Interview with Marcela Grèzes
Co-Founder & CMO @

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Hi Marcela! Could you please introduce GoApp and what led to your co-founding the company last year? When did you realize that there wasn't already a similar app?
Hi everyone my name is Marcela. I'm the CMO and co-founder at So what led me to co-founding GoApp last year was basically that I realized that as a pet owner there was no app that I could go to solve all of the issues regarding my pets, so, for example, I went to Austria a couple of weeks ago and in order to do that I first had to go to the pet shop to buy tons of supplies and that fence, second I had to call my boyfriend's mom so that she can hosts our pets for the entire time of our travels, and third I had to negotiate with a new driver to drive us and our four pets across town, which was a total nightmare. So that's why we were created GoApp, which is that one stop shop app for every pet owner in the world. We allow users to connect with other users through geolocation so you can talk to local businesses and people around you that are also passionate about pets, and you can hire a pet walker a pet sitter, talk to a pet shop in order to get your supplies. So that's what we want to do to make life easier for all pet owners, and as soon as we had the idea which was on the beginning of 2017, we did our research and we came to the conclusion that there were many other apps that did part of what we wanted to do, for example, there are big apps in the United States that do dog walking and dog sitting but they don't have anything related to pet products in their platform, they don't allow users to connect with other users, so they are not complete. We want to be the one stop shop app for all pet lovers.
What did the first year of the app look like? From idea to MVP, how long did it take to develop GoApp?
Well at first, I had the idea with my co-founder who is now the CEO of the project back in January 2017, so it took us approximately six months to complete our team because we needed, first someone to do the looks of the app, the graphic design, so that's our CDO Isabelle, and then of course, since we wanted to develop an app we need someone in I.T. and that's when we talk to Leno who is our CTO, we found him through a contact, and so the team was assembled by June 2017, and that's when we hired our programmer, he started developing the app. So it took us over a year to actually launch, we just launched in Brazil in late November, because we wanted to do the best platform that we could before we launched, and of course, that was very hard because we had a limited budget, we self-funded the project and also it was only a person that have working on the app development, which is maybe not enough, so it took us a long time, and then, since we launched in late November here in Brazil, we may have an amazing traction, we already had over a thousand downloads, people are really using the platform, talking to each other, sharing posts and navigating through the app, because it's really cute. We have a lot of cute animals there, some for adoption, some just looking for the friends some lost, so now not only is a very useful tool, but it's also a great tool to navigate in because it's very cute and adorable.
How did you build the current team at GoApp? Who were the first personnel you hired for the app?
So Caetano and I had the idea together in January 2017, and he has a lot of experience with business, he's an entrepreneur, he has had and sold some businesses before, so he is the CEO, and since I am the person crazy for pets and that consumes pack content all the time I am the CMO the content maker, and then we knew that we needed someone to do our looks, so that's Isabel or CDO, she's a friend, so that's how we contact her, and then we didn't know anyone in technology, so we had to talk to a friend who has a lot of connections and that's how we found Leno, our fourth member of the team. And in addition to the four of us, there is our programmer who Leno hired, because it was also one of his acquaintances, and we're only five right now, so very soon we are going to Austria. Because we were accepted into the 360 Lab Acceleration Program, which is amazing. We were selected among a thousand and thirty-eight companies to be accelerated by them, just us and another five, and we had to go through a very intensive selection process. We had to go to Austria and present to two hundred and fifty people in the stage with music and lights and everything, and it has been an adventure, and it was great. So we're currently going to do preparing to go to Austria, and as soon as we get there we are for sure going to hire more people to grow our I.T. team further develop our app and go global.
How many users are currently on the app? What are some of your main outreach strategies to get to the global pet-loving community?
So currently we have about a thousand users and a thousand registered pets and that all happened in less than a month because we launched in Brazil in November 22, so that's less than a month ago. And we've been getting amazing traction, mainly because people here in Brazil and also around the globe, people who love animals are usually very passionate about animals, so we bet a lot on organic growth because our app is cute and has also a part that addresses the animal cause because you can register animals available for adoption there and people can also look for animals available for adoption. So there are tons of angels here in Brazil that work with abandoned animals, currently, we have over 30 million abandoned animals in the country. So it's really a way of getting organic growth because people share those posts on Facebook, and they are consequently sharing what we have in our app on Facebook, so that's, right now our main way of acquiring users because people who love pets are willing to help and are very passionate about pets. So right now that's our strategy, but for sure women go to Europe for the market is different, we are basically betting on people that want to take better care of their pets, and that they will do that through our app where you'll be able to find all pet products and services that you need to better take care of for your pet.
What's next for your work with GoApp? What are the main services, products, and partnership's you'll be focusing on in 2019?
So next for the GoApp is one, lunch it in Europe, and then launch it in theU.S. and in order to do that we have the most amazing partner which is the 360 Lab they are our accelerator and they were created by the My World Group, My World Group has over 11 million clients and access to 47 markets. So they're really gonna help us grow and with user acquisition, so they are an amazing partner for us because we're a B2C venture and, for sure, they are going to help us integrating our platform with the marketplace, and also pet services. So all pet lovers will be able to buy everything they need for their pets like food and cat litter and whatever they need, and also they are gonna be able to hire whoever they need to, for example, a dog walker, a dog sitter, someone to drive your pet or whatever it is that you need to make your life easier. And that's where you're going to be in 2019, the whole team is moving to Austria in February and then we're gonna spend four months there, that's the first part of the program, and then the 360 Lab it's gonna have a demo day, in which we're gonna present, and then we have another four months where we don't know exactly where we'll be, but that's probably gonna be Europe or Brazil, and Leslie, we go to the U.S. where 360 has an office and preparation to launch our project in the U.S. So that's it, GoApp is going global in 2019 and I hope you join us. So Download Now in App Store and Google Play. Thank you.