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Mark Jr
Co-founder of VRTIGO LA
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Kat Teehera
Co-founder of The Agency | GMT Holdings
Marketing. Outsourcing. Staffing.Incorporation. Property Management. Real Estate. Consulting. ConceirgeServices
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Emma Patmore
Marketing Manager @ ecoligo
Community building and engagement, marketing activities aimed at encouraging people to make investments into solar energy.
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Fiona McVitie
Founder @ Live Conscious
I am passionate environmentalist who runs a sustainable lifestyle blog called Live Conscious and works in marketing by day.
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Joriam Philipe
Founder @ Jojojo
A personality exploration game.
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Dirk Bierschwale
Founder & CEO @ triper
The social movement and network for travelers.
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Natalia Kiskova
Head of Global Co-Working Spaces @ HubHub
HubHub isn’t a space or place, so much as a state of mind.
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Abou Aboughazala
General Project Manager @ The Solar Panel Art Series powered by The Beam
Always Inspired, life-loving, self driven and facing the world with a smile.
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Gabrielle Bosché
Founder & President @ The Millennial Solution
Millennial Engagement Expert
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Cheryl Bennett
Founder @ ecoco
I help small businesses grow - and love working with entrepreneurs who are on a mission to promote a "green" and healthy lifestyle!
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Fabio Cannavale
Co-founder of eDreams Italy, Volagratis.com and Lastminute.com group
Serial entrepreneur, Sailor, Investor. Co-founder of eDreams Italy, volagratis.com and lastminute.com group.
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Barbie Brewer
Chief Culture Officer @ GitLab, Inc.
HR executive with 20+ years experience in Human Resources leadership across multiple business cycles, industries, and countries