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Shahinaz Soliman
Owner & Medical Director @ Soliman Care Family Practice Center
Dr. Shahinaz Soliman, M.D. has received countless academic awards, has written for numerous publications, and presented at many seminars throughout the United States.
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Hugh Molotsi
Founder & CEO @ Ujama Inc.
Ujama helps make parenting more joyful by building trusted pools of parents who support each other.
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Kiaundra Jackson
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Known as America's #1 Relationship Therapist™. International Speaker. 2x Author
Kiaundra Jackson provides support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. She integrates complementary methodologies with compassion and understanding.
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Manon Rinsma
Founder & President @ STRONGER BY SHARING
“STRONGER BY SHARING is on a mission to provide hope in difficult times by initiating openness, sharing stories and creating an inspirational environment for all in need of one." 🎗strongerbysharing.org
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Sven Neitzel
Co-founder & Lead Designer at LooC
My focus on design lies in clear communication.
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Ferdinand Mühlhäuser
Director @ Founder Institute Berlin
Experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in the consulting, travel and internet businesses.
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Sebastian Mueller
COO & Co-Founder @ MING Labs
MING Labs is a user experience design and application development company with offices in Berlin, Munich, Shanghai, and Singapore.
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Brandy Cooper
Founder @ Mint Design Agency
Unique award winning interactive development company. Crafting creative, engaging websites and quality, modern brand design.
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Kat Teehera
Co-founder of The Agency | GMT Holdings
Marketing. Outsourcing. Staffing.Incorporation. Property Management. Real Estate. Consulting. ConceirgeServices
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Emma Patmore
Marketing Manager @ ecoligo
Community building and engagement, marketing activities aimed at encouraging people to make investments into solar energy.
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Fiona McVitie
Founder @ Live Conscious
I am passionate environmentalist who runs a sustainable lifestyle blog called Live Conscious and works in marketing by day.
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Joriam Philipe
Founder @ Jojojo
A personality exploration game.