Interview with Lindsey Kimura

Consultant passionate about health, wellness and the environment.
Hello Lindsey, could you please introduce LNK Co.?
So LNK Co is my business that I founded in March 2014 and the first two years I offered business development marketing consulting services for clients in the health food and fashion industries. And the second two years so beginning about the end of 2015 beginning of 2016 I extended services to include wellness offerings such as energy healing, reading, areal instruction, fitness instruction, meditation and other practices that I had in my life for years even decades to share with my clients. And now I do a mixture of intuitive consulting, business consulting, marketing business development and I am excited for the next leg of the journey. I'm definitely in a transitional phase with my company and I'm just looking forward to what the future holds.
Why did you decide to found the company?
So I decided to start my company in March 2014 because I went freelance and in the contemplation phase, this is my cat jewel, I asked you know what do I have skills and what can I help people with. And the answer was business development and marketing consulting because that's what I had experience in. And then I began to extend the practices of wellness, to wellness offerings to the company because they I found them so helpful for my energy levels my well-being and balance that I couldn't help but extend those offerings to not only my clients but also friends and family. So that is the reason I decided to start my company.
Have you ever significantly pivoted LNK Co. or have you considered doing so? Would you be open to the idea in future?
So LNK Co has been in existence for over four years and the question of pivoting is very valid right now because I'm actually in a transition with my offerings. And what I want to offer in the future, so definitely in a transition and pivot right now I'm surrendering to what is the best path. So that includes writing, podcasting, continuing to offer wellness related product but in a new and innovative way. So I'm excited for that.
You also work as a yoga instructor. In which ways does yoga help you to live a healthier life?
So Yoga has been in my life for over 15 years as a practice and I believe it is also vital to keeping a balance in the mind, body, spirit for personal evolution and development. There's constant inquiry, constant returning to breath, to stillness, to meditation and because we are human we always have to come back. So it's the practice of coming back to the breath, coming back to the body. And I think it's such a vital and important practice and I believe everybody regardless of age, gender, characteristics, whether you're a beginner or a more advanced athlete or practitioner of any type of movement modality yoga is such a tool to help support your healthiest life and to give you the resources to be able to handle external events that arise throughout life. And so yes, I believe Yoga has been that thread or continuous practice in my life, other things have come and gone other hobbies other practices but yoga is one that I started before 15 years ago unofficially by officially taking class when I was about 18 or so. So yes that is my take on yoga. I can't say enough good things about it. So definitely you haven't given it a try yet. I'm a big advocate of any form of yoga.
Have you ever thought about launching your own yoga business?
So I have never thought about launching a business related to yoga because yoga has been such a sacred valuable practice in my life. I wouldn't want to layer without with any other motive other than the actual activity. So that's why I was actually hesitant to teach yoga at the beginning because I thought that if I taught it it might interrupt the sacred relationship I have with the practice. But I couldn't resist. It's almost like I got pushed into the path of teaching. I didn't really try for it I just kind of like water flowing down a stream. I just fell into it. And usually when that happens you're meant to go in that direction if you just fall into something. So it was never my plan to teach. It just happened. Currently it's not my plan to start a business around yoga but of course I'm open if that is in the highest interest on my path and also for the greatest good. So I'm not going to say I'm opposed to starting a business around yoga but I'm also not trying to at this time.