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Isaac Morehouse
Founder & CEO @ Praxis
Praxis is an intensive 12-month apprenticeship program for those who want more than college.
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Rob Caldwell
Sales Director - West Coast @ Jamaica Bearings Group
Est. 1925, Jamaica Bearings Group (VOSB) is a global value-added distributor of highly engineered, long lead-time products.
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Audrey Bell-Kearney
Founder @ ABK Media Group
ABK Media Group is a media and marketing company that creates content and distributes it across a variety of platforms.
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Wladimir Huber
Co-Founder & Executive Director @ KlickOwn
Wladimir is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of KlickOwn, where they apply state of the art blockchain technology to tokenize European Real Estate and make investments in Real Estate accessible for everyone!
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Malte Scholz
Co-Founder & CEO @ airfocus
airfocus is an intuitive web-app for decision makers and teams to prioritize their projects and features and build more effective roadmaps.
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Brian Pagán
Founder, Design Coach & Senior UX Designer @ The Greatness Studio
Brian is a design humanist and award-winning Human Experience Designer, with over 16 years experience in digital products in healthcare, blockchain, the IoT, and fintech.
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Leanna Jones
Art Director @ Cozy
Cozy focuses on rational design, rooted in UX, to support startups and SMBs who don't yet have an internal design team of their own.
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Clint Hall
Founder & CEO @ OSO Northwest
OSO Northwest CBD Body Cream is a THC-free hemp topical designed by experienced product creators in the hemp and cannabis industries.
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Emma Chasen
Co-Founder & CEO @ Eminent Consulting Firm
Emma Chasen has a mission to educate people on the science behind Cannabis so that they may take charge of their own healing.
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Thorsten Lüttger
Co-Founder @ bergtau Natural Foods GmbH
The natural energy kick for drinking - at home or on the go.
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Justin Katerberg
Founder & Artist Manager @ Vitalic Noise
Justin is the founder of Vitalic Noise, an artist management firm working with successful acts such as Miami Horror, Goldroom and Little Boots, co-founder of influencer marketing agency, Cut Above, and a member of the aid organization Global Tribe.
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Bryony Cooper
Managing Partner @ Arkley Brinc VC
Bryony is a startup founder turned VC with extensive experience leading, mentoring and investing in tech startups.