Interview with Marc Poggia
Founder & Creative Director @ Lusty Ice UG

We currently counting 2 models: the cocksicle (phallus shape) and the Vagsicle (Vulvae shape). They are 100ml each which is around 3 times the amount in a normal ice lolly. A lick or a suck makes our ice lovers shift into a new reality. A world where your socialised boundaries are broken. An environment where you can feel free. Through the innocent medium of an ice lolly, consuming our product could bring sexuality to the public as an emancipation statement, it could also send a provocative message (depending who it is directed to) but most of all it brings fun and absurdity to its surrounding. Check out Lusty Ice here.
Hi Marc! What led to your founding Lusty Ice?
What led me to create Lusty Ice? I used an artistic process to explore innovation and then I looked for the most lucrative idea. Erotic ice lollies seem to go hand-in-hand with sex sells and hand-in-hand with what the new generation was looking for. Being a sociologist I had to, first of all, analyse the demand of the new generation, being the millennial generation. From that ideal sociological analysis and artistic process, I created this innovative product. I'm the first one to create such a product and to patent it.
What has been the most fun and interesting aspect of marketing a company like Lusty Ice?
The interesting aspect is that there is humour in our product. Not only is it innovative and there's no one who has played with that humour already, but it's also a fun product. It's a new, fun company and we're developing very quickly, we're managing to get more budget within marketing and there's no real limit to how far we want to take this. It can be quirky, it can be kinky, it can be fun, it can be ironic, it can be satirical, there are all sorts of ways one can interpret what we're trying to express here with our product. I've seen this before that a lot of people working in marketing get very excited about our project because of it having absolutely no limit. Of course one has to be careful in our society where people are very sensitive and to make sure not to offend too many people or at least the least amount possible. That is somewhat of a challenge. If you take an advertisement with a pinch of salt or product in general with a pinch of salt, then you understand what we're all about.
What were the first festivals and events you started selling Lusty Ice lollies at?
Our first event was in France actually so we went all the way from Berlin to Chateau Perché in Auvergne in a castle. It was a very new project at the time and we were very happy to be there. It was very fun. But I have to say that there were a lot of challenges, including freezers not working and logistical issues. All in all, it was a great experience and people loved it. We played a lot with the prices as we weren't sure how high we could put the prices for a product like ours. It was a bit excessive, that we offered it as seven euros fifty for an ice lolly but people did buy it. Eventually, when we brought the price down to five, it got much more lucrative for us because more and more people were interested in getting the product. We also had to innovate compared to what we had at hand because the freezers weren't working at the time and it was just a very fun project. I'm glad to look back and think we were there at the beginning of this festival, that's now become something absolutely fantastic.
You've also worked as a shop owner and event producer. How do you balance your work in these sectors with Lusty Ice?
I think like most entrepreneurs when you start a business you use all the knowledge you have and incorporate that into your new business and that's been the case with Lusty Ice. I tried to capitalise on different opportunities I've had but what I could build on as well. I've built up the company not only to be a shop, but an online shop and a pop-up store. That experience I got a lot from my previous enterprises but also to work on marketing and event organising. Everything else as most companies develop is related to the client base that you've created and to the opportunities that come up. This is very much the case here. There is no limit to how we can satisfy our customers and we will develop our products or services to suit their demands.
What's next for your work with Lusty Ice? What are the main projects, partnerships, and products you'll be focusing on throughout the next year?
The future looks great. We'll be touring around Germany for all of the gay pride events. We have collaborations with Erika Lust from Barcelona. We have Dildo King and Boner magazine who we're working with. There's a lot of partnerships that have already started. We're going to start working more with festivals and developing relationships with those brands and those events and consider how we can mix them all together. One of the ideas we have, is to branch out and not only do events and creating events, but also creating installations for those events and bringing some sort of artistic value to marketing and offering something a bit more creative. For instance, a phallic forest with one metre inflatables with a sponsorship on top of that, that we can have at different events. Creating this kind of world around what we're doing here, touching upon sexuality and sex education, but creating it in an artistic manner to be able to transfer information through that and also branding through that. There's a lot of great ideas that we can launch into. We are also going to work much more on creating events and developing on that in the best way possible. We'll be collaborating with the people we believe have the same kind of vision. We want to strive to communicate our vision and continue in that direction for the rest of this year.