Interview with Rayk Hahne
Founder & CEO @ codu Training, Business Consultant

I am Rayk Hahne, business consultant, professional athlete with DM, European Championship and World Championship titles, family man and podcaster. In my podcast "Entrepreneurial Knowledge in 15 Minutes", I convey every week immediately applicable tools and impulses for entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur, and you are tired of theory and the usual motivational stuff, then you are right here. Short, crisp, immediately applicable! This is what "entrepreneurship knowledge in 15 minutes" stands for. You get tools and techniques that you can implement right away to make your business journey even more successful.
Hi Rayk! Could you please introduce your work with codu Training and tell us a bit more about what led to your founding the company?
Hello, my name Rayk Hahne and I'm the CEO and founder of codu training. We are a company that wants to help one million entrepreneurs to get better. Therefore, we have a special training plan which is based on my professional athlete career. We combine two of the best parts of the sports side and the business side, which are coming together to provide the best results for entrepreneurs. What led us to found this company was quite simple, because most of the time classical business consultants can help with very difficult things, with very difficult methods, which are hard to understand and our thought is that if things are easy, they our easy to implement in a lifestyle, they're easy to implement in business, then they will work. That's shown by the results of our customers. We're reaching out to more than 20,000 entrepreneurs in the German speaking region and yet we want to reach more. Our aim is to reach out to one million entrepreneurs and to help them to make them better and get the best out of it. For example, the podcast called Entrepreneurial Knowledge in 15 minutes and online courses and one-on-one coaching. We run different events, a Facebook group and more. All to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to gather new thoughts and ideas and to help them implement these things into their lives. That's what working on everyday.
What are your main specialties when it comes to business consulting?
First of all, I'm a professional athlete. I'm riding BMX flatland and I'm also competing at different championships. For example, the World Championship European or German Championships and therefore, I try to get as much time for practice and try to improve my business and my lifestyle as much as possible to get the best out of every part of my life. Two years ago when I became a father, everything changed and I had a new focus in my life. Now I try to compliment all these different parts of my life, my family, my business, my inspiration and my health. Most of my time is spent on these four things and that is what my clients also get. When I start my business consulting, it's not only about the business, that only makes up one quarter. They are also working on there health, their relationships and their inspiration so that they are doing something which means something to them and will mean something for the world. That is what I am focusing on in my work and I share most of my thoughts, my tools and my tactics, which I improve on with myself or with my clients, in my podcast Entrepreneurial Knowledge in 15 minutes. It has grown well and we currently reach more than 20,000 entrepreneurs and we are trying to reach more and trying to help as many people as possible.
What are some of the main mistakes you see SME's making when developing their sales processes?
Some common mistakes small and medium sized businesses make with their sales process are that they make things too complicated and they try to figure out everything before they've even started. That's the main mistake which a lot of people are making. They think about it too much and do too little and of course as a athlete, I have to practice a lot and I practice so many hours and not every session is the best. But every session puts me closer to my aim of winning the championships. That is what I give to my consulting and say to my clients that the most important thing is to start and to improve with every step, improve with every single part, with every single session and try to figure out what works with the least amount of effort and with the biggest results. That is the main aim. Of course there are different strategies, if you have a great product with a long sales cycle, you have to use the other strategy or if you are selling chewing gum or something. The most important thing is, all these things come back to the same basics. You have to be patient. You have to follow up and you have to find the easiest way to set up every system in the right direction and then follow them through until the end and until you have a result, even if it's a good one or it's a bad one and if you have good results, then you have the chance to improve these things and to scale these things. If you don't have anything, you have to find a new one and if you're always improving this part you'll be happy.
What has been the response from your clients thus far? Where do you see your clients improving the most?
Good question. What does my client say about the results I make? I have different categories which I help my clients with, the most popular one is my three months of one-on-one coaching which is the top category of coaching I offer. My aim is to help entrepreneurs create their perfect entrepreneurial day, as quickly as possible. A day with complete limitless, limitless of time, health, money and all the things you are wishing to secure. I help entrepreneurs to set up the basics for three months and some clients have reached almost their perfect entrepreneurial day during these three months. For example, one of my clients worked for a big marketing agency, he reduced his working time by about 70% so he was only working almost 20 hours a week and by doing this, he scaled his profit three times. He made three times more profit and only worked 30% of the time. That was a big improvement. We have some other examples which you can find on my homepage.
What's next for your work with codu Training? What are the main services and courses you'll be developing in the next years?
What could you expect from the codu training in the future? We're working on interesting webinars and bootcamps so that we have the chance to reach out to more entrepreneurs. We will still focus on combining the community work with the one-on-one coaching and to set their aims and make them responsible. Also by making them responsible in a training group. For example, like you have in soccer or all other sports, you have a team and your team helps you with your own career. That's what we're working on at the moment. We have a big aim to reach out to one million entrepreneurs. Currently, we are reaching out to 20,000 and we have a big gap to fill. We will do a lot more to set systems up to reach out to as many entrepreneurs as possible and to try to solve as many problems they have as possible. We will do everything to focus on scaling, so we will do a lot of online stuff like courses. Online courses can sometimes get a bit behind because we mainly want to get in touch with these people and hear their stories and problems.That is what we're working on. If you want to get more information just follow me on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. I'm setting out to help and inspire entrepreneurs everyday. Thank you for following.