Bethea is a freelance Composer/Sound Designer/Audio Engineer for Video Games and a variety of other Media.
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Jason Campbell
Owner @ Next Generation Hospitality; Hospitalitarians
Jason is an executive hotel expert and the owner of both Next Generation Hospitality and Hospitalitarians.
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Carlo Affatigato
Chief Editor @ Auralcrave
Auralcrave: stories about music, film, tv, art, literature
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Daniel Stelter
Founder @ Beyond The Obvious
Dr. Daniel Stelter is the founder of the German Discussion Forum Beyond the Obvious focusing on strategic and macroeconomic issues.
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Pamela Smith
MYTHWORKS uses Applied Mythology to help individuals, organizations, and the media arts to create effective communication.
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Stella Guan
Visual Designer
Stella is an award-winning visual designer.
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Franziska Majer
Founder & Managing Director @ Catchys GmbH
Catchys is Your Meta Search Engine for World Wide Vintage.
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Oliver Bludau
Founder & CEO @ Innovators Institute; Founder @ FOXem Crowdsourcing
Oliver is an innovation expert, Harvard alumnus and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Innovators Institute and the founder of FOXem Crowdsourcing.
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Alberto De Capitani
Co-Founder @ Gradbase Limited
Gradbase allows instant and frictionless verification of any personal qualification. Powered by the Bitcoin Blockchain.
E7ca7efa 0938 46ca 83ac 4aa35c393a0b
Mehmet Baha
Founder & Senior Consultant @ Solution Folder
Solution Folder imagines a world where organisations have a collaborative work culture. For more information, you can visit
E89f5f62 9166 4a91 aa72 4a056b170135
Mershad Javan
CEO @ Octiive
Mershad is helping build a leading global music community for independent artists and labels.
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Bryony Cooper
Managing Partner @ Arkley Brinc VC
Bryony is a startup founder turned VC with extensive experience leading, mentoring and investing in tech startups.
C7a3b2c8 0918 41e2 b639 215b5a2a83b7
Blair Glencorse
Conversation with Blair Glencorse
Movement builder, activist, code-switcher
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Sherry Soliman
Co-Founder & COO @ Choisi
Choisi partners with a carefully selected group of international independent designers and work to promote their designs by showcasing a finely curated collection of their products.
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Wolfgang Stelzle
CEO & Founder @ RE'FLEKT
RE’FLEKT is a Munich based technology company that enables any business or industry to create their own in-house Augmented and Mixed Reality applications.
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Christina Sharp
Co-Founder & Designer @ Cinder Design Co.
Christina is a designer, letterer, illustrator, and the Co-founder of Cinder Design Co.
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Todd Huschka
Founder & Chief Creator of Awesomeness @ House of Huschka
House of Huschka is a specialty bespoke kitchen, bath, closet and furniture dealer located in Newport Beach California.
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Adalberto Pinto
CEO, Head of Big Data & Analytics Staffing @ Ventura Analytics
Ventura Analytics the smartest way to manage your data.
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Kathryn Crous
Founder at EMR Forensics Expert LLC
Interpreting the integrity of the Electronic Medical Records technology stack
5c10fa73 3275 48f9 8d2d f872367cd9a9
Jourdie Godley
Founder @ East & West
Fashion & Lifestyle brand.
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Klaus Kammermeier
Founder & CEO @ InnovationLabs.Berlin
We inspire, enable, and lead individuals and teams to innovate with IMPACT!
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Olga Muzician
Owner of Olga Muzician Studio
Olga is a Ukrainian-born, New York & New Jersey-based letterer and designer who has worked with both start-ups and large corporations making their project dreams a reality.
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Lauren Miele
Founder & CEO @ Kushkards
Kushkards are colorful, clever, fun, and unique greeting cards for the cannabis enthusiast.
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Marcela Grèzes
Co-Founder & CMO @
GoApp is a one-stop shop app for all pet lovers - you can look for animals available for adoption, lost or in search of friends.
156e54ce d4da 48ef 9e58 842a092ba7cc
Frederick Lee
User Experience Designer @ Digital Pulp
Frederick is an award-winning 3 years digital product design professional with colorful design background including print, branding, and type design.
