Interview with Til Klein
Founder & CEO @ Vantik

Currently at Seed Stage, Vantik is already backed by strong investors who believe in their vision. Amongst them are Atlantic Labs, Seedcamp and a co-founder of N26. Not only investors have jumped on board to build a completely new way of saving for retirement, thousands of people have already signed up for Vantiks Waiting list. To help them with their mission they need great people driving their product and growth by doing more than anyone thinks possible with less than anyone thinks possible.
Hi Til! Could you please tell us a bit more about your work with Vantik and what led to your founding the company back in 2017?
I've been working in financial services for more than a decade, and what frustrates me most was the way products are designed. So no one needs a pension, what you actually need is that you are able to live the life you dream of, now and later. And how do we do that? First: we make it easy to understand and fully transparent. Second: we put you in the driver's seat, so that you are in control of your future. And third: that we make it flexible, so that the product adjusts to your life and not the other way around. And finally: we make it rewarding, because at the end it is about the longest vacation of your life. So this is Vantik: we help you to live the life you dream of, now and later.
What are some of the main struggles faced by millennials when saving for retirement?
Actually, I see four struggles. First of all: current products are very complex and very difficult to understand. Secondly is: actually, you hand over the control of your financial future to somebody else. And thirdly: they're very unflexible, they're very rigid, and they don't fit the current, say, biography or way of living: where you change jobs quite often; where you switch from freelance to employment; where you go on a sabbatical or go abroad. And finally, they're pretty frustrating: so it feels like you go on a diet today and you're losing weight in 30 years time. So overall, current products are very outdated and don't fit the current generation.
How have Vantik's partners and investors shaped the company today?
Actually, a startup is a team effort, and there are multiple stakeholders and parties involved to make that happen. And first of all, of course, there's a team: you need a great team with great skills. Secondly of course, investors are very important, because you need the funding, but they are also sparring partners and provide you with network and support. And also there are business partners, because you don't build everything yourself, so you need to work together with. And finally, probably the most important partners are our customers because they help us to shape Vantik, and their input is most important for what we do next.
How is sustainable investing a pillar of Vantik's operations?
Actually, sustainability is a very important topic for all of us! And it doesn't make any sense to invest in your future and destroy your environment at the same time. So, that's why we decided to invest Vantik sustainable. And the good thing about this, is that it is possible - without any compromise, in terms of security return or cost. So it is completely equivalent to investing not-sustainable. And on top of that, you do have a huge impact, because pension assets are one of the biggest funding source for the economy. And so, if those assets are invested sustainable, they make a big difference. So it's not only good for you, it is also good for your environment.
What's next for Vantik? Where do you see the company in five years?
We've just launched the Vantik app, but that's just the beginning. So next is, we build incredible features to make Vantik really easy to understand, to put you in the driver's seat of your financial future, to make it as flexible as possible and to make it rewarding and fun to save for your future. But we will not only do that for our first market, Germany, but also across Europe. The European Union has just set the foundation for Pan-European Pension Products, and Vantik will be definitely one of the first pan-European Pension Products for young people.