Interview with Quyenzi Juel
Founder & Head Assassinista @ QR8 Group, LLC

Quyenzi’s expertise lies in the ability to create strategies, monetize synergies, develop approaches, and execute 360 degree marketing and communications services – to target mainstream and multicultural audiences. Her media expertise transcends languages and cultures. A leader in corporate and multi-cultural marketing with over 19 years of experience, Quyenzi has held Executive Titles in Advertising, Business Development, and Public Relations. Her experience began as a Publisher and Event Producer creating integrated media platforms at indie media companies such as Bluewater Publishing, which led to her being recruited to the Advertising Sales team at media giant, Hearst Corporation. She has led Marketing and Communications efforts for clients including Caesars Entertainment (North America and Canada), Comcast Xfinity, Western Union, Moet Hennessy, The Art Institutes, and more. Check out QR8 Group here.
Hi Quyenzi! What led to your founding QR8 Group back in 2015?
I started my own agency a few years ago because it was just time. I've been in the game for about 18 or so years, and I worked with the best of the best, and I worked with the worst of the worst. What I realised is, if I created my own boutique agency there would be no glass ceiling because I'm the one setting the bar, and achieving it, and sometimes not achieving it. Sometimes growing and learning from it. But the reason I was so passionate about creating something new is because, big agencies are great but sometimes they follow best practices that focus on metrics and numbers and not so much creative. Or on the flip side, I would work with creative agencies that didn't understand their goals and objectives that need to be achieved. And last, I wanted to add another layer of diversity to agencies. I mean you have these mainstream agencies that are amazing and put out campaigns based on numbers and then you have the multicultural agencies that really focus on a handful of ethnicities and cultures. For me, I wanted to fuse the best of both worlds with mainstream best practices and multicultural diversity, and just overall coolness. Fuse them together and create something modern, new and diverse. Starting my own agency, while it was a risk, it was something that I really wanted to do at the time as a single mum, as a woman, as a Vietnamese woman. There were so many reasons, that I think in the end it was just to create something that I really loved and care about, and support new brands and companies.
What kind of growth has the agency experienced since? Who have been some of your biggest clients?
My agency, QR8 Group, has experienced about 20% year over year growth. We started very boutique but our clients include Caesars Entertainment, Moet Hennessy, Light Buid Design, as well as a handful of fashion brands.
How does QR8 Group stand out from all of the other marketing and advertising agencies based in LA? What sets you apart from the rest?
What sets QR8 Group apart from other agencies is that we are multicultural. We focus on narratives that present a brand through experience, through uniqueness, through storytelling. Our goal is to build preference, not just awareness.
Can you tell us a bit more about the concept of Trans-Creation and how QR8 Group has made a name for itself in the field?
QR8 Group has made a name for itself by utilising the concept of transcreation. What is that? It's basically not just using Google translate to translate word for word sentences. It's about relaying a message through key imagery, through key representation, whether it's talent or clothing attire or brand images. It is about using the right language. Sometimes it's street and slang. Sometimes it's legal terms. Sometimes it's a conversation, but words matter, it's not about pulling words that are directly translated in language because words differ from language to language, and through demographics and culture. We always tell our clients: speak to your audience, don't preach to them.
What's next for your work with QR8 Group? What are the main markets, services, and formats you'll be focusing on in 2019?
In 2019, we will be creating a lot of content and producing a lot of video. This will be placed on our client's social media platforms and specific channels. We are not only creating campaigns now, but we're also creating shows for our clients. Secondly, we've decided to add a talent management department at QR8 Group because in our quest to cast and find diverse, ethnic talent we've hit a lot of walls. It was a natural progression to become the curators and creators of content and working with influential models, actors and entrepreneurs who have a specific and unique ethnic background. We're really excited about just building more diversity and telling more stories in 2019.