Interview with Victoire Loup
Founder @ In The Loup

In the Loup is a food blog and PR agency representing Chef's who wish to open in LA's thriving food scene. The blog only contains positive reviews to curate a reliable feed of what to eat and when in the city of angles. Founder Victoire Loup talks to us more about the growing brand and exciting collaborations coming up in the next year.
Hi Victoire! Could you please introduce In The Loup and what led to your founding the company back in 2016?
So In the Loup is the name of my website, it's a collection of restaurant reviews around L.A. and it also features a huge list of restaurants around the world. But In the Loup is mostly a consulting company because I help restaurants and brands and chefs with my team to assist them in their desire to either move to L.A. or expand across the US. We've worked with brands Cartier, Air BnB, San Pellegrino and chefs from the US or France or Europe like Ludo Lefebvre.
What led to your working as a food critic? How is Los Angeles the best place for a food critic to work?
So I moved to the U.S. in 2015 and before that I used to be the marketing director of a famous restaurant guide in Paris called Le Fooding. Moving to L.A. was tough, I had to go through the process of re-establishing myself, my expertise, my network and in the past few months after moving here I created my website intheloup and I was working as a freelancer on different projects. To be honest it's actually I never thought of being a consultant for chefs who wanted to expand to L.A.. It's actually the demand that created my offer, so chefs kept reaching out and asking my opinion or seeking assistance and they wanted to inquire about the possibility of opening a restaurant in L.A. and so the new agency was created.
What have been some of the most successful reviews you've published on In The Loup? How does only posting positive reviews separate you from the typical gastronomy review publication?
I can't really answer the fast questions about which are the most successful reviews because they're all pretty successful. They change every week so it wouldn't really be possible. However I can answer them question about the positive reviews and how it separates me from other publications because I'm in the loop myself or the writers who work with me only write positive reviews or mostly positive reviews because in a way a chef's life is already hard enough as it is and we can't make it like I don't want to make it harder. If the restaurant is good we'll write about it. If it's not a good restaurant The reader never has to know seek in the loop as a collection of places that you want to go and when you're all on the websites there's only possibilities of good meals that you can go to and we're not here to be bashing around and putting down any restaurant in town and it creates a curation a selection of restaurants on top of being respectful to chefs and all the hard work and investment they put in. So this was my differentiation from other publications Run Ellie.
What's next for your work with In The Loup? What are the main projects, partnerships and products you'll be focusing on throughout the year?
So the Web site itself has been growing tremendously in the past few weeks. We now have 10 writers who publish more or less every week on in the loop. And as for the agency itself, we're working on a few different projects right now. I can't really name the restaurants because it's still undercover but there's a pastry shop that's very popular in Asia and France that we're working on. There's also of crab restaurant which I'm a huge fan of in Paris that's willing to move out here and is also a catering company. So that's for the major big long term projects. And as far as the short time it's always really enjoyable working on PR campaigns, restaurant openings or event planning and whichever project that we like and we think we have the expertise for it- we take it on with open arms. So I'm looking forward to more projects in the future.