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Tyrone Evans Clark
Staff SW Engineer @ Qualcomm
Qualcomm invents breakthrough technologies that transform how the world connects, computes, and communicates.
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Nisa Bayindir
Strategy Director & Consumer Psychologist
I'm a consumer psychologist, integrated strategist, marketer and global insights director.
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Matias Arnal
Co-Founder & CEO @ Urbanized
Urbanized turns used goods into innovative and eco-friendly products. Their vision is to repurpose all waste into useful goods.
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Conrad Cornell
Co-Founder & CEO @ Press Sports App
Press Sports is a fast, original app where athletes, coaches, fans and parents connect to view and share sports highlights.
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Brandi Mazesticeon
Founder & Principal @ The Maze
As a visionary entrepreneur and success coach, Brandi has successfully launched 12 businesses in the past 14 years and has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs and executives to reach the next level of success in their organizations
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Shawn Steiman
Owner @ Coffea Consulting
Coffea Consulting strives to promote and enhance coffee quality at every stage of production from seed to cup.
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Isaac Morehouse
Founder & CEO @ Praxis
Praxis is an intensive 12-month apprenticeship program for those who want more than college.
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Lainya Magaña
Founder & Principal @ A&O
A&O PR is a cultural marketing and public relations agency specializing in art, music, lifestyle, creative tech and startups.
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Zafer Elcik
Co-Founder @ Otsimo
Otsimo is democratizing access to special education through its leading game-based learning app.
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Julien Donguy
Founder & Owner @ AdAsGame; Global Digital Transition @ Bosch And Siemens Home Appliances Private Limited
Julien is the Founder and Owner of AdAsGame and is on the Global Digital Transition team at Bosch And Siemens Home Appliances.
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Erica Groschler
President @ TPS Consulting, LTD
Erica specializes in building high performing teams and cultures.
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Anna Fahrmaier
Co-Founder & CEO @ Typejockeys Vienna
Typejockeys offers high quality type design, lettering and signage. Always work and think whole hearted. With or without serif! Based in Vienna, Austria. Established in 2008. Managing partners: Anna Fahrmaier and Michael Hochleitner.