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Kathryn Crous
Founder at EMR Forensics Expert LLC
Interpreting the integrity of the Electronic Medical Records technology stack
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Yudhi Rahadian
Technopreneur:IOT and 5G Consultant @Techbros
Technical strategy and converting prototypes/solutions into products. Creative innovation, structuring concepts and presenting them as rounded narratives.
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Robert Musterer
Founder & President @ ER Squared
ER Squared is an eClinical consulting firm serving Bio-Pharmaceutical companies, Animal Health Care companies, allied solution providers, and investors.
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Swish Goswami
Founder & CEO @ Trufan, Inc.
Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 & Young Entrepreneur of the Year | UN Youth Ambassador | TEDx Speaker | Venture Capitalist
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George Hernandez
Founder & CEO @ Sofiri
We are a shared-economy, peer-to-peer platform used by aspiring international students seeking study options and connecting with counsellors. We are a modern and digital approach to the traditional education agent service.
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Rachel Grant
Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach @ Rachel Grant Coaching
I help survivors of sexual abuse break free from the pain of the past and finally move on with their lives.
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Belinda Morris
Founder & CEO @ Peoplescape Search
At Peoplescape Search HR, Talent & Culture is our passion - we search relentlessly for the right People & Culture Leaders for clients in creative companies, to allow them to acquire their best, build great cultures and grow their businesses.
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Kerstin Ewelt
Head of Marketing @ Quora auf Deutsch
Head of Marketing, Quora auf Deutsch, Advisor, Mentor, Speaker
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Ellie Pritts
Photographer & Director
Ellie Pritts is an internationally-recognized photographer and emerging director.
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Helenna Santos
Founder @ Ms. In The Biz, Producer @ Mighty Pharaoh Films
Helenna Santos is the Founder of “Ms. In The Biz”. She is also a producer, writer, and actor with Mighty Pharaoh Films.
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Minh Tsai
CEO at Hodo Foods
Plant-based food company with distinct line of organic tofu and yuba products.
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Peter Fiekowsky
Founder @ Healthy Climate Alliance (HCA)
Peter founded HCA to connect and support key communities: the public, policy and government decision-makers, and science and research influencers