Interview with Yacine Coco
Founder @ TalentRocket

Hi Yacine! Could you please tell us a bit more about your work with TalentRocket and what led to your founding the company?
Hi! Thank you for having me in there in the LAMA family! Yes, my name is Yacine, and I co-founded the company TalentRocket. At TalentRocket, we put into contact young lawyers with law firms, mainly in the German market. As most of the people think I'm a lawyer - I'm not. I come from a business background, and my co-founder Magdalena, she is actually the lawyer in the team. So, why did we found TalentRocket? Because we thought it's very, very difficult to retrieve information about law firms, employers, on the internet. And my co-founder, Magdalena, when she studied in Passau law, she went to the career center of the university and she would find herself in a broom closet, with a big big folder full of addresses of law firms. No information regarding perks, benefits, salaries, working hours, and so on and so on. And we thought, "That's not a great idea, in order to find the perfect employer." So we founded TalentRocket to make all those information public online and not only these kind of information, but also - coming from a profile perspective - you, as a young lawyer, have the opportunity to register with our platform. And, via a matching algorithm, we can fit your preferences with the preferences of the employer, and create the perfect hire for employers, or find the perfect job for lawyers.
What are some of the main challenges for lawyers looking for opportunities in Germany?
All right - facing challenges! I would say there are more challenges on the law firm or employer side, instead of the lawyer side. That is because we are facing a market where we have a high war for talents. We have a decreasing number of law graduates in Germany, and therefore we face that most of the employers and most of the companies want to hire more people than there are out in the market. Also very interesting numbers is that by 2030, 40 percent of the judges and prosecutors in Germany will be retired - which makes it even a more attractive market. Also we have in the legal sector, as you both of you people know probably, a very conservative market. Which means: for most of the law firms or legal departments, and also for the public sector, it's very difficult to show the perks and benefits, as you can see, from other cool industries and cool markets. That is where TalentRocket is in place. So we are here to show, and to substitute the employers, in finding the right people - but also, on the other hand, finding the right companies to work at for young lawyers.
How did you build the TalentRocket platform, networks, and partnership base? What did the first year of the company look like?
I love thinking back in the in the old days! So as I said, we founded TalentRocket seven years ago, and the first year was basically being on the phone all the time. As any marketplace or any platform network, we have the hen-egg difficulty, which means: on the one hand side we have the young lawyers looking for jobs, and on the other hand side we have law firms looking for graduates. And what do you have first? So we faced the hen-egg problem, with Magdalena on the one-hand side - my co-founder, who is great in marketing, who had great marketing approaches - and me on the other hand side, more focusing on sales. And it's been always a race, and a competition, who would attract more: lawyers or law firms? But it's been a tough year, as all of you know, hen-egg. But I think we did a great job in convincing 10 companies, before the launch of our website, to join us as clients already.
What has been the feedback from users of TalentRocket? What is currently your biggest client base?
All right - feedback. I brought one quote: "Very informative platform for lawyers. Outstanding jobs at the best law firms in Germany - TalentRocket rocks." Thank you so much. We get a lot of feedback from our users, positive and negative feedback. And we are very happy to meet these questions or e-mails and phone calls et cetera, because in general, we want to improve our product continuously - which means we grow from positive, but also from negative feedback. And as you know, we handle a lot of personal data, including: CVs, certificates, grades, addresses, birth dates, and so on and so on. So trust is, for us, a very important topic. And feedback - or interaction with our users - gives us the opportunity to react accordingly, and to generate trust again. Second part of the question is: what are our clients? We divide, actually, our clients into three segments. We work together with law firms - the biggest law firms in the world - and with very, very small firms - Freshfields to Lupp+Partner, for example. Then we work together with a lot of legal departments. Legal departments such as Commerzbank, Volkswagen, Daimler, McKinsey and so on. And the third segment is the public sector, so we work together with many, many public institutions. For example, the City of Munich is one of our clients. We work together with law firms
What's next for your work with TalentRocket? What will be your main focus throughout the next year?
Okay. Hey. This year only is halfway, there is more to come already this year. And we focus on conservative niche, which is the next to go for us: medicine. Yeah. Same concept, same team, and expanding into a new industry. Secondly, what's our main focus - also for this year, but also waiting for next year: more of the same. That's our strategy, because what we've done so far, it really works well and we went to expand it into different industries - but we want to stick to our idea. So more of the same, our strategy.