Interview with Shilpi Jain
President & Founder Skinveda, SASA Cosmetics and Consulting LLC

Culmination of years in the cosmetics industry and a deep belief in the principles of Ayurveda—the 5000 year old traditional Indian system of wellness—it is skin care designed to address the many components of modern stressful living combining anti-aging with an environmentally conscious and animal friendly lifestyle. Fusing cutting edge delivery systems and modern peptides with the use of tried and tested ingredients trusted over thousands of years, Skinveda distinguishes itself among the multitude of well-minded natural products out there.
Could you please tell us a bit more about Skinveda and what led to your founding the company? When did you realize there was a void in the cosmetic industry?
Our skin reflects a need for balance in our lives where balance is lost due to constant stressful lives. Skinveda was developed out of a personal need. When my son was a little over a year old he developed eczema to help him relieve his symptoms. I decided to create a gel that mimicked the synthetic compounds that are present in most antihistamines. So our replenishing serum was created and I applied that on my son's skin and within a week the results were phenomenal. His eczema was gone within a month and since then he has not had eczema but it took me almost five years to completely quit my full-time corporate job and become an entrepreneur. It was a hard decision for me because of the financial risks but I noticed that there was a huge weight in the cosmetic industry that needed to be fulfilled. I wanted to create a line that was personalized to each men's and woman's needs personal needs. Due to their lifestyle the manifestation of stress on their skin that was customized to their skin not just to their skin type but to their lifestyle. Skinveda was born in 2011 and after two years I went into Whole Foods in 2013. So Skinveda's philosophy is you know our skin reflects a need for balance in our lives and that balance is lost due to our constant stress and Skinveda uses the science of Ayurvedic and modern lifestyle, modern delivery systems to resolve that. Thank you.
How closely entwined are your brand and your personal identity?
I adhere completely to my brand's philosophy where less is more and Skinveda is a cruelty-free branding. It's vegan and it's gluten-free. And then I started Skinveda the reason was due to a personal need and I wanted to embrace that philosophy that we are all different and all leading stressful lives and chronic stress can play havoc on our lifestyle. And I noticed that that stress was definitely causing a lot of changes on my health. I wanted to create something that really emphasized that uses that philosophy that I grew up with, that I embraced. Being of East Indian origin. So Skinveda was definitely embracing my own true you know inheritance and philosophy. It resonated from that background and that passion to create something that kind of makes the Eastern philosophy and the Western philosophy using cutting-edge ingredients and time-tested ingredients and modern delivery system.
What has been the feedback from users in Texas? How does Skinveda interact with customers/users to improve its product offering?
The feedback from the users and consumers here in Texas has been really wonderful and I thank them for their candid feedback on our products. The way we did it when Skinvedawas in Wholefoods we used to do demos and I personally used to conduct the demos because I wanted to get everybody's feedback I wanted to give them samples put the product on their hands on their skin. Let them feel it, try it, smell it. And I would just give it to them and asked them to please take pictures and send it back to us. So we got a lot of feedback to that. You know we are doing things where we would ask them to take some before and after pictures and send it to us. And some of them are willing to let that as post their pictures on our Website and we still have that. For instance, our replenishing serum showed great results on an East European lady 35 years old and within a week her, you know she had extreme rosacea and it just disappeared. Then there was the body sculpting cream that showed great results on cellulite which happens to distress as well. So those were some of the ways that we related to our consumers. And it has really helped us improve our product offering to see where things are heading. What people really want and we have added more products to our to our brand just because of that reason.
How has Skinveda's business model and products changed since you first launched the company in 2011?
Since launching in 2011 a lot has changed with Skinveda. When I Skinveda and introduced it in Whole Foods little did I know that it's not just about making good products, it's also about the branding, the packaging they play such a huge role because people won't touch a product unless it appeals to them. So in 2017, we relaunched Skinveda at an indie beauty Expo. So this was a great opportunity being an indie brand and before relaunching we did a lot of brainstorming with women and blind studies to see what they want and leveraging the information that we got from other brands and marketing gurus. So the image of Skinveda was changed. It looked more prestige and we took a notch higher and made Skinveda gluten free. It was already vegan and was cruelty-free and Peta certified but we just wanted to make it completely gluten-free because there are so many people with gluten allergies and sensitivities. So we wanted Skinveda to appeal to everyone.
Could you tell us more about Skinveda, and how you're bringing the practice to Texas?
Skinveda is a completely tailored brand and the philosophy is to find out what is your current mind body imbalance and how that imbalance relates to your skin. So by using a quiz, an algorithm on our Website which takes less than 60 seconds. We're able to determine your skin type based on your stress manifestation and how it affects your skin. It's a very simple quiz yet highly effective. So we're trying to bring Skinveda, we know that these products are extremely important. They are you know stress related symptoms on the skin of women in their mid-20s all the way into their late 60s. Be it antiaging, be it acne, be it rosacea or cellulite and all women have these problems and we all want solutions. We want effective results without any harmful effects and we have pioneered that approach using cutting-edge ingredients, time Tested ingredients and with my 18 years background in medicinal chemistry and cosmetic manufacturing industries. I feel very confident bringing skin way into the hands of men and women all across America and trying to go global. And we use online social media to reach out to our customers and bloggers. Thank you.
What's next for Skinveda? Any new product lines, markets, or partnerships coming in the next months?
We continue to innovate and try to bring new products based on our customer's needs and requests. So what's next for Skinveda? Well, we are we just relaunched so not right away but we're planning to bring a vegan makeup line for all our consumers that will be based on their personalized brochure or Mind Body imbalances and that would be very innovative as well as a pet care line for pets that would be also vegan and cruelty free. Also, we are planning to do to more marketing of our products and try to reach outside of us into Europe and other markets where we see a niche for such prestige products like our brand.