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Alaina Percival
CEO & Board Chair @ Women Who Code
Women Who Code (WWCode) is an international nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers.
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Olivera Miletic
Designer & Art Director
"Oli was well known as Olivera until Starbucks employees changed her name. Many times. Because apparently that's how it should be."
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Hendrik Brandis
Co-Founder & Partner @ Earlybird Venture Capital
Earlybird is a venture capital investor focused on European technology companies
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Eric Bahn
Co-Founder & General Partner @ Hustle Fund
Hustle Fund is a seed venture fund investing in hilariously early founders.
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Ethelia Lung
Interaction Designer @ YouTube
Ethelia tries her best to imbue empathy and perspective through design, and strive to craft helpful and meaningful experiences regardless of medium.
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Vicki Goldstein
Founder & Director @ Inland Ocean Coalition
The Inland Ocean Coalition (IOC) is an inland movement that builds land to sea stewardship.
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Madison Berrones
Founder & CEO @ Dog Sitting Company
Madison is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of a diverse group of businesses including the Dog Sitting Company, Simply Practical Consulting and a documentary film production company focused on telling powerful true stories.
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Shane Crocker
Motion Graphic Designer @ Fandango
Shane is a multifaceted motion/graphic artist and photographer with emphasis on design.
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Michelle Nahmad
Freelance Designer & Illustrator
Michelle is a designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York.
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David Orban
Founder & Managing Partner @ Network Society Ventures
David is a seed stage startup and blockchain investor who founded Network Society Ventures in 2015.
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Justin Lynch
Creative Director @ Avlier
Helping credit unions modernize their brand | Brand Strategist | Modern Branding
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Andrew Green
Senior UX Designer @ Agero
Strategic UX/UI Designer providing businesses with techniques to maximize their brand value