27a2263c 5fd1 4693 b666 8ce88f377222
Chris Do
Founder & CEO @ Blind & The Futur
F08fc9fc 702e 4b86 b4a9 c741b364502e
philip horváth
Partner @ LUMAN
Working with change leaders to create future-ready cultures and organizations...
941ecd12 163d 414e 889b bbe6a5351c1a
Sven Neitzel
Co-founder & Lead Designer @ LooC
Sven is a visual designer who always tries to push for innovation by mixing the ideas that inspire him with his own unique style to invent something new, and further the boundaries of design. He co-founded LooC in 2016.
Ded65d92 34ef 44ad 9488 ee19fa3ea46f
Til Klein
Founder & CEO @ Vantik
Vantik is enabling people to save money and retire with confidence.
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Mary Gervais
Co-Founder @ Artisans List
Artisans List helps businesses grow by showcasing their products and service to consumers looking for traditional home restoration, craftsmanship and farm-to-table sources.
B1bcbc59 249e 4f20 b36a 3deadc0db607
Paula Conway
Founder & President @ Astonish Media Group, LLC
Astonish is an eclectic strategic media company representing industry leaders, celebrities, artists, consumer goods, tech and healthcare startups across broad media platforms.
668644a3 4d96 42b7 832a 9e484e6c9480
Sergio Mannino
Owner @ Sergio Mannino Studio
Established in 2008, Sergio Mannino Studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in retail, residential, interior, and furniture, for both private and commercial environments.
A525c939 c39b 4fed 9a1e 449e4ce6f495
Gary Levitt
Co-Founder @ Future Moments, Musician, Comedian
Future Moments Makes Mobile Apps for Content Creation.
C5493663 10be 4cad b922 293f40de8aa1
Jeff Boodie
Co-Founder @ JobSnap
Featured in Forbes, Harper Collins Gen Z @ Work, Lean Startup, Jeff is an experienced entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, and Gen Z blogger.
F845023e 166c 475c 8fef 3da5d83525bb
Ane Carlsen
Co-Founder & CEO @ Adbooker
Our mission is to close the gap between advertisers and publishers by creating an open and transparent online marketplace for offline ad space.
4e66cbb8 ecab 4ec5 960a 2b166761a655
Aleksandr Kuboskin
Managing Director @ Enfilade Capital
Enfilade Capital is an independent financial advisory boutique providing a broad range of services for both young and established businesses.
49c6f8d3 42be 4394 a075 0abcf49c96b5
Laura Kyttanen
Founder & CEO @ Laura Kyttanen Consulting
Laura Kyttanen is a lifestyle blogger and sensory brand consultant living in LA. Her blog gives you a taste of her life as a mom, entrepreneur, and much more.
3df8579c 487a 4fe3 a83b d0b9e1b08057
Robert Musterer
Founder & President @ ER Squared
ER Squared is an eClinical consulting firm serving Bio-Pharmaceutical companies, Animal Health Care companies, allied solution providers, and investors.
F050e2b3 bee1 4ee1 abce 1878c7889c16
Alyssa Kerbel
Founder of Mini Mioche Retail
Organic, Canadian-made infant and kids apparel company, based in Toronto.
4ae40546 284b 42bc 9fe1 38d3c59e7a30
Rachel Grant
Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach @ Rachel Grant Coaching
I help survivors of sexual abuse break free from the pain of the past and finally move on with their lives.
D7e633db aaaf 4043 a029 2ad2a1de5096
Stephan Kreuzberg
CEO @ The IT Guys
Stephan Kreuzberg is an expert in 2 entirely different professional worlds. Those of large companies and the start-up universe.
6e1d29ca bf82 453b 95de aaeb152186d8
Hilary Catton
Director of Customer Experience and Support @ BiggerPockets
BiggerPockets is the largest online community and complete resource for anyone looking to succeed in real estate investing.
6276835b beb2 4f19 99ba af213f5bcf57
Rachel Sarnoff
Founder & CEO @ Lincoln Sarnoff Consulting
Rachel is a team and thought leader who incentivizes stakeholders to drive progress, seen on TODAY, CNN and TEDx.
0ea5b6ca 67c9 47a8 8a8f 14a057297237
Greg Calaman
Co-Founder @ Execution Gurus
Execution Gurus deliver superior results in change management.
