Interview with Tammy Urbach
Founder & CEO @ 4BR

4BR is Evolving Business Development where all ages, all professions, and all levels of experience join together in a shared desire to be better and do more. Within 4BR they confidently believe that personal and professional growth allows us to establish the kind of lasting relationships that support and sustain our vitality as individuals and business people. Respecting your level of accomplishment; 4BR is here to help you Build Better Business by Referral.
Hi Tammy! When did you realize that there was a need for an initiative like 4BR in the Denver area?
In 2010 I found myself in the middle of a career change having just become a financial adviser and, what I found is, I needed a way to grow my customer base and to gain new clients and, I was out searching for some sort of a group to join, be at a lead group or referral group, whatever fashion I might find. A group of people that had like minds who were interested in growing their business and helping other people do the same, you know, with each other's help. And so, I started looking and, I started visiting and checking out things through Chambers of Commerce and other organizations that are in the marketplace and, I really had two problems. My first one was that, I really found there was lack of substance in overall meetings that I was attending. People gathered, they had lunch, they had breakfast, there was some business conversation and the substance just wasn't there. And, I also was finding that because these groups were business category exclusive, there was really lack of availability so, there was nothing in my marketplace for me really to be able to join, to actually fulfill what I was looking for in in growing my business connections and contacts. So, I kind of reflected and said, you know, I've been through the years and my past career, I've been in many different groups, from weekly groups, monthly groups, free groups, everything in between and just simply said to myself, well, just start a group for yourself and help benefit people that you know and, people that you want to get to know and, to collectively learn to grow your businesses together and, let's just kind of walk down this path and see where I go. So, in October of 2010 the very first 4BR group was started and eight and a half years later, I think we are on to something good.
What are some of the main ways 4BR caters to its clients and partners in the region? How do you partner with certain sectors or industries?
4BR caters to its clients and our partners in the marketplace by providing a lot of different things for people to engage in. So, we do have our weekly meetings that our business category exclusive and those groups cap at 25 people so, it's a nice size, it's a great way to build your community with professionals that are there to help you grow your business, as well as, you helping them grow theirs. Our groups do have a focus on personal professional development. This is a big thing that sets us apart in the marketplace. We all know that we need time to work on our businesses and ourselves. But, so few of us ever set the time aside and actually do it. So, we actually incorporate that type of activity into our weekly meetings. On a quarterly basis, we do different things from big networking events that will have 150 people in attendance open to the public, great place to meet new people, make new connections, you know, stay polished in what you do and, how you present yourself as a business professional. We have monthly mastermind roundtable sessions and those are facilitated by 4BR members based on their experience, their knowledge, their expertise on the topic that they're facilitating conversation on. That's a great place for our members to learn to speak in front of people and speak with an agenda but, not a solid agenda because it's roundtable conversation, it's a great learning experience and a great opportunity. We, also, on a quarterly basis I bring in outside trainers to train on different topics that are relevant to our membership and, the development projects we may be working on, the needs that we may have could be simply, you know, hey, the tax law is changing and there are, really, things that we all need to know about. So, those are super important and those are also open to the public. So, we really give a broader availability to our community and, to our partners and, our customers to help us all grow and become stronger professionals.
Who are the ideal attendees of 4BR's events? How is 4BR contributing to a greater business ecosystem in the region?
Our ideal event attendees really cover small business owners with employees anywhere from one to 10 solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and, honestly, anybody that is responsible for earning their own income, people that are paid commission, they may be in a sales role but, ultimately, at the end of the day, what they get paid is based on their efforts. So, our events are available to anybody in that arena. And, again as I've said, it's just a great way to make new connections, find new opportunities for yourself, to grow your business, to grow your experience and, what we deliver to the overall greater business community is that, our events are open to the public. So, I don't care if you are the CEO of a local chamber of commerce or another organization that may offer something similar to what we do or something completely different. Everybody is welcome. There is an advantage for everyone to come together in this broader arena to gain experience and, again, make and, build and grow those connections, grow yourself get out of your comfort zone and have some fun. I'm a firm believer that we can be all serious about business but, we can actually incorporate fun and have a good time all at once. They're not mutually exclusive. So, we welcome anybody to come and join us and, to have fun with us and, to become the best that they can possibly be in their business worlds.
What have been some of the biggest impact 4BR has had on the community? How do you measure impact?
I think one of the biggest impacts that 4BR has had on the community is actually healthy competition. The more there is out there for everyone it really helps. It just makes everything better for everybody because we're all busy being on top of our game and providing the best value that we can provide in the marketplace to those that we serve. And, I find that the collaborativeness that can happen when you bring competition together is quite amazing because we all do something a little bit different. We all have a different tweak or a different scenario on what we offer to others and, when we come together and we can actually share that with each other's organizations, I think that's incredibly powerful and it just brings greater value to everybody that actually participates. And, I think that, you know, measuring impact is people coming back with, in whatever capacity that they come back, whether it's just that they always attend the events or, they're involved in the weekly meetings or, they participate in group social activities or, you know, our bigger, like, family day at the Rockies, where we get 200 dollar tickets to a baseball game and just go hang out with our families. The value that you find in all of that and the fact that people keep coming back, really, help me know that I'm having an impact with the people that I serve and the community that I support. So, it's just vitally important to engage and be engaging and, again, have fun. And, to have that sense of commitment and always be the person who brings the value to the events because we all need it in one way or another. And, it's a great way to just support one another and grow our businesses and ourselves, all at the same time.
What's next for your work with 4BR? When will you be launching your international networks in places like Arizona and Ohio?
Well, this is where things really get exciting because, I establish my growth goals for 2019 indicating that by the end of the year, I wanted to be open in 22 different markets or 22 different groups in the state of Colorado. And, I actually am in a position to achieve that goal by the end of the second quarter of this year so, I'm super happy with those growth efforts on the local market. But, I also set my sights higher to really bring the uniqueness of 4BR to the national market. So, my 2019 goals also include expanding on a national basis and, Yes! Arizona and Ohio are a couple of those states but, I also plan to open in Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, Texas and a few others that I'm currently considering. So, my second half of the year is really where the focus comes in on expanding in those markets. We are just really finalizing the last touches of really putting 4BR into a box and having all the tools and support available so, that new people and other territories, other states other marketplaces, can actually have 4BR at their fingertips and actually be able to deliver it the way we deliver it locally, in our own state of Colorado. But, there is just high value in taking what we offer and sharing it because, there are so many things that people can participate in and, what's good for one, isn't good for the other. And, the fact that there is choice and there, again, we can find the collaboration amongst organizations to port, to support the betterment of building better businesses for all of us is, really, our goal and, to do it in a fun, supportive and encouraging way where everybody feels positive and everybody feels the impact of the good that we can do as a collective group of people, as opposed to being on an island by ourselves. So, I look forward to all that will happen in the near future. Thank you.