Interview with Petra Rakic @petrixmusic
Interview Petra Rakic

A creative soul, passionate about advancing my career within the music industry. Scheduled 100+ meetings during Tech Open Air 2017. Published 50+ articles as a music journalist. Presented my academic work at 4 international musicology conferences.
Hey Petra, how would you like to introduce yourself?
My name is Petra. I am a singer. I live in Berlin. I have my own band called MANONO, we play funk, rock, indie pop music and I also have my own business where I teach children how to sing and provide childcare for them and I call that Baby Singing.
Would you talk about your work as a music journalist?
Yeah. I have a masters degree in musicology. I used to work as a music journalist, music critic and I used to be the one asking musicians questions and interview them. So for me it's just crazy to think about that. The tables have turned and I'm on the other side of the interview now, crazy.
Which Opera is your favorite?
That's a random question. I love Oprah. My favourite one to say is from Wozzeck by Alban Berg. I also love Black Masks, by Marij Kogoj. I love too many of them. I can't say, I know those two are my favourites.
What is something that recently inspired you?
One of the things that really inspired me recently was the app called Audible. I started listening to books and it has transformed my life. The last one I read/listened to was Homodaus I really recommend it. It's by Haaziq and he talks about how the future might look like based on what has happened in the past throughout the history. The second book I listened to was Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis. He talks about the journey of Red Hot Chili Peppers all of their struggles from beginning to end. It was cool to see. I found myself in some of the struggles, obviously not the drug issues he had but the other band related topics. I mean like a similar pat now with three other guys in the band and yeah I could relate with that and it was really inspiring. I also saw this movie on Netflix called 'I'm not an easy man'. It talks about the gender issues in this society and it switches the world upside down and the men become women and women become men. It's a funny way to approach this important topic. So those were the things that recently inspired me and I saw Lauryn Hill live last weekend in Berlin. Goosebumps.
Could you tell us a little bit about your future plans for yourself and your projects? Where can we catch you performing next?
Future plans. Yes. Yes momentum. Oh my God. So many plans. Where do I start. OK. With the band we are in the momentum's stage, momentum. On Tuesday we're meeting, we're shooting a video on a boat. It's going to be a promotional video for our upcoming album. We're launching Patry on campaign so fans can support us with the album launch and also 5th of October, 5th of October we're playing here in Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauerberg in this place called Maschinenhaus we're going to rock it. It's going to be the best performance you ever had. It's so much fun we're planning this set..Future plans by the end of the year we set to launch our first full-length album on vinyl in digital format everywhere. So we're going to the studios mid October to really cool studios here in Berlin called the Golden Watch professional and yeah it's coming. Oh man it's going to be great. Can't wait. Follow us on Facebook Manono Band or me on Instagram petrixmusic to be updated.