C654dc46 b1fb 43de 856f 2f92af288086
Andrew Barry
Founder @ Curious Lion & Leadstream
With his two companies, Andrew specializes in online lead generation for clients as well as creating beautiful, custom training videos for clients.
E2e55371 0ca1 4b41 bec8 dd690a9dbca0
Zoltan Istvan
Founder & Owner @ ZI Ventures
Transhumanist, Speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur. Creator: Immortality Bus, Volcano Boarding. Founder: Transhumanist Party
7f7631eb e5fa 4c88 98c6 2e4746507298
Thorsten Lüttger
Co-Founder @ bergtau Natural Foods GmbH
The natural energy kick for drinking - at home or on the go.
74f03a4d 6327 4a40 9704 2ea10f3d9625
John Doherty
Founder & CEO @ Credo
Credo helps businesses find and hire the best SEO or digital marketing providers.
E337d53d 7e9f 4e91 9343 18535115cd4f
Lainya Magaña
Founder & Principal @ A&O
A&O PR is a cultural marketing and public relations agency specializing in art, music, lifestyle, creative tech and startups.
19fe6d77 7b4f 4ed4 92f4 e0d9bc839525
Brad Wofford
Founder @ BW Design
Creative Director | UX & Graphic Design Expert | Leads Innovative Teams of Creatives
07a3e312 a1d4 47b0 bacb 4ac69c800ea5
Brian Pagán
Founder, Design Coach & Senior UX Designer @ The Greatness Studio
Brian is a design humanist and award-winning Human Experience Designer, with over 16 years experience in digital products in healthcare, blockchain, the IoT, and fintech.
263293f3 3b28 4f06 a4eb 028663b5e1c6
George Hernandez
Founder & CEO @ Sofiri
We are a shared-economy, peer-to-peer platform used by aspiring international students seeking study options and connecting with counsellors. We are a modern and digital approach to the traditional education agent service.
6d894c55 ed1c 407d b199 7f0127f00d8a
Leanna Jones
Art Director @ Cozy
Cozy focuses on rational design, rooted in UX, to support startups and SMBs who don't yet have an internal design team of their own.
31a7119a 32ec 4f20 8078 c84bbfa0261d
Deborah Heiser
Founder & CEO @ The Mentor Project
The Mentor Project was created to shed light on the benefits of mentoring.
599aa6af 1fdc 45c3 a8b1 d78e5e527fbf
Caroline Klatt
Co-Founder & CEO @ Headliner Labs
Headliner is pioneering the path for mobile commerce, building the most personalized and engaging messaging experience for your customers.
156f8c20 f250 4874 b414 53e58d93f66c
Justin Katerberg
Founder & Artist Manager @ Vitalic Noise
Justin is the founder of Vitalic Noise, an artist management firm working with successful acts such as Miami Horror, Goldroom and Little Boots, co-founder of influencer marketing agency, Cut Above, and a member of the aid organization Global Tribe.
5dd16751 5a72 430e b23b 7802a831704f
William Loopesko
Founder & CEO @ PuppTech
PuppTech is developing IoT, software and mobile app technology to allow dog owners to be able to check on their dogs and take care of them while they're traveling.
0af67e35 f3ce 4393 b461 626f20bd2787
Quyenzi Juel
Founder & Head Assassinista @ QR8 Group, LLC
QR8 Group is a boutique agency (valuing quality over quantity) made up of experienced, socially savvy, multi-talented, multi-cultural experts.
73fbb050 462a 4bb5 942f 6331a473753d
Ed Andrew
Founder @ The Human Consultancy
The Human Consultancy provides career and life training which is delivered online and through workshops and seminars.
94b5cb67 c75f 4fef b130 9979e3ae32eb
Jesús Suárez
Senior Motion Designer @ Battle Medialab & Self Employed Freelance Motion Artist
Jesus is a senior Motion Designer & 3D Generalist
Ea3f1a90 f356 470b 9e50 d6e88c5b6053
Belinda Morris
Founder & CEO @ Peoplescape Search
At Peoplescape Search HR, Talent & Culture is our passion - we search relentlessly for the right People & Culture Leaders for clients in creative companies, to allow them to acquire their best, build great cultures and grow their businesses.
F0f55e24 5d6f 42ab ac52 924308617d11
Ben Guez
Founder @ LAXIR
LAXIR is a digital marketing agency made of creative technologists.
