Interview with Noelle Hoffman
VIsual Designer

Hi Noelle, would you introduce yourself and your work with Samba TV?
Hey my name is Noelle Hoffman and I'm recording from San Francisco. I moved here about three months ago to join a new company called Samba TV. I work as a brand designer and I'm having an absolute blast.
What do you like about this new design medium? How was the transition from your work at IBM?
So my new design medium at Samba TV is pretty different from what I was doing at IBM and every week that goes by I realize more and more the contrast between IBM and now Samba TV. Going from a company that had sixteen hundred designers to a company that has me and three other designers is a big change, a lot goes into that and is different. Being at IBM I'm realizing how special that was to be in a community so big, full of designers just like me doing things and inspiring each other and it just I'm so thankful I had that experience. I did do a lot of product design at IBM and I was however happy to kind of switch out of that because while it was very informative and I learned a lot about being a product designer, solving problems, making the user happy and everything in between- I am just at my core I'm a visual designer. I am so enjoying working on Samba TV's brand and getting to know the marketing side of things and something as simple as making a sweatshirt or swag item for a new hire that just that makes me so happy. So I'm really enjoying my new role at Samba TV and working in a different medium that has nothing to do with product design and everything to do with more tangible products and outcomes.
Tell us about your workshops, Moment to Make- what analog processes are your exploring?
I love talking analog! So my Moment To Make workshops are workshops where I essentially show up with a bunch of postcards blank postcards. They have the consistency and the thickness of a postcard the size and everything else. And I hand them out to the group of people along with drawing utensils and I basically explain why taking a moment to make is very important especially if you work in an industry where you're staring at a screen all day. As a creative I find it very important to take a break and just kind of put pen to paper and see what happens. By doing that you're allowing your mind to be freed from whatever problem you're trying to solve and in most cases you'll go back to that problem feeling refreshed and ready to solve it. So I find an analog process in the middle of a digital day very important. Those workshops have been super fun. The most recent one I held was in South by Southwest, back in March. I just got a lot of really good feedback and amazing drawings and doodles from the people who attended. I've also done pop up installations where I just go to maybe a craft fair and I have the same cards and I set up two stools and it's very simple and I just tell people, "take a moment to make!" and most of the time the cards that I get back are very inspiring. My dream is to open a museum where I can literally put all of the cards I have a huge stack I can just set them all up in the museum and have a little gallery showing of just people's mindless or creative doodles, whatever they were feeling in the moment. It's a freeing thing and I find it very important. Like I mentioned before and let's see other analog processes that I've really been enjoying I've been illustration- really loving illustration anyway. Yeah.
Where do you go for inspiration? What is inspiring to you, design or otherwise?
Oh I love this question. It says where do you go for inspiration, what is inspiring you design or otherwise? That's just a loaded question for me cause I feel corny when I say this but everything truly does inspire me in my design. But recently I've been going to Instagram for inspiration. I just love how there are so many people like me, posting their work and their process and it's so accessible. So Instagram for sure, I spend a lot of time looking at other people's work there. Other than that I am new to the city of San Francisco so every week I try to go out and find a new place to just kind of get lost in. And that's been really inspiring. I mean walking up to the Golden Gate Bridge that's enough to just make me go wow. So there's that. Also my favorite design blog that has been my favorite design blog for a while now, It's Nice That, you just constantly has beautiful Swiss design which is my favorite amongst other things but it always is and always is offering the best but other than that I think it's just getting out in the world and really looking at other things that have nothing to do with design. Because those typically will inform you the best in my opinion.
What are you working on now? Where can we see your design work in the future?
Right now at Samba TV, I'm working with a team of three other wonderful women to reinvent the Samba brand. We're looking at the entire brand landscape and seeing how we can energize it and elevate it to make it a household name. This includes looking at everything from presentations, to swag, to case studies and really just making sure that everything has a system and is talking to each other in a very nice way with a fast growing company like Samba TV, this can pose a lot of challenges but they are all very interesting and we're ready for them.