Interview with Olivera Miletic
Designer & Art Director

Freelance graphic designer, check out her Behance for upcoming works
Hi Olivera (great name short or long!), how did you get into digital art direction?
So I started working as a print designer, fresh from college. I guess most graphic designers do. While working at different agencies for two years I had a chance to work with different clients and develop different brands. And most of those clients would ask us to do a web search application afterwards. So I feel it was a natural progression for me and is definitely a path I want to stay on. Eighty percent of my projects right now are visual and I still work on branding and print. But this is something I definitely want to be focused on in the future.
What are your preferred tools to design with? Pens? Pads? Programs?
I like starting out with pen and paper, sketching everything out. Whether it's a logo or an app, making every single screen, doing different rounds revising it. And afterwards I would usually use Sketch for framing and then designing parts afterwards. But I feel like sketching everything out before makes the whole design process so much easier and more efficient. Day to day I'm saving time that way. Unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world so it sometimes happens that there's not enough time to sketch everything out. And sometimes I work directly in Sketch for example or Illustrator to create a logo but at the end of the day it works out.
What industries or companies are you typically designing with at Darwin Digital? Any industry you would like to focus on? What about an industry you would like to break into?
Garmin digital works with very different industries and different clients ranging from tech start ups, healthcare startups, enterprises and NGO's. I work with different clients but I was mostly focused on tech clients which was very challenging and exciting at the same time because it was very different from my previous experience. something that I would like to focus on your future is definitely healthcare. One of my current projects is actually healthcare product and I feel like it's a interesting industry to explore.
Do you have a personal design or fine art practice?
Yes I do. I'm currently working on different projects. I worked in different industries, I have very diverse experience. I worked as a in-house designer in advertising in small branding studios and digital agencies. So I feel like that's one of my biggest strengths and helps out a lot especially when clients want different services. Whether it's branding or print or digital social media I can cover it all. So I think my private practice is something I'm definitely going to be focusing on next few years as I want to become more independent.
What are you working on right now? Any new projects coming up?
The current project I'm working on in my private practice is very exciting and interesting to me. It's an app for people with anxiety. It's based on principles of mindfulness and cognitive psychology and it's definitely a project that I know I'm going to learn a lot on while talking to clients and going through the whole process. I already learned a lot and it's something that I'm not familiar with. That's why it's so challenging and exciting at the same time. I'm working basically from branding to UX/UI and hopefully the project going to be up and running by the end of the year.