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Rachel Grant
Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach @ Rachel Grant Coaching
I help survivors of sexual abuse break free from the pain of the past and finally move on with their lives.
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Kerstin Ewelt
Head of Marketing @ Quora auf Deutsch
Head of Marketing, Quora auf Deutsch, Advisor, Mentor, Speaker
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Ellie Pritts
Photographer & Director
Ellie Pritts is an internationally-recognized photographer and emerging director.
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Minh Tsai
CEO at Hodo Foods
Plant-based food company with distinct line of organic tofu and yuba products.
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Peter Fiekowsky
Founder @ Healthy Climate Alliance (HCA)
Peter founded HCA to connect and support key communities: the public, policy and government decision-makers, and science and research influencers
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Thomas Kramer
Co-Founder & COO @ Paladin Software
I'm an entrepreneur focused on improving the social media and digital creator ecosystem with technology.
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Hugh Molotsi
Founder & CEO @ Ujama Inc.
Ujama helps make parenting more joyful by building trusted pools of parents who support each other.
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Buck Angel
Buck Angel® Activist, Entrepreneur, and Influencer
Buck Angel is a world-renowned motivational speaker, pioneering filmmaker and a human rights activist.
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Manon Rinsma
Founder & President @ STRONGER BY SHARING
“STRONGER BY SHARING is on a mission to provide hope in difficult times by initiating openness, sharing stories and creating an inspirational environment for all in need of one." 🎗strongerbysharing.org
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Joseph Ferencz
Video Game Lead @ Hot Wheels | Indie Studio Executive @ Playcorp | Making outstanding games and creating original AAA IP
Making outstanding games and creating original AAA IP
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Sven Neitzel
Co-founder & Lead Designer @ LooC
Sven is a visual designer who always tries to push for innovation by mixing the ideas that inspire him with his own unique style to invent something new, and further the boundaries of design. He co-founded LooC in 2016.
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Ferdinand Mühlhäuser
Director @ Founder Institute Berlin
Experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in the consulting, travel and internet businesses.