Interview with Madison Berrones
Founder & CEO @ Dog Sitting Company

Why is the Dog Sitting Company often the first choice for pet and house sitting services? Simple - as a love based business that pushes the highest of standards of service and excellence, they are on a mission to take better care of your pets than you do. It's part of the seven steps of excellence every member of their team lives and breathes. Everything they do is geared toward creating a stress-free environment for your dogs, cats, other pets and home - so that you don't ever have to stress while you are out of town for work or leisure. Not only do they have a top staff of highly experienced professional sitters with impeccable backgrounds, every team member is insured and bonded by the Lloyds of London insurance company. Whatever special needs your pets have, they are expertly trained to handle them. Whether it's texting you daily pictures of your furry friends or making sure your home is tidy for your return - they always go the extra mile.
Hi Madison! Could you please introduce your work with Dog Sitting Company and what led to your founding the company back in 2017?
Hi, my name is Madison Berrones and, I am the founder of The Los Angeles Premiere Pet House sitting and service dog sitting company. And, in 2014, I was invited to be part of a company that was accepted into 500 Startups batch 9 and, it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It changed my life. I was able to witness and meet founders from all over the world. And, see them in action as everyone prepared for Demo Day and, what I learned from that, was that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, serial entrepreneur. I just wanted to find what struck me passionately. And, I actually come from a family of business owners, a majority of my family owned their own business. Both my parents own their own service-based businesses. It was only a matter of time before, I followed the same generational trend and opened a business for myself. I've been pet sitting since I was a teenager, essentially, and it's been about, I want to say the last, - hey hey-, about the past five years that, I realized that there was an increase in demand when it came to pet and housing services. And, when I realized that, I couldn't even keep up with my own demand it was when I realized I needed to expand. And that is why I created the dog sitting company.
What did the first year of the company look like? From building an online presence to taking out Lloyds of London insurance policies, how did you handle everything?
The first year for Dogs Sitting Company was spent establishing a strong foundation for future growth and, establishing concrete systems for scaling. For example, we have a recruiting system which allows us to evaluate a person's character and to essentially filter the riff raff. The biggest trait that we look for in a sitter, are those with a high emotional IQ, high integrity and honesty, strong independent work ethics, a passion for life and, most certainly, a passion for animals. Other systems includes, that are onboarding marketing and future growth, not just in revenue but, in moving the company regionally and nationally. We have actually had to spend a lot of time incorporating different technology into our business, including multiple communication apps that, we've used for keeping us connected to our sitters and clients. And, because of our experiences and our technology needs for our growing business and, where we see ourselves in the future, we are now developing our own apps to meet our specific needs of our business.
How have you managed to keep up with the company's expanding client base? How did you recruit the current team at the company?
Our biggest growth challenges, as of right now, are how to keep up with the demand and finding sitters that meet our very demanding and tailored needs of our sophisticated clientele. We have to thoroughly evaluate a person's character before bringing them on board. We have systems in place that are helping us expand into new cities and begin more recruiting outside of the California metro areas.
What separates Dog Sitting Company from other pet-sitting company based in LA?
There are a lot of different business models in the pet care space. One of them being, our biggest competitors, which are kennels or, kennel spa hotels and the like. If you have an older dog that needs extra attention, you probably don't want to take them to a chaotic kennel. It would be a shock to their system especially since they've never been before. And, ideally, you would like them to stay in the comfort of their own home, where they're gonna be most safe. A massive change in environment could definitely shock an older dog system and, they may not react very well. What about dogs who have certain sensitivities or, dogs with special medical needs and special diets or, rescue dogs with sensitivities with other dogs or, you have multiple pets, multiple dogs. You have cats, you've turtles and you have fish. I mean, there really isn't another solution, if you have that kind of pack at your home. We are like the Neiman Marcus in-home, pet care. Because we are so service oriented, it is extremely important that our customers and their beloved pets have an absolutely most pleasant experience with us. We're taking care of two of the most important things in a client's life, which is their home and their fussy children. What makes us different than Rover, which is a place to find independent sitters is, you have to sort through tons of sitters until you find the right one and then after all that you hope that, they can actually accommodate your schedule. We're saving our clients time by matching them with a sitter who fits their service requests or, only one call away for the best sitters. We're a one stop shop. Our clients expect a high level of service that we strive to deliver every time.
What's next for your work with Dog Sitting Company? Are there any new services you'll be offering in 2019?
Regional and national expansion is where we're heading. That's our goal. We have set rollout stages for our regional and national expansion timeline. Now, unrelated to sitting services specifically, we are working on synergistic co branding and co service agreements with regional and national vendors at this time. We don't want to give many details away but, we have a lot of growth in the works through additional service offerings that we plan to roll out over the next 6 to 18 months period time.