Interview with Sabine Fasching
Co-Founder @ Sagitta GmbH

SAGITTAmed is for people who believe prevention is better than cure. Who know that often the little things in life can make a big difference. Have an open mind and heart to all types of medicine – if it's essential oils, herbal, homeopathic, school medicine or other alternative treatments – because as Paracelsus said, "He who heals is right."
Hi Sabine, can you tell us a little bit more about Sagitta, and why you co-founded the company?
Hi, I'm Sabine. I co-founded Sagitta with my dad because we really felt there was a need for change in the health industry in a way that the health industry and medical industry is set up for treating disease. And we wanted to go more in the direction of actually preventing disease. So growing up in our pharmaceutical family we also felt we had the kind of network of professionals and products that could do that and there was also somehow a lack of sincere information online. So you start Googling something and it's all a bit scary, and we felt we wanted to give tips and tricks, blog posts and everything around health, And Health should be kind of a happy place, also the really good pages are the really good information is usually a bit scary in a way and you have to filter through a lot of a lot of things so I get those kinds of condensed tips and tricks and products to keep your family healthy and hopefully happy.
You are also a designer and art director with years of experience. What inspired you to marry your passion for design with your interest in alternative medicine? What have been some of the challenges you've faced in that transition?
Design yeah still my happy place I love design. I thought that growing up in a pharmaceutical family that health is really important and I had lots of advantages around health. Growing up in a pharmaceutical family if it was contacts or information or anything and I also figured health it's not everything but without health everything is nothing. And that is true. So I thought marrying design with health is probably an amazing idea because it's really hard to be healthy. Otherwise, people would eat really well all the time, exercise be very good and don't get too stressed and people don't, and I think only really the right information how you deliver stuff is gonna change that in some way, and design plays a huge role was an amazing tool to know. So. I'm really glad to have it and I still use it every day and being creative, I think you never stop, and also all the challenges that I faced, loads, I didn't know how hard it is to to be in the pharmaceutical health industry because the rules in Germany are pretty tough, so every product is hard work and there are lots of checks. And it's it's the right way but they're far more obstacles than I guess in design where you kind of always find a way and made you convincing the client that isn't the case in the health industry, so yeah but it's a challenge and it's a good one.
How closely entwined are your brand and your personal identity?
Sagitta is really our history because it was already my great grand grandfather's grandfather's dad's and we just kind of all started the same way with great products to improve people's lives, and we just added that kind of information bit because we really felt like knowledge is power and that little tips can change a massive can do massive good or change a lot. So we totally try to also practice what we preach. So we really try to follow all the tips we give although we know how hard it is because being healthy isn't easy. It's kind of building routines and kind of sticking to it so it's not that easy. And also we do stuff because sometimes there's a real need for it and we have a new deodorant coming in that was just because we never found one we actually liked, so that is all natural and that makes you smell of yourself, maybe a bit better, not stinky, so be really uh kind of do things when we feel like there's a lack of something we really truly want to ourselves.
How will you ensure Sagitta always stays true to its founding principles? Does that matter?
We want to improve people's lives, prevent them from getting ill, so it's the very best of ingredients as close as possible to nature and don't harm the planet in the process. That's that's it. That hopefully will never change. Obviously, things do change because you get new possibilities, like on the new deodorant, we actually found the most incredible packaging that won't harm the planet and actually it's biodegradable. So hopefully, that's really really exciting. So obviously as time changes exciting things happen, so some things will be easier to follow through. Also we want to make health a happy place really. And that people really like to get information and make it easier for them to get the information so we want to do much more videos and kind of deliver the information and then even better way.
How has your role shifted as the business has matured?
The answer is no, I still do the same, one of our business perspectives is obviously bad I think from what you would learn in business school. However the reality is I still do everything and anything that needs doing. Which means I still design, I still source ingredients, I talk to customers, I even do the Instagram and I'm still a mom of twin girls and I take that very seriously and that is the hardest bit. I don't know any mom can probably relate because you want to be a good parent then you want to have a thriving business and you want to be an example for them because they're girls and they have to know that it's doable. So that's my everyday struggle and that I'm involved they have to be involved. I've got two girls though helping me and my dad obviously. So that is brilliant but the mom thing, I think any mom knows it's never easy. That's why we have tips on the Website, quick tips for moms and because we never have time.
What are some of your short- and long-term goals for Sagitta? Where do you see the company in 5 years?
So the next thing is our launch of the probiotic deodorant and I'm really excited about that. And we had amazing feedback even like a story where this girl, her parents didn't allow her to use an aluminum-based deodorant. She's like 14 or something, good on them but she was saying oh I sometimes I can smell myself in school, she was really self-conscious and I gave her our deodorant to try. And she came back and said, she was so grateful, and she said It's amazing and I feel really comfortable now and very confident. And if a deodorant can do this, you can change so much you can change so many things. And I am really hopeful. I want to create a really amazing community of people are passionate about health and and and and kids who maybe change their parent's life by educating them about health, so I'm super excited about the future. I hope we're building a great team to help us achieve these things and find some amazing products to make people happy and healthy.