Interview with Peer Hartog
Co-founder and CEO @ Gerlachhartog Markenkommunikation GBR

Peer is Co-founder and CEO of Gerlachhartog Markenkommunikation GBR. They offer the strategic and creative quality of the agencies that they have worked with as leading creatives: KNSK, JvM, Springer & Jacoby, Scholz & Friend - but with leaner structures. They only work for a few brands, but for the right ones. The founders are the supervising CDs and usually also the executive art director and copywriter, complemented by a team of the best specialists individually assembled for the task. This makes them faster and more efficient than the usual suspicious creative agencies.
Hey Peer, co-founding a new venture isn't easy. What made you decide to take the leap and launch your own entrepreneurial agency? What brought you and Clemens Gerlach together?
When I was a creative director Scholz and Friends in Hamburg, I booked Clemens Gerlach as an art director for a longer time. And in this time realized that we both complete each other's talents. In 2010, we reflected the way we want to work in future, and we came up with the idea of a very small boutique agency.
I know this company values having a small, well-qualified team working with each Creative Director. How did you approach putting together the Gerlachhartog Markenkommunikation team?
In over 30 years being in the international advertising business, we've created a network of people with exceptional qualities. People who are brilliant professionals, and people who act and think like entrepreneurs - just like we do.
What are some of the biggest clients you've worked with at Gerlachhartog Markenkommunikation? How did you approach your relationship with them?
We've worked for quite well-known fashion brands, such as: Bench, Gerry Weber, Calida, Cinque or Bruno Banani. Our best way to get in contact is to hold lectures on marketing subjects, because if you have insights - for instance, on the fashion industry - prospective clients will listen to you, more likely.
What are your goals for Gerlachhartog Markenkommunikation over the next five years? How do you plan to foster growth?
At Gerlachhartog we do not foster growth - the other way around, we consider it as a luxury to keep small. So my business partner and me, we do not have to become CEO or something and waste time in management board meetings. We prefer to keep on doing what we love to do, and this is talking to good people and entrepreneurs, and developing creative marketing ideas to solve their problems, and to have them being a successful company.