Interview with Sherry Soliman
Co-Founder & COO @ Choisi

Established in 2018 in Los Angeles, CA, Choisi began when the founders recognized there was a disconnect between highly talented independent fashion designers and the audience they were trying to reach. Their vision was to create a simple way for people to discover the best fashion from independent labels worldwide in one convenient place. Choisi was built to serve as a global digital marketplace where you can shop the streets of the world from anywhere in the world.
Hi Sherry! Could you please introduce Choisi and tell us a bit more about what led to your founding the company last year?
Hi everyone! My name is Sherry, and I want to tell you a little bit about Choisi. So Choisi is a marketplace for independent fashion designers from all around the world, to be able to showcase their designs in one place. And I really came about this, or finding this platform, by really just noticing all of these great, amazing, independent designers that really weren't getting that exposure. So not a lot of people were aware of what else is out there, besides these just mainstream brands. So I thought about putting them all in one place, just making it much easier to find, and really showcasing the uniqueness of their styles, and just getting the word out there about these designers. So that's really what led to founding the company, and I really wanted to make a difference with the designers and also just showcase their designs to the shoppers as well, so that they have a variety of different things, besides just the brand names.
Over the past year, how have you grown the company's user base and partner network?
So over the past year we've been using social media, word of mouth, as well as partnering with the different bloggers and influencers to try to get the word out about Choisi. And we've also been just sourcing out different brands as well. So we personally reach out to brands that fit the vision of Choisi's platform, and what we've been doing is just kind of approaching them and explaining what the platform is about. And at the same time we've had brands that approach us, so that's kind of how we've been spreading the word about the platform.
What are some examples of luxury clothing designers that can be found on Choisi?
We actually have a lot of really great luxury fashion designers on the Choisi platform. So just a couple of examples would be: Port Zienna, Illara, Carlo Felice. We have Mies the Label, as well as FLOW the Label, and a lot of them are all really focused on sustainable fashion and making sure that it's a process that's not wasteful. All about slow fashion, really high-quality pieces that, even though they might be on the more expensive side, they're definitely investment pieces, and pieces that you'll keep pretty much for years and not have to throw out just after the season is over. So you're really making an investment with these pieces and, while at the same time they're unique, they're also pretty timeless so you can wear them from season to season.
How does Choisi combine AI and fashion discovery?
We wanted to make fashion discovery a lot easier, especially since you have a lot of unknown brands and you don't really know where to start looking. So we wanted to use the AI component, to make it easier to find the styles that you would actually like. So we based this off of just things that you're browsing currently - even on the Choisi website - to recommend other designers that are similar to styles that you would like. And we also based it off of your social media - so we really try to get a good sense of what your style preferences are, in addition to just asking you some quick questions about just things that you prefer. And that allows us to really just create a more personalized experience and make sure that you're finding the items that you are most interested in, so you don't have to sift through a bunch of designers and thousands of items, and you get what you want really quickly. So that's kind of how we've been using the AI, just to tailor the experience and make it a more seamless type of process.
What's next for your work with Choisi? What are the main projects, partnerships and services you'll be focusing on throughout the next year?
So for the upcoming year we're really focused on really expanding our brand - so making sure that we have a really wide range of brands available on the platform. So we're trying to sign up more brands, and we're also really trying to focus on improving the AI and making it even more customized experience. So we want to really make sure that the items are tailored to your lifestyle - so if you have events coming up, what's the weather like in your city, or what city you're from - so all of these things we want to take into account, to really be able to provide you with some great recommendations for these independent brands. We're also looking into partnerships with other similar type of platforms. So those are sort of the projects that we have in the pipeline for the upcoming year, and we're really hoping to just continue to expand the platform and get these designers the exposure that we feel they deserve and you can see, if you check out the platform, just the amazing type of work and the quality of the items that are available.