Interview with Marc Süß
CEO @ SIGMUND TALKS / Gravitales GmbH

SIGMUND TALKS is your personal marketing assistant. As a chatbot, he advises and accompanies you to achieve your marketing goals. Due to artificial intelligence and a unique content co-creation process, you can create better content in half of the time! SIGMUND TALKS is a product of Gravitales GmbH. Gravitales is a design and innovation company. We specialize in digital product development and innovation marketing.
Hi Marc! Could you please introduce Gravitales GmbH and what led to your being the CEO of the company back in 2017?
Hi guys, my name is Marc. I'm a creative director and entrepreneur from Hamburg, Germany. Together with my co-founder Michael, I am CEO of Gravitales the company behind the startup SIGMUND TALKS. Gravitales was founded in 2007 when Michael and I met through the course of our master's degree in Berlin. Michael has an engineering background he worked as a product manager and startups and he studied AI the M.I.T. I studied design and worked as a copywriter and creative director in advertising agencies and as a freelancer. With Gravitales we've been developing digital products for a wide variety of customers. Whenever it came down to marketing people were struggling to create their own content and that's where we had the idea for SIGMUND TALKS.
What did the process of developing Sigmund look like? From idea to finalization, how long did the process take?
Well SIGMUND is still history in the making. We started our journey in November 2017 when we presented our first product demo of SIGMUND on the mobile media day in Würzburg, Germany. The reactions have been amazing and shortly after that we decided to fully focus on the project. We built the first version of the product. We conducted user tests and interviews to create value and our concept of content co-creation seems to really hit the nerve of marketers.
What are some of the main marketing challenges faced by your clients? How can a chatbot such as Sigmund help them streamline their marketing campaigns?
Marketing today is becoming more complex and the amount of potential distribution channels is exploding. Like this the creation of marketing content is becoming more challenging and time consuming. SIGMUND TALKS is the first personal marketing assistant for content co-creation. As a chatbot he helps you to create better content in half the time. SIGMUND advises and accompanies you from the first idea to the publication of your content. He helps you to achieve your strategic goals create high quality content and to automate your marketing tasks. Our customers today are bloggers and small to medium sized marketing teams.
How did Sigmund shift from operating as a conversational therapist to his current work today as a personal marketing assistant?
Well as you probably know "SIGMUND" is named after his famous namesake the founder of the conversational therapy Sigmund Freud. And just like Freud, SIGMUND TALKS is helping marketers to solve their problems by talking to them - not in therapy but as a chatbot.
What's next for your work with SIGMUND TALKS / Gravitales GmbH? What are the main projects, services, and partnerships you'll be focusing on in 2019?
We are a Hamburg based startup with currently three people. Last year we've been awarded as content startup of the year on the Frankfurt Book Fair and since January we are happy to be part of the Next Media Accelerator. For the next six months, we will team up with great mentors and other startups to connect to the German media and advertising industry. At the moment we are in a closed beta phase to test and further develop our product. But within the next few weeks we will do our first public product launch. So if you are a content creator and want to accelerate your creative process sign up at and welcome a new creative team member - SIGMUND.