Interview with Naomi Tenenini
UI/UX Designer @ Concentric Health Experience

Hi Naomi! Could you please tell us a bit more about your current work with Concentric Health Experience?
So my current work is doing UI Design primarily in a bit of UX and I mostly do layout design and Sketch like all all day for like Websites or banner ads or emails anything that needs to be digital, me and my team work on that. So different brands and different teams will come to us and say, "Oh yeah we need like this from email" or like "We're launching this new disease awareness app Web site" or "We're working on this new Rep driven email that also relates to this IPad application" so I'll do stuff with like I've had application design as well as do a Web site. So I relate to that and they all overlap so and there's print pieces also that we have to align with from other teams. So it's really great to be able to see the system and not only be like the only one doing it like I have a team of other designers and artists that I can talk to and consult with as well as just work together with and be able to work together on a team, it's actually really great. The people are fantastic. It's been a fantastic exchange I think so far, like out of college it's been really good. Yeah I think it's an amazing program to have where it's an apprenticeship you graduate from school and you have a three month long interim period basically where you get to learn and train and then after that you are automatically rolled in as full time. So yeah I think it's a good experience wise it's fantastic so far.
What were some of the new challenges presented in your work at the company?
I think some of the new challenges presented Concentric were working on large scale teams and working really fast across many different ones. So working with product managers, account people, art directors and copywriters and just making sure everyone's on the same page at all times and editors also. And also just making sure we're getting the work done as effectively and as efficiently as we can but also as thorough. Like at the end of the day we're all just trying to make the project the best it can be. So that was that's something I kind of like a challenge which was a learning curve to have. But it's really good to be better at communication and then also I'd say just earning a certain amount of respect. I think around like where you enter because you know you've got to like show what you can do where you are even if you have a good track record and your portfolio's amazing. So it kind of just like being patient too on that is something I definitely learned.
How would you describe your personal design aesthetic? What are your preferred digital tools for your work?
I would say my personal design aesthetic is more on the minimalist side but also depending on what needs to be done. So. So when you see me more complex than that just the way it should be shown I believe I tend to go towards more like flat design more minimalist design because I do believe in the power of simplicity and less is more for sure and I prefer digital tools for my work I'd say are Indesign for print because the grid is so strong and then I would say Sketch for anything digital layout things like Website creation and any of that.
How did your prior work with Off The Cuff define your approach and aesthetic today?
I would say yes, my work at Off The Cuff, I mean everything I think affects the way that your personal aesthetic develops because each just for their own purpose. So at Off The Cuff I was designing for a definitely different audience than I am today. It was more aimed at young college students and it focused on the fantastical and it was very fun and it was really fun to work in. There was pretty much no restrictions and very different than where I work right now. But I do think that it's helped to define it because I think design is more just about like problem solving, visually. So it's whatever problem or whatever audience you're trying to communicate to. That's the way it'll adjust and change and that one was super fun and open and aimed for young people and then I kind of shifted to something a bit more restrictive but still really super important and really impactful in people's lives in a much more intimate deeper sense. But yeah I'd say Off The Cuff it was a really good exercise for creating systematic like fun design for younger audiences for sure.
What's next for your work with Concentric Health Experience? What are the main projects, products and designs you'll be focusing on in the next year?
So in the next year or at least in the next few months, I can tell to still be focusing on this campaign for Postpartum Depression that we've been working on since I think for like three years now my company has. It's pretty amazing because it's such a revolutionary treatment for it just in the mental health space in general and I think it's amazing that I can be part of it. But yes we're focusing on you know launching that whole campaign still, disease awareness, websites for a healthcare professional as well as patients doing websites related to the drug itself for healthcare professionals and patients and creating all these other assets for the programs that the doctors had to go through and other like support networks and systems that the patients can go to. Then there's all collateral associated with that and then there's a call I got it. It's like an eye detail so it's something on an iPad where a Rep goes and shows a doctor to tell them about the new drug and like everything associated with it. So they're aware and that's been a pretty amazing time making all these assets that are going to really be used to hopefully change the face of where like mental illness, particularly depression stands in the world. So that's awesome. And just like other things relating to like obesity or schizophrenia and COPD like these are other brands that we work with right now and we're always hoping to win new business in the future and I also believe we have an Oncology drug coming up. So I'm sure I'll have many more pieces coming from those soon.