Interview with Yudhi Rahadian
Technopreneur:IOT and 5G Consultant @Techbros

Established in 2017, Techbros UG is dealing with IOT and 5G Innovation , Design and Consulting services. We are the advisor for Industry 4.0 who are interested into converting into Digitalization market with IOT Technologies.
Hello Yudhi, could you please introduce Techbros and what led to your founding the company back in January of this year?
Hello Jillian. A pleasure to meet you. I'm Yudhi, founder of Techbros. Techbros is a consulting company in term of IOT, innovation, solution, and deployment. Thechbros is also dealing with the 5G consulting. My background, I am working as an IOT and Telecom consultant with more than 15 years of experience since 2013, I'm working in Germany, and now currently I live in Dusseldorf. I founded this company called Techbros as an answer to the challenge for IOT Technology and Industry 4.0 We help businesses capitalize on the possibility of IOT and 5G technologies.
Techbros is almost a year old. What kind of growth has the company experienced since it was first founded? Who have been your biggest clients?
For the last one year, we tried to build our portfolio with our experience, skills and deep knowledge we have related to IOT and 5G technologies. We are still trying to secure our first milestone with our potential clients. We are starting from small. Nevertheless, I have a vision with our strong focus, continual learning opportunities, hands-on experience. We will be scaling up as one of IOT and 5G consulting big companies.
Of the various service offerings of Techbros, which is your personal specialty? Which service is the most utilized by clients?
Customer experience is the key to our success factor. We have a competitive and unique one of a kind approach compared to the service offering by other companies. Our approach and method, our solution offers a wide range of possibilities for businesses from connected devices that's share and user data, to a solution that enables autonomous dehikers and mercenaries. When customers come to us with their IOT businesses, we offer them the innovation, design, deployment rapid prototyping and deliver them which are the best solution for their go to market strategies.
We saw that you also work for Vodafone. How do you balance your work with Vodafone and your work with Techbros? What does your typical workweek look like?
That's good questions. Vodafone is one of my main customers. I work for them as an external consultant for eight hours a day. Between my main job as a consultant, and my startup and my family life, I try to draw a borderline in between, live work things at work, only doing a business hour from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. shooting weekdays, and the rest of the day, and of course weekends, I belong to my families. I just need to train my brain the same No every time the borderline is crossed and everybody will be happy.
What's next for your work with Techbros, as well as your work with Vodafone? What are the main projects, markets, technologies and clients you'll be focusing on in 2019?
The Internet of Things and 5G are expanding into nearly every industry, connected device, profile face to improve operation and reduce costs while other industries are being completely transformed, with Thechbros, we would like to help other companies within those three such as automotive, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, utilities and smart city We offer end to end solution for managed connectivity, manage IOT cloud, design, prototyping, go to production and provide a good business model for our clients. We are the translation from an idea of business inquiries, into technical strategy and confronting them into prototype or solution into our products. Thank you very much and I wish you have a nice day. Goodbye.