Interview with Shabbir Evershine
Founder @ RoketPMO & Proptech Startup

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Hi Shabbir! Could you please introduce RocketPMO and what led to your founding the company back in 2000? Who were your first clients?
Hi everyone! This is Shabbir Evershine, I'm the founder of Rocket PMO. I worked as a director of project management for three Fortune 500 companies over the last couple of years, and I started Rocket PMO about three years ago. I started it because I've had years of experience in project management, leading PMOs that are both global and enterprise in nature, and I have firsthand experience in how companies can increase their project throughput and increase the competency level of their employees, and that led to building Rocket PMO as it is today, Rocket PMO has a simple purpose in mind. Its main goal is to increase project throughput and make sure that companies can do their projects successfully efficiently and effectively.
What are some of the main challenges faced by companies looking to establish their PMO with success and longevity in mind?
The three main challenges that we help organizations with are, number one project intake, project intake is all the work that comes in through different streams for the organization, it has to be structured, it has to be dissected, and it has to be assessed. Number two is the project prioritization, which means that there might be hundreds or even thousands of projects that large organizations have to deal with, but how do you decide which project is worth tackling first, so we help with prioritization which basically means how do we enable organizations to understand where the most value lies and how can it be done with the current resources at hand. And number three is, we help organizations with increasing the competency level of their workforce, this means that credentials and certifications are not enough, there has to be a proper mindset between the employees with the employees in terms of how each project is processed, how it's managed, and how it's led. These three challenges are the challenges that most organizations face today, and that is where Rocket PMO assist in.
What is the typical client service cycle for RocketPMO services? What are the RocketPMO services most commonly sought after by clients?
The typical client service cycle focuses on the organization's most pressing problems. The typical services we offer and our most common with our clients are project prioritization and increasing the competency level of the employees. Project prioritization centers on understanding what the organization's core problems and challenges are, increasing the competency level means that we do a deep dive assessment of the current workforce, what their skill sets are in terms of where the organization is, and what skill sets are needed to date the organization to the level that the executives and the organizations wanted to be.
We saw that you've also founded a Proptech Startup. What have been some of the main benchmarks and milestones you've reached with the company?
I'm also the founder of a prop tech startup that aims to connect governments, investors and low-income families to create affordable housing. I believe that with data, statistics, and technology we can make homelessness a thing of the past. We are currently in pre-seed startup and we'll be launching very soon.
What's next for your work with RocketPMO, as well as your other projects and ventures? What are the main services, markets and projects you'll be focusing on in 2019?
I'm looking forward to the next stage of Rocket PMO, as well as my prop tech startup. With Rocket PMO we are now focusing more on delivering value, and in fact, changing the whole concept of the PMO, from a project management office to a value delivery organization, a VDO. On the prop deck side, we are now working on a few exciting projects that incorporate A.I. whereby A.I. will become the core delivery platform to deliver efficient services to low-income families so that they can get government and other services in a more effective way.