Interview with Reed Duchscher
Founder @ Night Media

Talent management and influencer marketing company that provides branding and advertising resources for some of the largest YouTube/Twitch and Instagram Influencers We specialize in seamlessly integrating brands into high quality video content. Night Media connects brands directly with influencers on YouTube to ensure strong audience engagement. We have successfully executed brand campaigns for clients including Callaway Golf, Honey, EA, Nestle, Main Event and many more!
Hi Reed! Could you please tell us a bit more about Night Media and what led to your founding the company?
Hey guys. So night media is a talent management an influencer marketing company. We specialize in the management of large content creators on YouTube. So some of our clients include Preston plays typical gamer , mr beast we try and operate anywhere between five to 15 million mark. How Night media got started. So I used to work at an NFL Sports Agency about four years ago. We represented a lot of Heisman Trophy winners Hall of Famers. I met a group named Dude Perfect at the time who had a growing YouTube channel I was about two point one million at the time I started working with them on different monetization strategies throughout their videos on opportunity so fast for about six months I ended up moving to Dallas Texas to form night media which is now like I said it is a specialty around talent management and we also run brand campaigns for a lot of people looking to spend money and influencer marketing predominantly in the YouTube space. And so what we'll do is we'll take their campaign and we'll basically guide them through the process of how to reach out to youtuber, how to organically integrate in their videos what's that worth and then what's the data that you should be looking at in terms of an ROI for certain campaigns and sothat's where we've really made our mark.
You've founded and managed a number of media companies in the past few years. What is the advantage of starting such ventures in Dallas?
So why Dallas. Well I originally moved from Las Vegas to Dallas Texas to form night media for one reason really which was I had a large client that was in the DFW area. As time went on I realized the different positives to actually forming a startup company in DFW which is lower cost of living tax purposes and then actually signed another client who lives in DFW that's predominantly based on YouTube and the Minecraft scene who i work very heavily with to this day. The other thing that I really like about Dallas is it's not only a rapidly growing city but we also have a lot of Fortune 500 companies here. We have AT&T we have Jamba Juice Toyota who just moved into town. So it provides a lot of opportunities for new businesses that are looking to focus B2B which we really are with our new influencer campaign side of night media. So Dallas does provide a lot of opportunities for us in that space.
You most recently became an advisor at InspireMore. Could you please tell us a bit more about your work with the initiative?
So night media has provided me with a lot of opportunities and opened a lot of doors that I probably wouldn't have gotten into had it not been for this company. One of those doors that was opened was inspire more. I met the founders of inspire more about a year and a half ago and the one thing that really stood out to me about the company was their mission which was to break the world and spread hope from the get go. That was one thing that really resonated with me because like you I'm tired of the negativity in the media and what's actually being reported and night media focuses on the positivity of what's going on in the world and who is actually having an impact. And so that's why I initially got involved as adviser. So my job with them and what I help them with is really their video strategy. Not only that it's something that we've looked into but voice as well. So two things so as an advisor I continue to help them with the voice and video strategy.
What's next for Night Media, as well as all of your other projects and ventures? What are your main benchmarks you hope to reach by the end of 2018?
So what's next for Night Media. It's actually a hard question for me to answer because there's so many different balls in here right now. 2018 has been a wild year. It's been a year of growth. So we've quadrupled in growth since 2017. We've taken on a few other large YouTube clients and we like to stay in that 5 to 10 million subscriber range. We stay in the top 1 percent of creators on the platform. But the side that's really started to grow for us has been the influence or marketing side of things so we've taken on a few corporate clients to help navigate the digital landscape of influence or marketing where to spend their money. What the Aurelia's what influencers they use and so that's the side of the business that we've seen a lot of growth in the past eight months and will continue to be a focus of ours going forward. But for me and for everyone at night media we really want to stay ahead of the trends. That's what we pride ourselves on i have got the influencer of marketing and talent management. Forty years ago before anyone was really talking about this space are really spending money on YouTube. And so for me it's staying ahead of what's next like I know influencer marketing is very popular and it's going to continue to grow. But we want to see what social platforms should we be looking at next.