Interview with Patrick Prohaska
Founder @ Light Bridge Academy

Patrick studied Law of Attraction life coaching with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, received multiple certifications in Theta Healing, and became a certified practitioner and teacher of Awakening Dynamics, and dabbled in countless other healing systems. Eventually, he synthesized his own technique, Light Bridge, and established Light Bridge Academy to share his tools and techniques with the world.
What was the first step towards founding Light Bridge Academy?
Hello and welcome, it's Patrick Prohaska from Light Bridge Academy. I'm really excited to be part of this process. The first question is, what was my first step towards founding Light Bridge Academy? I know it's going to sound a little bit cliche but I actually didn't follow the regular path. What drove me to create Light Bridge Academy was passion and a desire to be of service to people. When I developed Light Bridge Academy I didn't do what people traditionally do. I didn't do a business plan, I didn't do a market analysis, I didn't do a cost benefit analysis or any of that because, I knew in my heart that it was the right thing for me to do. I had spent most of my life bouncing from career to career, from management position to management position, and I was never happy in anything that I was doing because there simply wasn't that core of passion driving the work that I was doing. Once I stepped into knowing that it's possible for me to create something that resonates with me at a very deep core level, it really didn't feel like as much work as it was because things began to develop organically. Things began to fall into place in ways that I wasn't used to previously. I don't recommend not doing your market analysis or your business plan or anything like that. But I do recommend not using a market plan as an excuse to postpone starting what you're truly passionate about.
How do you find clients for Light Bridge Academy? What is your main acquistion channel? What kind of people do you serve?
First of all, I should clarify that I have two different types of clients. The first group of people that I work with are those who are looking for healing. They're looking for personal transformation and they're not necessarily interested in the tools and techniques that I use, or how I do what I do, or why I do it the way I do it. They're simply looking for the results in their own lives and in the lives of their family. The second group that I work with, are people who might want to start a healing career themselves. They might want to become a professional healer or a coach, and they are interested in the mechanics, the tools and techniques and how I do what I do so that they can learn how to do it themselves. Those are the people that come to me through Light Bridge Academy. Light Bridge Academy is actually a school where I teach the technique of Light Bridge and I even have a certification program. I have a sister business which is called Light Bridge Living which is where I connect with people who are simply interested in the healing experience. How do I find my clients? Mostly they find me through live interviews that I've given, through tele-summits and tele-seminars that I participated in, maybe they saw a video interview or an audio interview, or maybe they stumbled upon one of my free gifts or attended one of my life free events and felt a connection with me. Mostly it's through the live interview process.
How has your practice evolved and developed as you've worked with more clients?
My practice has actually changed radically, over the past several years. As is the case with everyone who is in a service oriented business, I have the benefit of experience. As I work with more and more clients, I develop a deeper understanding of what makes them tick. I have a deeper awareness of what the common belief systems are and blockages are that hold people back from stepping into their power and experiencing fulfilment in their lives. As I'm working with my clients now compared to what it was a couple of years ago, my sessions are much more focused, they feel much more intense, we get to the point much quicker and my intuition is much more on point. That's true of everyone who is in a service oriented business. After you've worked with 500 or 1000 clients, it becomes second nature to you. My business is constantly evolving as well. Light Bridge Academy has shifted tone and focus several times over the past few years. I'm constantly discovering that there are tools and techniques that I was unaware of and I add them into the course material and to their tools and the techniques that simply are not appropriate anymore, I get rid of them. I'm a very firm believer that it works against you to have a very rigid and well-defined set of rules, regulations and protocols that you never violate. I'm a huge fan of flexibility and of elasticity in my business.
What are some of your success stories you are most proud of?
In the past four or five years I have worked with countless clients with the broad spectrum of human issues. I've worked with people with very severe health issues. I've actually seen people with conditions that they were told were incurable or unable to heal and I've seen them either overcome those illnesses, or learn how to manage them with grace and ease. I've worked with people with severe financial issues or career problems. I've seen people's careers absolutely explode in an instant. I've seen people with romantic issues and in some cases, people find power in divorce and in other cases, people find power in reconciliation. Also I've seen people overcome sexual issues, sexual trauma, childhood trauma, childhood abuse and so forth. What I need to clarify is, it's not me doing any of this, I am nothing more than a facilitator. Every single success story I've ever seen, it has been the work of the client. I help people identify what their blockages are. But it's entirely up to the client, to make changes in their life to empower themselves. I'm constantly telling people I don't have a magic wand, I cannot wave my magic wand and make everything okay in your life. I can't think your thoughts for you. I can't hold your beliefs for you. I can't do your actions for you. All of the success stories I've seen, have been entirely the work of the client and it's a really joyful for me to be able to support and watch people grow into their power, on their terms.
What's next for you and Light Bridge Academy?
I am really excited to be taking Light Bridge Academy on the road. For the past several years, Light Bridge Academy has existed exclusively on the Internet. I teach courses that draw students from all around the world and that for me it is incredibly and profoundly fulfilling. Believe it or not, once upon a time I taught a course that only had nine students in it, but those nine students were on six different continents. I find it awesome to have that type of group energy where people from all around the globe are joining together for a specific event, even when it's a tiny group with only nine students. I'm going to continue doing that in the future. I'm really excited now about doing live workshops, live lectures, live certification programs, as I travel across the United States and even around the world. Please look for a Light Bridge Academy event near you sometime soon.