Interview with Spirit Butterfly
Founder & Creative Director @ FARASHA KAA & LAASUT ENTERPRISES

Spirit Butterfly emerged on the scene as an esoteric force; creating and branding became major strengths of this Entrepreneur, Hair Sculptress, Artiste, Dancer, and Blogger! Here is the full interview:
Hi Spirit! Could you please introduce FARASHA KAA and what led you to found this company?
Hi. I'm Spirit Butterfly, Founder and Creative Director of FARASHA KAA organic series, FARASHA KAA crystal series and FARASHA KAA apparel. My reason for creating FARASHA KAA was to bring and is to bring the health and beauty industry together respectively. I was constantly in search of a hair caring and skin caring product that not only delivers what I am searching for but is also 100 percent digestible and natural. With trial and error, I have created FARASHA KAA. FARAHSA KAA to me is more than an experience. It's a way of life and a journey.
You have had an expansive and passion-led career, take us through your trajectory. How did you get to where you are now? What instincts or dreams propelled you? Did you expect to end up here?
How did I get to where I am now? A lot of determination, a lot of trial and error, a lot of networking, a lot of investing back into myself, which means every penny and every bit of information I've received I've taken it in. I've then asked myself, how can this work for me? What can I do to better my situation and better my business than what it was yesterday? By constantly waking up with these questions and constantly putting my name out there, promoting my social media, networking and investing time or research into what I am investing in, has propelled me to have a mindset where there is no plan B. My dream is to have a holistic lifestyle where the people around me are developing and interacting in a holistic way not only physically, or through beauty but through the mind as well. These are the things and interactions and the topics that propelled have me to stay focused and consistent with FARASHA KAA. At the same time, they've allowed me to realise that I have accomplished a lot thus far. Did I think that I would end up here? Yes, I did think I would end up here because I believe in something I created and when you believe, or have something that you created which you're passionate about, you will excel in it.
What do you look for in an ideal employee/team member for FARASHA KAA? Who do you work with?
An ideal employee or team member for FARASHA KAA is one first and foremost who has ambition and determination. We also look for ones that have creative outlets, loyalty and good character are a definite plus. Also, one who has a vision, who can see the end of the tunnel and who can constantly transform and recreate not only themselves but the environments around them in an uplifting way. We work with everyone from artists, videographers, entrepreneurs, investors, people who pursue the more creative endeavors such as musical artists, painters, sculpturists, anyone within the fashion, arts, health and beauty entertainment industries. We work with them and we are open to working with anyone who has the vision and determination, not only for themselves but for FARASHA KAA as well.
What's some good advice for anyone thinking of launching a startup or their own business?
The advice that FARASHA KAA has for anyone looking to start their own business is basically you have to have drive, motivation, and determination because like anything in life there will be obstacles and the only thing that will keep you sane is basically having a strong support system. There will be a lot of times that the support system will need to come from yourself. You have to constantly motivate yourself, you have to constantly stay focused, not get too distracted, and even if you are distracted, come back to being focused. Learn as much as you can, hands-on experience is the best and at the same time be willing to be open-minded to grow and receive information and resources that you may not have thought was possible if you were closed-minded. Keep an open mind, stay focused, determined and always stay on the course and you will get what you need.
What are some 2019 plans for FARASHA KAA as well as for yourself, Spirit Butterfly? Any new projects or products coming down the line?
We have a lot of plans for FARASHA KAA, as well as myself, Spirit Butterfly. For FARASHA KAA, we're planning to release our high-end fitness apparel line, which is custom clothing that fits your specific body and that is appropriate for both the gym and outdoors. For FARASHA KAA, we're changing the whole structure of our bottles. There'll be a new and improved unique bottle for the oils. FARASHA KAA will be distributed in multiple cities in 2019. We're looking at possibly expanding to the Caribbean too. For me, I'm a hair stylist and makeup artist and I also teach dance. That means there's a lot of things lined up for 2019. Including movie projects, a lot of collaborations with musical artists, and traveling. We're also creating our calendars and other merchandise. We're so excited for all of the wonderful things and those are just a couple of projects that are coming up in 2019. However, the best way to keep up with what's happening is by following us and showing your support and dedication.