Interview with Stacy Caprio
Founder & SEO Consultant @ Stacy For Startups

Time is your most valuable resource. Why not use it for activities you can do better than anyone else and that is the highest impact cost-effective ways for you to spend your own most valuable resource, time. I deeply care about businesses of all stages, types and sizes and am personally invested in their growth. I’ve felt this way ever since I started my own swimming lesson business in the summers I was home from college. Check out Accelerated Growth Marketinghere.
Hi Stacy! Could you please introduce Stacy For Startups and what led to your founding your own marketing & SEO consultancy?
Hey! So Stacy for Startups I started my junior year of college when I was at Boston College after I had experience doing an online ad internship with a local Startup and I realized I had really good online skills and it kind of sprung also from my experience starting my own swimming lesson business called Stacy's Swimming Lessons. So as you can see I'm very creative with my naming, you know or just not. I mean I really I just like my own name and I apologize my voice and I'm a little sick but. So I started it because I knew I had experience with online marketing creating websites running ads specifically, Google ads for my own business and for other companies. And I wanted to help other startups and give them a service at a cost they could afford and also to gain experience for myself. And I've always been an entrepreneur at heart. So. That's just how I founded it. Based on my own experience and based on wanting to solve a problem in my niche and I really am an entrepreneur at heart in this business has kind of evolved into different names and different things as it's grown throughout the years. But I really credit a lot of my experience and success to founding this, and it's been a really great experience.
What are some of the main challenges for startups and smaller businesses looking to improve their SEO strategy?
So the main challenge for small businesses looking to improve their SEO is definitely the fact that they probably have a site that does not have a lot of authority in Google's eyes. Authority comes from having links from other sites point into your site and it really is a gradual process. It doesn't happen overnight. If a business owner has a new site or if they haven't focused on guest posting or getting links or building really great content that's going to be a huge roadblock because they can't rank for almost anything unless they have a little a few links to their site or some aspect of authority. in Google's eyes. The second challenge would be just having the time to have someone who's willing to do that as SEO who's writing the content, who's doing the link outreach, who's handling the SEO because it really is a full time job in and of itself. And if you're running a service based business especially that can be difficult because you're in the store all the time or you're serving customers or you're on phone calls and just getting the time and really dedicating yourself and your resources to SEO. Is it can be a huge roadblock and a challenge. So it's definitely not easy for small businesses to really get a handle on their SEO and start ranking. It's something that can be done if you really put the time into it and the resources. So it's definitely doable although it is a challenge.
What is the main benefit of having your own consultancy? How does it give you the freedom to pursue your own projects?
So my business has evolved from me having my own SEO consultancy business to me really investing in my own websites, creating my own Web sites and monetizing those and I really have to say having their own consultancy business was huge in terms of giving me experience and in terms of showing me it was possible to do something on your own. But it did restrict my time in a way that having your own like investing or your own website business does not in a way that you have to always be there for customers you have to be doing sales constantly. You have to be retaining customers which is a struggle because I found that people would leave you after like a month a one time fee. I find it really hard to keep people coming back month after month and you just. It was hard to make enough money to survive using that model of a consultancy which I know it works really well for some people but for me I found the most freedom and the most monetary success from focusing the services I used to provide other people that, focusing my own businesses. And it's really ironic but in a really good way that providing myself with my own services has a recurring revenue benefit even a passive recurring benefit that you don't receive when you have a consultancy. So I would really encourage anyone who's really talented online at SEO just work on your own site you'll get recurring passive revenue- you can build it up, you don't need to try to have clients that pay you a month. So for me that's how it's really worked out and I've been very very blessed so I'm very grateful and yeah I mean every method is good. And we'll talk later.
When you first started the consultancy, how did you build up your client base and portfolio?
It's actually a really funny story how I got my first client I started my Twitter account called PatStacy4startups and I followed a bunch of Boston-based startups in the area who I thought might be interested in my services and I didn't really expect to hear anything like I was doing next. I thought it was a good idea and one of those businesses a dating app platform. Someone who is still considering today and who really gave me a chance and he's given me business referrals in the future but he tweeted at me and he says "thanks for the follow, I'd love to get on the phone and see how we could work together" and actually helped him out for free for a few months and then he ended up introducing me to future paying clients and he was the reason I got one of my first full time jobs and was one of the reasons like they knew him and trusted him and from there I really got most my business from referrals and people who knew that I was really good at what I did. And from family from friends from people who had worked with me and gave referrals including the original guy who found me on Twitter. So it's really great what you can do when you start building a network and you start getting positive referrals and people who know that you're really good at what you do. So I think that's the best way to really build business at the beginning. I guess it's a lot of luck and just for me it was following the right person on Twitter and it just worked really well. So build a great network and let people know that you are really good at what you do and you'll have no trouble at least getting a few clients to start.
What's next for your work with Stacy For Startups? What are the main services, markets, and projects you'll be focusing on throughout 2019?
As I was saying earlier my focus is going to be on building more of my own Websites, building more of my own businesses and generating revenue through my own sites. Doing a SEO for myself. And that's where my focus is going to be. Also I might buy a few more Websites too as well. And expand those. But I have a news site called where I'm going to be interviewing both male and female entrepreneurs and people who have successfully been able to create an income or side hustles and can give a step by steps and detailed tips to help other people do the same thing. Because those are the types of case studies that really inspired me when I was starting out. A lot of me to actually make my dream of working for myself a reality. So I want to give that to people. And I also find it personally incredibly interesting to hear people's stories. That's gonna be a real focus in the coming year and I'm really excited to get to know people who have done this successfully and hopefully help other people start their own businesses or site households and start to make some extra money on the side. I think having the freedom and working for yourself is something I can't imagine my life without now and then I'm always hungered and thirsted for so desperately when I had a 9:00 to 5:00. So I want to give that opportunity to other people and I'm always interested in learning of other hustles for my own advancement as well. And learning is really key in a business like this in an ever changing world. So I'm really excited. So if you want to be interviewed or if you know someone who has reached out to me or you don't see them. Thank you.