15e28284 9f83 4848 a772 5fa30640b714
Jeanee Wallace
Life of a Senior Graphic Designer
Interview with Jeanee Wallace
E7f7bb39 215c 490e 934a 5a41ea67c9b3
Fernando Forero
Senior UI Artist @ Blizzard Entertainment
Fernando is a multidisciplinary Colombian Graphic Designer based in Munich, Germany and working as a Senior UI Artist at Activision Blizzard Deutschland at Diablo Team.
2f24b1e9 acf9 4f6c 8331 37e338486225
Praveen Malik
Founder @ PM By PM
Praveen is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) with a rich 23+ years of experience.
C4d11558 7506 41b2 8f85 01f6bde6ed02
Javed Khan
Founder @ EMpression
EMpression is a Marketing Services Company that unites ideas and technology to create tangible results for small-to-medium size businesses.
3aa62afb a0ce 4c25 aff8 c1acd64bffb4
Cory Collins
President & CEO @ Ample Opportunity, Inc.
Ample Opportunity, Inc. is a business consulting firm that specializes in business coaching, sales training, and leadership development.
7a79b9f0 5bec 4079 b358 649a2d913269
Jennifer Bailey
Founder & CEO @ Calla Ltd.
Calla Shoes offers beautiful footwear for ladies who suffer from bunions
Cdf864e9 bb90 4107 b0d2 241aef99345a
Mike John Otto
Executive Creative Director and Visual Artist
Mike is an Executive Creative Director with design thinking and a purpose based marketing approach.
14614955 b50a 48e6 bac6 1327fb6f9c52
Christopher Babson
Corporate Trainer & Keynote Speaker @ Peak Performance.
Christopher Babson is a Corporate Trainer and Keynote Speaker at Peak Performance. He advises on greater self confidence, motivation, peace, fulfillment and leadership.
5d3a59ac ea06 474b bfed a96e5a89e4bb
dave nassaney
President @ PTL Sunshine Service, Inc.
Dave has been an entrepreneur in the gasoline industry for 45 years. He's also a best selling author, award-winning speaker, syndicated radio host and life coach.
1aa7b453 957e 4bff a026 4cf65cc5e71b
Audrey Bell-Kearney
Founder @ ABK Media Group
ABK Media Group is a media and marketing company that creates content and distributes it across a variety of platforms.
592f5476 3a97 4571 a866 cbc22c57f7c0
Hugo Pereira
VP Growth & Strategy @ EVBox
EVBox is the leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software.
53048ac3 ab6c 44a8 8d28 05dc8cf88d78
Malte Scholz
Co-Founder & CEO @ airfocus
airfocus is an intuitive web-app for decision makers and teams to prioritize their projects and features and build more effective roadmaps.
5a617a26 7701 483c b4c9 abe26d6b40e7
Anna Fahrmaier
Co-Founder & CEO @ Typejockeys Vienna
Typejockeys offers high quality type design, lettering and signage. Always work and think whole hearted. With or without serif! Based in Vienna, Austria. Established in 2008. Managing partners: Anna Fahrmaier and Michael Hochleitner.
160abaaf 121c 4fdc aaa4 7441af0b691c
Wladimir Huber
Co-Founder & Executive Director @ KlickOwn
Wladimir is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of KlickOwn, where they apply state of the art blockchain technology to tokenize European Real Estate and make investments in Real Estate accessible for everyone!
2ed164d4 1781 4c90 8b65 51f3323a2020
Rob Caldwell
Sales Director - West Coast @ Jamaica Bearings Group
Est. 1925, Jamaica Bearings Group (VOSB) is a global value-added distributor of highly engineered, long lead-time products.
F9949f3f 8789 4ccc b8ac 01efd3ef9614
Emma Chasen
Co-Founder & CEO @ Eminent Consulting Firm
Emma Chasen has a mission to educate people on the science behind Cannabis so that they may take charge of their own healing.
Fc3226cf 862e 4a3c aea8 616c188b7427
Karsten Neugebauer
Founder & CEO @ G2K Group
G2K Group empowers clients to transform their data into value.
