Interview with Rachel Svoboda
CEO @ Sunday Brunch Agency

Sunday Brunch is a boutique agency based in Southern California. We offer an enjoyable approach to marketing. Clients seeking a rewarding journey can be stimulated through our passion or comforted by the dedicated attention to detail. From design, creative problem solving or strategic consulting, the spirit of inspiration is activated at the forefront of every project. Experience a gratifying and effective marketing experience unlike any other.
What separates Sunday Brunch Agency from its competitors in the field?
Hi I am Rachel Svoboda, I'm the CEO of Sunday Brunch, and we are an advertising agency in Orange County. I want to tell you the three things that makes our business different than some of the other advertising agencies out there. Number one is about passion: we work with primarily independently owned brands that our team is passionate about, so our hobbies and our passions have become our work. Number two is about our employees: we don't have a brick and mortar, we never intend to have a brick and mortar, and we work either out of a private business club or we work out of our clients offices as an integrated part of their team. And number three is about our clients: we custom-build every program, for every client, at the time they need it. As their business evolves, so does the services that we provide, and we always try to be client-first in the things that we are offering to them. Thanks.
What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship?
I always knew that someday I'd want to own my own advertising agency, and after spending over a decade learning from some of the best and brightest, and most talented people in this industry, I was ready. I was working at an advertising agency: I was helping them market the agency, go after new business, win new business, lead accounts. And through that process I got to the point where I knew that I was ready in my heart to make the jump. The scariest part was taking that leap of faith and betting on myself. But I knew in this industry, it is so cutthroat and it's so volatile that you just you never know what the future might have, and I knew that I was ready to bet on myself and take that leap, and I'm so glad that I did.
What technological advances have you seen in the marketing industry in the past few years? Have they affected Sunday Brunch Agency in any way?
There have been many technological advances over the last few years and they continue to happen all the time. There's three that I want to talk about today. Technology can be anything from social media, to the way that we're using our mobile devices, and the way and speed in which we're consuming information. There was a statistic that a few years ago: to get a new customer you had to cross their world four different times. Well, now I think the statistic is eight or twelve times, so the speed and quantity of information coming at people is is huge. And so that's the first. The second, I want to pivot a little bit off technology and just say that diversity and gender equality are huge topics that are being impacted in the advertising industry - whether it's our industry or our clients' industries, and I'm proud that we're sort of leading the charge in that conversation. Last week I went to the 3 Percent Conference in Washington D.C., and that was all about raising awareness on gender equality and diversity. And the third is the industries that the advertising industry is serving, and that could be - if you think back to the Mad Men days, when people were marketing a lot of alcohol and tobacco - well now we are marketing a lot of health and wellness products, but we're also able to start marketing cannabis and products that have just never had sophisticated marketing presence before. So it's really exciting time on all fronts.
What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs hoping to branch out into the world of the marketing industry?
When you're ready to go out on your own and start your business, I have two books that I highly recommend you read, that were given to me that were game changers. The first is the E Myth, it was a fantastic read. It really got me started thinking about the difference between working in my business versus working on my business, and the difference of what that looked like. So keep that one in mind. And the second one is The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone, and this one is a butt kicker - but it'll help you set your goals, times them by 10, and just have yourself committed to what I like to call The Hustle. Because no one is going to work harder, or care more about your company, than you - so you are gonna be hustling all the time. But it is the most rewarding thing that you could should ever do, if you have the itch to try to do it. And every entrepreneur is going to experience the stomach flip: that feeling when you're like, "Oh my God! I don't know what's going to happen next!" Try to channel that into excitement and what's right around the corner, because as long as you are you're working hard, you're talented, you're gonna be set up for success. Good luck.
How do you make sure to maintain a healthy work-life-balance as an entrepreneur?
So how do I maintain a healthy work life balance? I guess I don't really believe in a work life balance, because my work and my life are completely overlapped in every possible way. So my work is my hobby but I will tell you, as a single working mother of two kids, my trick to what people historically have called "doing it all". And I will say that just like how at Sunday Brunch Agency I have a team of people that I work with and we, using my analogy of playing college soccer, we are a team and we work as a team and everybody has their rules. Same thing goes at home - I have a team of people that help make everything work together. And it's the nanny, it's the housekeeper, it's the gardeners, it's the tutors, it's the - everyone is working together as a team to make sure that life is happening and everyone's getting to soccer practice time and everyone's making it to piano and all of those things. So it takes it takes a team to make your business work, to make your personal life work and then one other life hack tip here is: I scheduled time - because I need to exercise, it's part of my health and wellness - so Friday mornings are my exercise time, and I don't schedule meetings at that time. So that helped, at least I know that I've got that hour of time, that's just for me - where I can do yoga or do cardio or whatever I need to do. So I hope that helps. Thanks.