Interview with Sashin Govender
The Millionaire Student

Today Sashin has multiple streams of income, he is also an International Motivational Speaker, Sales Coach and Life Coach who has crowds of tens of thousands sitting at the edge of their seat. His story of coming from an above average household in a 3rd world country with an average monthly income of $300 to losing it all makes him one of the most authentic, dynamic and inspirational speakers. Recently he spoke to a Sold Out crowd of 25 000+ at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas, the home of the Dallas Cowboys in USA. Beside living the dream life with time and financial freedom, his motto is, “Work Like You Broke. “ He just completed a worldwide tour to 19 cities, 9 countries and 4 continents launching his business, and during his spare time he is writing his first book which is getting ready to launch early 2019. Today Sashin has business partners in 40+ countries & 6 continents worldwide which is exponentially expanding daily.
What has been the response from viewers and consumers of your content and speeches?
First things first. You know I got in the events, I got people not just bouncing from wall to wall because I'm not about hype. It's about real skill it's about real techniques it's about problem solving. It's about going out there and putting people into groups and interacting with each other and solving problems so when they leave the arena they can actually execute, they can actually work. You know I've attended multiple events and I learn from those events where you don't want people just excited, during that weekend of June that day, I want to get out. It makes you take action so that they can teach to teach once again. I've had people run up to me after the events and I'm very fortunate, to take a few pictures, but the comments are just so priceless when people say hey you change my life you made a difference you taught me this, the way you told taught me, this is the way you said this has made a real impact. I use a lot of analogies when I speak so it sinks in it sits there and most importantly forever. A few days a few weeks a few months you still remember it you supply also on the millionaire student show I created that purely based on sharpening people's axe because when I give you an axe and a tree and I tell you, you got about three to four years to chop down the tree. Most people would stop today thinking, "hey let's chop it out in three years". No that's working hard- go up there sharpen your axe for about two or three years and then chopping down in the first week. That's working smart. So I teach people off the millionaire student show. It's a virtual mentor. It's always learning continuous growth always sharpening your axe not physically sharpening axe but always improving. What's up here so you can apply what you've learned from my events.
Hi Sashin! Could you please introduce your work as The Millionaire Student and tell us a bit more about the speaking engagements and projects you've focused on in the last year?
Engagements and projects that you focused on in the last year. So the Millionaire Student was formulated a few years ago. But it was actually created when I was eight years old because I was introduced to personal development when I was eight years old and I was learning as if I was going to teach. So most people learn as if they're going to learn. I was gonna learn as if I was going to teach. I did not know that a small tag line, you know the Millionaire Student three words would be an empire today. And going back to learning you know as if I was going to teach, I continuously sharpen my axe, I continuously worked on wisdom knowledge and getting experience from people's mistakes. And when I look at the Millionaire Student, everyone wants to become a millionaire. Everyone strives to become a millionaire but they don't realize that you need to be a student to get to the millionaire status. And once you become a millionaire you need to stay in student mode to go up and maintain and sustain the millionaire student status. So going back into that I mean everyone's striving for the top line. Everyone has a different top line in life. Everyone wants the dream car, dream home, dream lifestyle but their top line is someone else's bottom line. So your pinnacle is someone else's entry level, continuously learn! My company where we've created the Millionaire Student show where we're continuously helping people to shop and they act continuously helping them to work on becoming a better student giving them raw talent and most importantly interviewing the greatest minds on the universe and bringing wisdom and teaching people. Don't go down the path of darkness- go down the path of light.
How did you start building up the "Win With Sashin" brand? What did the first year of your business look like?
So it actually started off with Retire with Sashin and my intention was to help people retire. I just felt like I wanted to transition the retirement age from 60- 70 years old to in the 30s and 40s and then started to transition from Retire with Sashin to Win, essentially because I realized people can't sustain retirement. They don't have the ability to either save money, invest money or got in live under their means so Win with Sashin is very similar to you know how I learned at eight years old I was going to learn to teach a lesson learned to learn. Win with Sasha now is coaching, helping mentoring people on how to win but not just win help other people win. So Win with Sashin is making a difference in the world, changing you know change makers, creating a trend of people just winning every aspect of life, health, wealth, spirituality and relationships and going back to my very first year business. It was like most business out there. It's difficult. They say the most of the first year is probably the most difficult because you're building a solid foundation but you know that just strengthened me. That just made me mentally strong. I went through so much rejection in my first year that that first year took me while creating a foundation for my next six years. And I just stayed on path. I had a clear picture of the light at the end of the tunnel I knew who was going to be what I was going to achieve and most importantly who I was going to impact.
In your opinion, what makes you a great business coach and mentor? What was the biggest lesson you learned when learning how to become a business coach and mentor?
So first things first, making a good mentor, a good coach is someone who's been in the trenches someone who has that ability to teach from what they've already done. It's kind of like when you look at all these sporting teams when you look at all these athletes they're always coached by someone who was a former player and just going back into the trenches at a very young age when I first started my businesses. I'm teaching from experience I was in the trenches I went through the trial and error phase and I've been I've created and developed those techniques to solve problems. So when I teach it's never teaching from hey you know I want to teach because I'm making money, my whole goal out of this you know coaching and mentorship eventually I want to be able to do it for free because you only love what you do when you can charge people zero dollars for it. One of the skills once again is going out there and understanding you can't teach in life if you've never been there if you've never experienced it yourself. So teach to teach. So you're teaching people as if they're going to learn so they can teach in future. But if they don't execute it, they don't take action, if they don't apply what they've learned in real life terms. Well its pointless what you've been teaching.
What's next for you? What will be your main focus for the next year?
So it's always going out there and finding solutions to problems. I look at problems and I want to create solutions for it. What's next? I'm always innovating I'm always creating. I always good understand there's another level to life. And if I continuously innovate by thinking myself then I would never be bored and never find myself at a place where I really don't enjoy what I do. Once again, when you chase the money you start to sink when you chase the vision- you swim. I'm chasing the vision. The money is a by-product. The lifestyle is a by-product. And that's the reason why I'm continuously traveling the world so I can research I can educate myself. I want to educate myself for the different trends there's trends in everything that's trends and help there's trends and well there's trends and spirituality there's trends and relationship and I want to be able to understand that so I can teach- if you don't teach you're going to become extinct if you don't learn- you're going to become extinct. And sometimes when you learn and you teach it it's sinks in a bit deeper than normal. So there's always another level, I'm excited for the future because the future right now is what I've been thinking about. I know it sounds a bit crazy but I don't think in the past I don't think in the present I'm all about the future I'm all about thinking the future because that's what you start to attract into your life.