Interview with Molly Peckler
Founder & CEO @ Highly Devoted

Highly Devoted is a world renowned executive cannabis matchmaking, dating, lifestyle and coaching firm. They are focused on facilitating connection and love for people whom cannabis is an integrated part of their lives. They're perspective shifters, love architects, intimacy experts, confidence boosters, and cannabis lifestyle gurus. Highly Devoted is undoing the stigma around cannabis consumption by showing the positive sophisticated people and perception of cannabis, and by providing an all inclusive platform, curated products, valuable content and bespoke services where people can openly connect around cannabis.
Hi Molly! Could you please introduce your work with Highly Devoted and tell us a bit more about what led to your founding the company back in 2015?
Hi, my name is Molly Peckler and I am the founder of Highly Devoted and we are the world's first and only cannabis friendly matchmaking company. So we help sophisticated cannabis consumers around the world find love and connection and make sure that they're accepted for their passion for cannabis. So I started this business back in 2015 after working as a mainstream professional matchmaker and I worked for one of the largest matchmaking companies in the country, got lots of people married and happily in love but there was this voice in the back of my head that was telling me you have to get into cannabis. This is your passion. I am a longtime cannabis enthusiast. My husband and I we fell in love almost 14 years ago and cannabis was always a part of our love story. And so I wanted to help other people find someone who they could share cannabis with. I look at cannabis is such a powerful tool for connection. It really allows you to open your heart and be present in the moment. You can have deep dive conversations and things are just a lot more entertaining when you use cannabis. It makes you feel good. It promotes homeostasis in your body and one of the best parts about cannabis is that it's actually an aphrodisiac. It gets you in the mood for love. And I didn't see any other love experts or dating services that were specifically catering to sophisticated cannabis consumers. So we worked with a lot of people who are burnt out by all the dating apps and they're looking for something that's a little bit more discreet, a lot more thoughtful and curated and so we work one on one with our clients to clarify exactly what they want in a partner, in a relationship and then we go out and find that specifically for them while respecting their confidentiality as well as their passion for cannabis.
Who have been some of the most high-profile or interesting Cannabis users or entrepreneurs you've profiled or partnered with?
So when it comes to the types of clients that we work with confidentiality and discretion is key. So I can't really share any names of the specific matchmaking clients that I worked with but I have been really really lucky to partner up with some amazing brands and different groups that are doing incredible things in the world of cannabis and media. I was lucky enough to be included on Vice Lands show 'Bong Appetite' which is a really entertaining cannabis cooking show. And so I appeared on an episode of that and was able to enjoy some really amazing cannabis cuisine on national television which was a a huge dream of mine. You know I'm also really lucky that I have partnered with WME or William Morris Endeavor. They're the largest talent agency in the world and they have brought me on as part of their talent roster. I'm their only female cannabis related talent that they represent and they're helping me to develop some TV content moving forward. You know there are some really amazing brands in cannabis that I have been lucky to align myself with. One is a group called 'High-End Creatives' and they're a couple of female entrepreneurs in the space who are running an amazing event agency and creative agency. And I actually just got back from a lunch with 'Mary Jane' which is Snoop Dogg's media company. They are there doing some incredible things and I'm also really excited about a forthcoming partnership with the company 'Eaze' and they are the largest cannabis delivery platform in the state of California as well as the country. So lots of exciting things coming up.
As a woman working in the business world of Cannabis, do you ever experience any challenges or prejudice from the male-dominated industry? What has been the biggest effect of the rise of female entrepreneurs in the Cannabis industry?
Like a lot of other industries out there, there is a good amount of sexism in cannabis and it's definitely unfortunate, but I try and use that to my advantage. I'm not someone who puts my a sexualized version of myself out there but I do find it very powerful to use my femininity and the tools that I was given in order to move my business forward. You know I think the biggest thing is that women such as myself are underestimated. People look at us as you know just a pretty face. Not really there to add much to the conversation, whatever that may be but I really love to upend expectations and prove people wrong. So you know that motivates me. It puts a fire in my belly to keep doing what I'm doing and change the world with love and cannabis which is really my greatest motivator out there. You know one of the amazing things about cannabis is that as compared to a lot of other industries out there, there's just a larger proportion of female entrepreneurs. And you know I am someone who fully believes that collaboration is better than competition. And so I have been able to align myself with some incredible female entrepreneurs and I love the fact that we lift each other up and we help each other. And I know there are a bunch of women that I can go to when I need some help or I need some guidance and they want to be there for me and they want to align with me and highly devoted in what we're doing. So I think for me, it's just gratitude that I'm left with that I'm surrounded by so many incredible female entrepreneurs who are hustling to get their brands out there and find success. And I love to pay it forward and help other female entrepreneurs as well.
You founded Highly Devoted before Cannabis was legalized in California. How did its legalization affect your business and clientele?
I actually founded Highly Devoted back in 2015 when I was still living in Chicago which is way less cannabis friendly than anywhere in California. And my services are ancillary so I don't currently touch the plant which allows me to operate in any state whether it is full adult use legalization like California or a complete prohibition state like many states in the south, in the Midwest. So you know for me it's just about being able to help people make connections in their life and find love and just using cannabis as a tool to do that. I'm giving my clients guidance on the best practices for integrating cannabis into dating, or into a relationship. Once cannabis was legalized it actually made things you know a little bit more challenging when it comes to hosting cannabis consumption events because there are more regulations now so you have to pay attention to that and there's a lot you know you got to cross your T's and dot your I's. But I do think that you know overall legalization is a huge positive. A lot more people are open to including cannabis and their relationship and I feel more confident in sharing that part of themselves with other people and I think more and more people are realizing the benefits of cannabis and that it's not something that they need to be ashamed of and that they want to be able to be loud and proud and scream it from the rooftops. And you know we're all about authenticity and being yourself and being open and feeling like you can be accepted no matter what is your substance of choice. And so, for us, it's just about helping our clients and our community at large find more confidence in cannabis and be open to those new connections.
What's next for your work with Highly Devoted? What are the main projects, partnerships and markets you'll be focusing on throughout the next year?
What's next. Oh my goodness so many things. You know I've been planting a bunch of seeds for many years and it seems like now things are really starting to come to fruition. So one project that I'm really excited about is a brand new podcast and I'm joining forces with some women from High-End Creatives and we are talking all about love and dating and sex and relationships and how cannabis shapes all of those things, as well as our experience as female entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. So that podcast is called 'High Felicia' and that's going to be coming out a little bit later this year. The three of us are also working on an event series and it's going to be at the 'SIXTY Hotel' in Beverly Hills. So this is going to be kind of a first of its kind social mixer in Beverly Hills incorporating cannabis and CBD. So really really pumped to bring people together in such a beautiful setting. And you know we're we're bringing together people from not only cannabis but tech and entertainment and finance and wellness and allowing them to connect and who knows maybe find someone really special in a romantic way. I'm also joining forces with 'Eaze' the cannabis delivery platform and going to be creating some great content with them. I think they're going to be a part of our podcast as well. And also looking to get into cannabis products. So I'm working right now with a company called White Fox Nectars and we're making some amazing CBD tinctures. And finally, hopefully, you will see me in a 'Highly Devoted; on TV. So I'm working with my agents at WME to develop some really incredible unique original TV content. So lots coming up but highly devoted.