Interview with Wladimir Huber
Co-Founder & Executive Director @ KlickOwn

Wladimir is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of KlickOwn, where they are democratizing real estate. KlickOwn is the ultimate crowd investing platform for blockchain-based investments in real estate. As a PropTech company, they apply state of the art blockchain technology to tokenize European real estate and make investments in real estate accessible and easy for everyone! Wladimir is the Founder of Finrocks. At Finrocks, they build a sustainable bridge between the business and technology world. Finrocks provide tech answers to business questions! Instead of philosophizing about innovation projects, they help their clients to realize them while operating as an invisible task force apart from operational silos and time-consuming decision-making processes. He's a Tech-Entrepreneur with focus on FinTech and data-driven companies with extensive knowledge in founding and building internet companies especially in the area of Capital Markets, Banking, Insurance, Blockchain, and Fintech. He is also a member of the founding team of THE NAGA GROUP AG and several affiliated companies.
Wladimir, could you please introduce KlickOwn and what led you to found your own real estate tech business?
KlickOwn is a blockchain-based investment, growth investing platform for real estate. We are offering people to buy a part of real estate in form of tokens that they get delivered straight to their cryptowallet. There are advantages that you, as an investor, have the possibility to trade the tokens, because they are stored in your wallet and they are always liquid. You can invest with the amounts that are less than 10 euro, and you are able to diversify your portfolio. What lead us to found KlickOwn? So first of all, real estate, the real estate business is a complicated one, but at the same time a very simple one. So if you are in, and you have a chunk of money, then you know how how to handle that and it's very attractive in terms of returns. But it has also disadvantages - this is why we founded KlickOwn. With KlickOwn, you, as a retail investor, have the possibility to participate in the real estate market and profit from all the advantages. The biggest advantage is that you don't need to understand how real estate really works, because you can just invest in the deeds that we offer you over the platform, that went through our due diligence - so you will have first class deeds, and you have the possibility to diversify an investment of a small amount - so basically, having all the advantages of a classic real estate investor but with a small amount, and with a new technology: blockchain.
Who are the ideal users of KlickOwn, and how do you recruit new clients?
Well the ideal users, so we are targeting mainly the retail investor, so people that are starting with 10 euros - so they want to just try out a new investment opportunity and profit from real estate - and also, of course, we are targeting big amounts, but also always in the retail space. So usually we will see investors between 10 euros - starting from 10 euros to 15, 20 thousand euros - this is what we are targeting. Of course, at a later stage we can also think about potential institutional use cases, but as of now we are just targeting retail. How we recruit new clients? So usually, when you start a business you can, let's say in the crowd investing platform itself, everything is based on marketing. So you have the possibility to have a mix of PR or performance marketing. In our case, how we recruit the client, we said from the beginning is that we want to make sure that our sales and marketing operations are set up well. So we put a high emphasis on acquiring the right partners, and in our case we are acquiring our clients through a mix of the following major activities, so that's: classic performance marketing, then also for our affiliates and our sales partner more offline-driven, where we hold seminars and inform people about investing, and then recruit people or new users for our platform from there.
How do you balance your time between KlickOwn and Finrocks, and what advice do you have for people thinking of starting and running more than once business at once?
Yeah, it's always important to have clear priorities. When you have many things to do at the same time, you need to make sure that you are planning your day right, so you know from the beginning, when you come to the office in the morning - of course everything can change, but you have always a plan what you want to achieve this day. So to prioritize, so there are days filled with meetings, and there are days where you have some time at your desk, where it's extremely important to get things done. Good advice.In the end it's not about it's a marathon, not a sprint - so it's important to make sure that you can run constantly over a long period of time, so not just saying, "Okay, I want to work hard for the next 3-4 months and then I'm burned out", but that you balance and say from the beginning, "Okay I have my day, I try not to work more than 12 to 14 hours a day." You have just as limited a time, so you need to make sure that you can do everything during this time. But also important is that, of course, you have people that can support you - I'm not talking mainly about employees here, but also just a network when people basically, persons that are when they're saying anything, or promising that they want to deliver anything, what you have agreed on, that it's gonna be delivered.
Where do you see blockchain technology headed in the next few years, and how do you stay ahead of the curve?
Very good question about blockchain technologies. So the way I can see it, definitely I mean that would change the world. in the same way, or even bigger impact as the Internet - I am 100 percent convinced here - and when we're talking about blockchain technology as a whole, you have many many fields where it can be explored and applied to. So you have the logistics, you have automotive, you have the financial industry and, of course, when we're talking about taking a look at the fields - like, let's say logistics or automotive. So you have here, currently where it's headed, you have more people involved into it, smart brains where people are working at it. We're seeing progress. but when it comes to the financial industry and application of blockchain in the financial industry, it's important that you have, not just the progress and smart people, but that old players and especially the operation are willing to let you in so that there's progress also on this side. And when I take a look at, especially in the financial industry and application of blockchain here, I see that there's a lot of progress - smart people are going in, there are also all the economy are coming in, and we see regulations that are favoring the application of blockchain technology. This is also where we would, with KlickOwn, profit from, because now that the business model that we are applying is currently possible and it will be possible in the future. And in the end, I'm pretty much convinced that basically every asset around the world will be tokenized.
What's next for you?
Yeah we are currently, for KlickOwn, we are currently in fundraising. So we're trying to attract funds; we are bidding on our platform; we want to go live with our first real estate project over the platform in 2019; we are building our network; attracting people; talking to investorsl talking to different parties; shareholders and yeah, just to get speed. We are pretty much confident that over the next years we will also see a lot of development in this space and the tokenization of assets, and also in real estate and blockchain, especially real estate itself - a topic very hot currently in Europe, especially in Germany, and everybody wants in, but there is still not enough space to get in, so very good momentum here. For technology itself, everything is moving. Our world became very, very fast. We see - especially with the block chain - we see many, and in artificial intelligence, we see many new very interesting things coming up, and this is where we are going to swallow. And of course with the project, I want to make it accessible, build the team, and just change the way how people can invest in real estate. So as we call it, we are offering investments in real estate for everyone - easy and accessible.