739f2224 eacb 452d abfd 910f7c66de60
Karin Richman
Project Manager Non-Tech & Executive Assistant to Stefan Trondl, Country Manager & GM @ Dell EMC
Karin is a Project Manager Non-Tech and Executive Assistant to Stefan Trondl, Country Manager and GM at Dell EMC.
862487f0 f09c 46df 85bf 441a084f413b
Jo Haigh
Founder & CEO @ fds Director Services Limited
fds has been providing services to owner managed businesses since 1989 and has completed over 400 transactions.
5a12ae67 2a68 44b3 9da0 b209e20cb4ad
Shaun Arora
Managing Director @ Make in LA
Shaun Arora is Managing Director at Southern California’s only hardware accelerator, an angel investor startups, and board member on the contracting manufacturing company he helped scale.
F2a0f885 85ea 4d63 ac56 86f4d09512d8
Dave Munson
Founder & CEO @ Saddleback Leather
6fccdb32 7d5e 4e74 91cd 45ffddad88d5
Zafer Elcik
Co-Founder @ Otsimo
Otsimo is democratizing access to special education through its leading game-based learning app.
Be3b3066 22c4 43b7 99ec 4af0ceb80372
Maria Von Scheel-Plessen
Global Media Manager @ Montblanc
Digitalizing the Luxury Industry. Passionate about Media, Digital Transformation and E-Commerce.
D9414bcd 70ce 41dc 83ef 7e7a4f7f2b9b
Erica Groschler
President @ TPS Consulting, LTD
Erica specializes in building high performing teams and cultures.
6de076db cbcc 4229 9e0d e89a733a980c
Brandi Mazesticeon
Founder & Principal @ The Maze
As a visionary entrepreneur and success coach, Brandi has successfully launched 12 businesses in the past 14 years and has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs and executives to reach the next level of success in their organizations
32d6629f 93ed 4d91 bcb2 b5cce67ebaaa
Ryan Smith
Senior Director, Strategic Solutions @ AiCure
Ryan's expertise lies in implementing innovative healthcare technologies and developing strategies to enhance signal detection. AiCure is at the forefront of solving major challenges in signal detection, drug exposure, and compliance.
Cfe04e5e 3c8d 411b 84cb 4cf8a992adb8
Shawn Steiman
Owner @ Coffea Consulting
Coffea Consulting strives to promote and enhance coffee quality at every stage of production from seed to cup.
1c065f3f 5ce7 4d48 96a1 bd71ef0e1dc2
Clint Hall
Founder & CEO @ OSO Northwest
OSO Northwest CBD Body Cream is a THC-free hemp topical designed by experienced product creators in the hemp and cannabis industries.
2fb5af84 c498 4f45 8447 97f8ac13f3d3
Lorie Corcuera
Co-Founder & CEO @ SPARK Creations & Co. Inc.
SPARK Creations & Company Inc. is a training and development organization that inspires people and companies to create meaningful cultures and workplaces.
7924dd0f 39d9 4893 aedb 91a85e0cbdca
Kashyap Deorah
Founder & CEO @ HyperTrack
HyperTrack helps apps track the movement of their users.
F2717ce1 70f9 415e 856c 906f5f66dff9
Isaac Morehouse
Founder & CEO @ Praxis
Praxis is an intensive 12-month apprenticeship program for those who want more than college.
B174b93f 4e81 44f0 ad30 ead8903c6f6b
Conrad Cornell
Co-Founder & CEO @ Press Sports App
Press Sports is a fast, original app where athletes, coaches, fans and parents connect to view and share sports highlights.
399760d3 7b44 42b2 8d2c 25f42ca17060
Cassie Gaub
Founder @ Cassandra Gaub Coaching & Consulting, Clinical Outreach Rep @ Center for Discovery
Cassie is a growth, goals, empowerment, mindset and transformation coach and mentor
232871d9 41af 45f3 9fdd 689ff3ac8d09
Cady Macon
Life Coach @ Macon Ya Think
Cady is a life coach who specializes in helping high-achievers find their path. Her fascination with alignment and the systems that support good coaching led her to partnerships with various brands.
B8692bcf 06c1 4da3 809c 93e13ffef966
Matias Arnal
Co-Founder & CEO @ Urbanized
Urbanized turns used goods into innovative and eco-friendly products. Their vision is to repurpose all waste into useful goods.
