Interview with Michael Connor
Founder @ UnderstandingU

Michael has made a name for himself within the corporate world as a project manager for some of the largest Financial Services and Consulting companies in the world. As well, he’s a fixture on the NYC nightlife scene and now on his way to becoming an ICF certified life coach. Michael looks at life with a broad perspective, understanding that everyone has their own story and he has the knowledge and abilities to help others find the creative piece of themselves which leads towards personal happiness. Check out UnderstandingU here.
Hi Michael! Could you please introduce UnderstandingU and what led to your founding the company last year?
Hi everyone, I'm Michael Connor, the founder at UnderstandingU. UnderstandingU brings esoteric concepts to a pragmatic business world. What led me to founding this organisation is that a lot of times coming from the corporate space, you see a lot of people who are unhappy. They're not happy with their well-being, they're not happy with their wellness, they're not happy with what's going on in their lives. I wanted people to understand that they can take control of their lives and be happy, have positive energy and have abundance in their life if they just realised that it's all within themselves. That was the reason for me finding UnderstandingU as it is to make people happier and to help businesses have a better return on investment if their employees are happier at work.
How did you build up the networks and partnerships necessary to make a company like UnderstandingU successful?
It's really about me being social. I'm big on the nightlife scene here in New York City, I've met a lot of people through that. As well as, coming from the corporate world, I know a lot of associations in that marketplace as well. The cool thing about establishing UnderstandingU, was being able to bridge those two things together and show people a dynamic side of business and pleasure, and how that all looks, and to achieve their own happiness in their lives by blending the things that they love together as well.
Who were the first clients of UnderstandingU? What is your main client acquisition channel?
Understanding U's first clients were friends or friends of friends. The major client acquisition channel that I'm using right now, is based on the YouTube channel that I have. Also, I'm doing some email marketing behind the scenes to capture the audience and build that tribe and share the message that I'm trying to convey to everyone.
What makes your approach to coaching and project management unique?
UnderstandingU blends coaching and project management. It does this by getting an understanding of what the person looks like and what makes them unique. It's really about understanding the 360degree version of a person and not just looking at them as a person who can answer a deliverable or complete an action item. When you look at a whole person it makes them more dynamic, it makes them more engaged in the team building process, and that allows you, from a project management standpoint, to have a better overview of the roles and ensure hings are just happening more in sync for the organisation.
What's next for your work with UnderstandingU? What are the main projects, partnerships and markets you'll be focusing on in 2019?
What's next with my work with UnderstandingU? It is really to continue to create content and reach as many people as possible with the message of happiness, positive energy, and abundance. Coming from the corporate marketplace means I've always been on global teams. The global marketplace is how I want this movement of mine to reach. So far, it seems that we have reached a little bit of Brazil, some of Spain, and obviously here in the United States. I want to keep on growing that reach and reaching as many people with this message and the movement so to speak.