Interview with Milan Amin
Podcast Host and Social Media Consultant.

Host of the podcast The Notorious Hustler's, founder of multiple start-ups and now Growth Hacker consultant, Milan talks to LAMA about his morning routine, the biggest realizations about becoming a successful entrepreneur and the future of Instagram.
How do you see the Instagram developing in the next 3 to 5 years? Is it vulnerable to another social media platform succeeding it?
This is a great question. How do they see Instagram developing in the next three to five years? I'm going to be honest video content is going to be huge. You know how much on video you see on YouTube right now you're going to see that much video on Instagram. Instagram is going to become a place where right now it's tiny little stories and the one minute videos that's that's going to just develop so much more until the point where people are going to launch their podcasts on there. People are going to launch like five minute videos. I can pretty much promise you will be listening to this taking to do this within the next three to five years that video limit on how on the length of your videos on Instagram will be at least five minutes if not more compared to the one minute that it's out right now. I think that was savvy on that all was trending so that was going to keep up with the likes of Snapchat. Obviously it's owned by Facebook and there's no other major competitor. I think if there was to be honest Facebook and Instagram are in a position where they can just acquire them. So I don't think know either about the competition or their buy them. So it's one of those situations I think the way it can develop is Instagram and all these platforms all these social media platforms that they're designed for one thing and that is keeping you in the platform, no matter what it takes. There's already a tremendous amount of neuroscience being implemented by social media platforms to keep youth here longer and longer. Now they're introducing stories and it's becoming more and more of an addictive platform. So although I can't imagine what would be there in three to five years, I would say whatever they do decide to do will be designed specifically to keep you on the app as long as possible and and improve engagement rates. And look it doesn't have to be a bad thing if you're responsible. All I'm saying is just stay on top of stay savvy and use it for its goodness rather than letting it control you.
What does a typical day look like for you with the podcast and the social media consulting?
I love this question. So a typical day for me usually involves waking up doing a form of mental or spiritual practice. And this is just to get your mind set in a place where it's calm, it's collected your thoughts so that you ensure that you're doing it for the right reasons. And you know you exclude out all the negativity in your life basically after that a the first thing I do is check all my e-mails and create a to do list for that day. So you know I'm one of those people who just really wants to just hit the ground running first thing. So I just really love getting stuck in and just accomplishing a certain amount. And luckily you know my breakfast has made for me so you know I'm fortunate enough to kind of have that done. But I think that's what I focus on is creating that to do list, having breakfast, focusing on accomplishing like a huge bunch I find that I'm most focused in the morning. So within the first like four or five hours after waking up and then after lunch you know it's a bit more chilled it's a bit more of the passive tasks tasks that can easily wait or tasks that I just want to do for fun so I reach out to other companies for collaboration so you know reach out to other influencers or whatever it may be just being curious and reading up on information or just finding a way to have fun and work with other people. The rest of my day usually involves calling up friends and you know doing something I love or enjoy, I play the drum kit which is incredible because you fought a tremendous amount of power behind a drum kit. I go for walks at least one hour a day on walks and you know just so many things happen when you're in a position where you do things you love because it's because of things like this that in September I'm flying out to Bali to give a talk to entrepreneurs on how to market themselves better. So yeah that's my day.
What was you journey to becoming the Co-Host of The Notorious Hustlers Podcast and who is your partner?
So the journey to becoming a host on the Notorious Hustler's Show was quite interesting. I mean, we had no credibility we had no following we had no social proof. We had nothing like me and my cohost Jay who's also been my business partner for many years and we've created multiple successful startups that we've either sold or you know just moved on from we we were always more introverts. So we always done this under the radar and just got to the point where once you reach a certain level of comfort whether it's monetarily whether it's you know mentally you get to a point where you know you really kind of want to give back to everybody and everyone who has to you on this journey and I think that's what we've really focused on with this entire podcast. Now when you have failed so many times as an e-mail marketer you understand how to write email copy in a way that is compelling in a way that reaches people and you learn to embed certain neuroscience into e-mails. And we used all of these techniques to create the Notorious podcast. And I remember just sitting there one day and writing to every author, every billion and all these CEOs that I could think of and one billionaire emailed me back like straight away and we were on the phone for two hours and we just hit it off so much on a call and I was like, "Wow this is incredible." Like have more people heard this than it could just be magic and this is what we've done with the podcast to so many people around the world. Jay who is my partner and my partner is Jay and Jay is not only my business partner but he's also my best friend and he's been my best friend for 15 years. And then we actually started launching all these companies because that's what we loved doing and then we created the Notorious podcast. So here we are guys.
Could you please introduce The Notorious Hustlers and what key projects you've managed since you started recording?
Hey, what's going on everyone, it's Milan here, the co-host of The Notorious Hustlers. Now The Notorious Hustler's as a podcast where we interview billionaires, New York Times bestselling author, some of the biggest CEOs around the world, influencers, the best sellers- you name it! It's basically anyone at the top of their game who's hustled to get there. And the question is what key projects have you managed since we started doing the recording. Now, The Notorious Hustlers was a project that we've done out of hobby, we created it because we had so much help from entrepreneurs and author as well. You know you're on your journey and you read all these fantastic books and we wanted to turn all of these books and actually speak to the authors first hand to bring that knowledge on a mass scale and by helping so many entrepreneurs around the world from the best things that we've achieved is. It's been crazy it's so indirect and organic. But people want to reach out to because they see you as a subject matter expert in your niche. So one of the things that we always specialize in is Growth Hacking and growth marketing. So now why have companies reaching out to me on how to go on Instagram, how to go on LinkedIn to thousands of followers. And I think it's one of the best things that can come up the game is you get recognition for doing what you love and also you get to help people on a mass scale. And when you combine the two it's incredible, magic just happens.