9dc20d23 4ba4 4e08 ac53 e6cef062eaee
Nisa Bayindir
Strategy Director & Consumer Psychologist
I'm a consumer psychologist, integrated strategist, marketer and global insights director.
D212ed29 ad94 4fec a3d8 145ef5e7b8ac
Jennifer Clary
Founder & President @ The Baby Box Co
As Founder, Visionary, and Brand Ambassador, Clary provide strategic direction for the overall mission and vision of The Baby Box Company.
A8902e2e 25fe 442e bef3 4fd2212cf037
Tyrone Evans Clark
Staff SW Engineer @ Qualcomm
Qualcomm invents breakthrough technologies that transform how the world connects, computes, and communicates.
Acfd66fe dec4 471c 9b93 d40295862717
Julien Donguy
Founder & Owner @ AdAsGame; Global Digital Transition @ Bosch And Siemens Home Appliances Private Limited
Julien is the Founder and Owner of AdAsGame and is on the Global Digital Transition team at Bosch And Siemens Home Appliances.
2b2ec218 1527 4b84 89c0 9a663228b62b
Heinke Fiedler
Senior Marketing Director; Marketing Project Manager; Founder & Owner @ TANGUENTRO: Artist Management & label Javier Di Ciriaco
Heinke is a Senior Marketing Director and Marketing Project Manager at her own employment. She's also the Founder and Owner at TANGUENTRO.
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Chris Abbass
Founder & Co-CEO @ Talentful
On a mission to change the recruitment industry.
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Mila Chervenkova
Co-Founder @ Flow-e
Personal Kanban, Inbox Zero, and Getting Things Done (GTD) directly in your inbox.
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Yovanka Sanchez
Founder @ La Mariposa Films
I am a storyteller who likes to engage, inspire, entertain, make people laugh through world-class content and original projects.
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Jonas Urbonas
CEO & Founder @ Orfi Media & Hoops Connect, Digital Designer
Love branding, UI/UX and basketball. Running a digital marketing and branding agency Orfi Media together a tech startup Hoops Connect, allowing people to organise, manage, discover and join a variety of sports and fitness activities.
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Nina Angelovska
Co-Founder & CEO @, PhD, Forbes 30 under 30
Grouper was the first group buying deal platform and is considered to be a “game changer” in the e-commerce market in the Republic of Macedonia.
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Clara Campo
Founder @ Amarist
Amarist Studio works within a framework of reflexion and development of pieces critic with today’s international social, cultural and economic conflicts.
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Mal Harrison
Founder @ The Center for Erotic Intelligence
Sexologist, therapist, educator, TEDx speaker, and the founder of Center for Erotic Intelligence.
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Abou Aboughazala
General Project Manager @ The Solar Panel Art Series powered by The Beam
Always Inspired, life-loving, self driven and facing the world with a smile.
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Sebastian Mueller
COO & Co-Founder @ MING Labs
MING Labs is a user experience design and application development company with offices in Berlin, Munich, Shanghai, and Singapore.
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Ferdinand Mühlhäuser
Director @ Founder Institute Berlin
Experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in the consulting, travel and internet businesses.
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Brandy Cooper
Founder @ Mint Design Agency
Unique award winning interactive development company. Crafting creative, engaging websites and quality, modern brand design.
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Cheryl Bennett
Founder @ ecoco
I help small businesses grow - and love working with entrepreneurs who are on a mission to promote a "green" and healthy lifestyle!
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Gabrielle Bosché
Founder & President @ The Millennial Solution
Millennial Engagement Expert
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Rebecca Alvarez Story
Founder @ The Bloomi
The Bloomi is the first e-marketplace that sells healthy intimate care products.
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Natalia Kiskova
Head of Global Co-Working Spaces @ HubHub
HubHub isn’t a space or place, so much as a state of mind.
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Petra Rakic @petrixmusic
Interview Petra Rakic
Frontwoman at MANONO band
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Dirk Bierschwale
Founder & CEO @ triper
The social movement and network for travelers.
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Shannon Weber
Founder @
What started as a fun love note for my kids has turned into a passion for finding, documenting, installing and sharing love notes.
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Scott Bennett
Founder & CEO at Skratch
Solid business development and marketing leader with an expertise in sales management, innovative marketing, consultative selling, and client delivery.