Interview with Pozzie Mazerati
Founder @ Rhythm & Remedy, Music Artist, Actress

Pozzie prides herself on her accomplishments off screen, seeking things greater than self. She took a 2 year hiatus from acting to travel to West Africa. Her seven-day trip turned into a two-year stay. While in Dakar, Senegal she build the first Music Art and Education School "The HeartBeat Project" creating a platform and working space for the youth. She returned to the states to further her acting career and has since continued her Youth Empowerment efforts. When off set Ro is busy providing workshops through Music, Art and Education for the youth in communities and high schools. Her belief in utilizing various creative outlets gives her a fresh outlook and approach when tackling scripts, stages, clothing designs, goals and new places to travel. Check out Pozzie's website here.
Hi Pozzie! Could you please introduce your current projects and initiatives? What was the process behind founding Rhythm & Remedy?
My name is Pozzie Mazerati, the founder of Rhythm & Remedy where hip-hop helps. Our organisation focuses on youth empowerment through music, art and education programs. We are furthering our mission by continuing to travel to impoverished areas, visiting schools and communities with our music workshops, as well as our creative workshops that also include, but are not limited to acting, graphic design, music, anything that is based around the creative arts. We are taking our programs and travelling with them and basically giving the youth in these impoverished areas a platform to be able to express themselves and create change immediately within their own communities. We're really excited about the growth thus far, we have already travelled to Europe and Africa. We're also doing a lot of work here domestically in the States right now and we're just excited for the growth. Grow with us if you want to know more about what we're doing, you can also visit our website at rhythm&
How has Rhythm & Remedy grown since it was first founded?
Rhythm & Remedy has grown tremendously since the beginning of 2011 when we found it. We travelled to West Africa Dakar Senegal to start our first global initiative where we built an institute called The Heartbeat Project, which we are very proud of because we started from nothing and we created a state of the art studio. This program allowed us to actually gain the attention of Akon who is a music artist also from West Africa Dakar Senegal. He came and he visited our school and was very impressed with what we were able to do and from there, we sent out applications and we collected over 200 applicants. From there, we narrowed it down and chose the top ten because we want our classes to be centred on giving the students the attention that they need so that they can come out of the class with something that they can go forth and use in their day to day life. We partner with SpeakUp Africa, they are really big on eradicating malaria, so we decided to have the students create a song that would be on that topic and the name of that song was Zero Palue. It's amazing to see what they were able to create on such a short amount of time. They recorded the song themselves, we made a video for the song, and we also taught them how to promote the song. It did really well. Our programs are very unconventional but we are making strides and we're doing something to give back to these communities and also allow the youth to feel like they're contributing by having a voice. They're able to use their voice to give back as well. It's pretty awesome.
How did your time in Dakar, Senegal influence your career today?
I would definitely say that my time in Dakar Senegal has influenced my life as well as my career. The small things that we take for granted here in the States when you travel abroad you get to see that certain things may not be as easily accessible, it just gives you a great sense of appreciation. I am big on travel, I am big on global fluency and just encouraging people to get out there and see what else the rest of the world has to offer. Also, see what you have to offer the world because it's important to spend our time here and give back as much as we can. It's great to do all these amazing things but it's even greater and the feeling that you get inside is even greater when you give something back and you make a difference in someone else's life. In Dakar Senegal has definitely given me the opportunity to say that my life is forever changed and I'm looking forward to more travel and hopefully changing the lives of other people as much as they've changed mine.
When did you realize you had an entrepreneurial spirit yourself? How did you intertwine your music and acting career with your company?
I would say my entrepreneurial spirit was probably birthed around the age of nine, between the age of nine and eleven. I do remember selling snow cones outside of my grandmother's house. She was perfectly placed across the street from this playground and people would play, sweat their brains out and come see me, and it was the perfect business, I made so much money. I was a baby boss, so I think it was destined for me to be a boss just because I saw an opportunity and I recognised that this was the perfect setting for a business and I took advantage of it. Since then I've expressed my love for music, fashion, acting and just intertwined that by using Rhythm & Remedy as a platform to be able to reach other youth, to pull out the baby boss in them. I feel like it's important for us to contribute as much as possible while we're here on this earth. Bringing out the best in other people and that's what I've decided to do with my talents and I'm using Rhythm & Remedy as a platform to be able to do so. Hopefully I can reach as many youths as possible and create more baby bosses along the way.
What's next for your music and acting career, as well as your work with Rhythm & Remedy? What are the main projects, partnerships, and goals you'll be focusing on in 2019?
I am working on my second album, which will be released in 2019. I'm very excited about it. I plan on doing some travel at the start of the year. I also have a small tour that I'm doing in China, in Paris as well as Africa. This is gonna be my first time visiting Asia so I'm excited about that. In terms of our work with Rhythm & Remedy, while we are visiting these countries we also have some small workshops set up to meet with local organisations, to talk about our work, what our aim is, and try to build some more partnerships along the way. The main projects that we're focusing on with Rhythm & Remedy for 2019 will be mobile workshops. This will provide us with the flexibility to be able to travel more than we've ever travelled. Instead of setting up just studio spaces, knocking down walls, building studios at locations, we're going to be travelling with these and making them mobile. We'll have everything we need packed up, we'll be able to set up the studio wherever we go, and go to the next location. We really foresee these mobile workshops as being something that's going to expand our brand and also give us the ability to reach more people, which is something that we've really been working towards. We're excited for the growth of Rhythm & Remedy, we're excited about our mobile workshops, and I'm excited that you're watching this and if you are still watching, please make sure you visit rhythm& to learn more about what we're doing. If you want us to come to an area near you, send us an email.