Interview with Sebastian Deyle
Founder & Managing Director @ Goodstuff-Media GmbH

ConcertVR will be the first blockchain-based marketplace for high-quality VR content from the music and entertainment sector. Learn more about GoodStuff Media here.
Hi Sebastian! Could you please introduce your work with Goodstuff-Media and tell us a bit more about what led to your founding the company?
Hi, this is Sebastian Deyle speaking from Berlin, from the office space of Goodstuff-Media. Yeah, let me tell you a little bit about why we founded the company. We come from classical movie productions, and this is where we had our first contact with VR technology - but we wanted to do something different than the rest of us, we wanted to do something more exciting. And pretty quickly, after a few hours of thinking, we figured out that concerts might be the best way to use VR technology right now. Let me very quickly tell you why. There are three reasons why you don't go to a concert, even though you would like to go there. First reason: it's too far away - probably it's in Sydney and you live in Berlin, so you won't travel there. Second reason: it's sold out - you can't buy a ticket anymore. And third reason is: it's just too expensive - a ticket is easily a hundred bucks or more, and not everybody can afford that. So, with concertVR we found a solution for that, because with concertVR a concert is never sold out any more, you can theoretically sell an unlimited amount of tickets. It's not necessary to travel there, you can just enjoy it from your own home. And it's cheaper! it's about 20 bucks. So yeah, we're very excited about concertVR, and basically the reason why we founded Goodstuff-Media is to have an exclusive environment that only takes care of the development and of the marketing process for concertVR.
What was the process to developing convertVR? How long did this process take?
When we decided to focus on concertVR that was in late 2016, I guess. We basically had nothing more than a blank piece of paper, and a little bit later on a very short PowerPoint presentation of about maybe 50 sheets or something, and that was it. And to be very honest, nobody took us for granted. But then we decided to combine VR technology and crypto technology, and that was a real game changer. We decided to do an ICO, a global ICO and, yeah, the success was immense. I mean, pre-ICO was sold out in less than three days, and as of today we have a global community of about 100, 000 people that are either invested in the ICO, or are just keen on the product and waiting for news and updates from our side. And yeah, of course, the development of concertVR will never be completely finished - it's an ongoing process. But we are very proud to say that as for today we have a first version of our application available in the App Stores - in the iOS store, in the Android store - and we can't wait for all your feedback, and can't wait to show you the first on-demand content, the first artists. I hope it's gonna be an incredible journey from now on, and it already has been. But yeah, can't wait to see where this takes us.
Do you think we're using AR/VR technology to its full potential? Where do you see the technology in five or ten years?
Do you think we're using AR/VR technology to its full potential? No, definitely not. I think right now, we are maybe on the level of - if you compare it to computer development - on the level of Commodore c64, so really, really at the very, very beginning. VR glasses - how do they look right now? They look like this, like a ski mask. And I'm really sure that in five to ten years, you're gonna have it on your normal glasses, that look like normal glasses and have the size of normal glasses - or even on your contact lenses. So the potential of VR and AR technology, in my mind, is endless - and probably right now we are using maybe 0.00005 percent of it.
What's next for your work with Goodstuff-Media? What are the main projects, products and partnerships you'll be focusing on in the next year?
Goodstuff-Media will be fully focused on concertVR: on the distribution of concertVR, of the further development of concertVR, and, of course, of high quality content for concertVR. Meaning we are talking to artists, to major labels, we're trying to to make the concertVR family grow globally. And yeah - we're happy! If you support us, we would love to have your feedback. Go to our website: Go to the App Store, download the application, test it yourself and give us feedback. And yeah, we're pretty sure that this can be a real game changer, and that together with you we can revolutionize the music industry, and the way that people in 2020 and in the following years will attend concerts. So thanks for the interview and hope to see you guys soon - bye!