Interview with Mario Ianniciello
Certified Corporate Director, Executive Advisor & Angel Investor

Mario is a certified corporate director (Pro.Dir), executive advisor and angel investor. Board Member and Chair of Audit Committee at Jobillico Mario Ianniciello has over 25 years of enterprise software and sales management experience with Fortune 500 software companies.
Hi Mario! Could you please introduce your work with Jobillico, Mango Software, and CentrixOne?
My name is Mario Ianniciello, I spent 30 years of my career in software sales management and worked for some multiple large global software companies. I retired three years ago and, since then, I became an angel investor and, presently, sit on four boards. I've made five angel investments and, as mentioned, I'm now currently sitting on four boards. First one being, company by the name of Jobillico. Jobillico is a job board platform, helping organizations, companies, recruit new hires and obviously helping candidates seeking new work, find new employment opportunities. The second board, I sit on, is a company by the name of GOrendezvous, this is one of my angel investments through a local V.C. by the name of Anges Quebec and, this company provides an online appointment scheduling platform for specific industries such as health, beauty and, fitness. The third board, which I chair, is a company by the name of Mango Software. Mango Software develops custom-built Web and mobile applications designed, specifically, for the unique needs of their clients. And, finally, the fourth board, to which I sit on as an observer on behalf of A.V.C. by the name Anges Quebec Capital This company has developed and put on the market a CRM, designed specifically for the small businesses integrating three required modules to serve the small businesses from a marketing perspective.
What is your main expertise as a Board Member? What have been some of the most successful companies you've worked with?
So, the main expertise as a board member which I bring in four specific areas. Number one being strategic planning. Number two is organizational structure for these startups and these new entrepreneurs. The third one is an obvious one but, overseeing the financial, specifically the cash flow. And, the fourth one where I have specific experience and, can help these organizations and, do help, is the sales and marketing in some cases, offer some mentorship and advisor, as an advisor and, providing them some tools that they may not have, that will help them execute and, certainly, plan their sales and marketing strategy and, obviously, use my network and contacts within that. I think that two companies that I'm, you know, the most successful companies to date. Like I said, it's a very early start for me, it's only three years as an angel investor and board member, however, I'm seeing two companies that are doing quite well. One of them being, GOrendezvous, which, is this online appointment scheduling platform I mentioned and, they are very strong, financials are really on point as to what they presented to the angel investors in the VCs to begin with. But, they have, you know, very consistent customer growth and, on target with the customer growth as well. The other one is a Jobillico, as the job board platform very rapid growth, a very structured organization, mature executives, very loyal and dedicated executives. They have a very strong strategic plan which, we oversee at every board gathering and, very strong management of the financials being that the president is, has a very strong financial background. So, I'd say these are the two companies, right now, that are most successful. I'd like to see all of my investments be successful before time, but I would like to highlight these two.
What do you look for in new companies to invest in? Besides financial investment, what do you offer companies as an angel investor?
What I look for in new companies to which I'm going to invest in, primarily, is the founders themselves. I think you will hear this time and time again. But, the first thing I look into is: are these founders and entrepreneurs all in? Are they, also, looking for smart money or just pure capital investment? And, my interest is offering spark money whereby I can help them leverage my experience specifically in the sales and marketing area. So, are these founders open and will adapt to suggestions and advice that, I may have to offer and off and also, coming from the other angel investors as part of the package. What I offer is obviously board implications. So, I prefer to sit on the boards. Have a seat on the board and, be involved as a board member whether it's chairman or even a committee. But, certainly, be part of the board. And, offer mentorship to the executives. So are they open to being mentored. And, finally the sales and marketing execution is, are they willing to accept some advice and some tools I may have to offer and help in the areas of sales and marketing which is my specific experience. So, these are the major areas that I look for when in investing in new opportunities and new companies.
What are some emerging sectors and technologies you'd like to work with? What do you think will be the next big thing?
So, some of the emerging technology sectors side, I´d like to continue to work with air areas such as VR and A.R. This is an area I recently invested in, through an organization by the name of Bright Spark Ventures and, brought to us an opportunity with a firm by the name of AdHawk Microsystems that are specifically in this space. So, this is very intriguing to me, is still an emerging area in its infancy and, I obviously, as an investor but, also as a technologist, do believe this technology has yet to take off. We'll see its true application over the coming years. But, this is a very, very exciting space. The other areas have been around somewhat but, are still emerging, still evolving the A.I. space, the IOT space, certainly, the robotics and, you know, for areas or, companies or, organizations that are able to bring some of these technologies together, integrate these technologies including, you know, social media and, certainly weapons and mobile applications, that bring in these emerging technologies which, certainly, have a leading edge in the industry. So, you know, these are the core areas that I see as an emerging, that are peak interest to me and, I will continue to invest in.
What's next for your work? What are the main collaborations, partnerships and projects you'll be focusing on throughout the next year?
What's next for me for the upcoming year? A few things. Number one, some of the investments I made. The five of which, I've invested in, as an angel investor. Some of these organizations are we coming up for further rounds of investments and, certainly, I will be involved as a board member and angel investor or, initial investor for these companies and seeking their further investments from angel investors in these fees and whatnot. So, we'll continue to be involved in that aspect. And, secondly, I will continue, as a mentor, to some of these executives and founders, companies to which I sit on the board or have invested in and, helping them with their planning, their execution and, certainly, in the sales and marketing to which, they can leverage my past experience. Thirdly, I do have an interest to continue to grow my board participation, I'm currently sitting on boards of small organizations and. within the SMB space and, my interest will be to sit on boards of medium to large enterprise organizations. And, so we'll be pursuing those opportunities, as well, in the upcoming year.