Interview with Leonardo Bartelle
Founder @ Young & Hungry Brasil (YAH Brasil)

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Hey Leonardo! Could you please tell us a bit more about Young & Hungry Brasil? Why did you initially decide to found the company back in 2016?
Young & Hungry Brazil is a digital advertising agency here in South Brazil. We have a very cool office in downtown, we have around 15 employees, we are pretty small. Our main focus here is trying to help our clients to perform better on digital. Most of them are e-commerce clients, so we just try to help them to sell online and help them to get better results on each platform they are using, as that can be anything on social media or programmatic media display, Google ads... basically, we're trying to help them have better results and better performance online. So I'd say to open the company back in 2016, because I was away from Brazil from seven years: I was studying, working in the U.S., so I think I've got to I got a great, great background and knowledge being in the U.S. for seven years. So I decided to give it a shot and open my own business, or something that I always wanted. So I came back to Brazil, open this cool agency that I'd be working for the past three years. And I think is is being a really amazing experience for me and I just want to keep going, keep pushing, and hopefully go to the next level and open the agency in some other countries around the world. I think that's the focus for the next years, but right now, let's just keep it in Brazil, keep small and just keep pushing.
How did your time at the Academy of Art influence the work you're doing with YAH Brasil today?
The Academy of Art University had helped me so much with all my work that I've being doing here today. I have learned so much from that university - my teachers were just so amazing and they helped me, not just when I was at the University but still today, I'm talking with some of them and always trying to get some advice, or how can I make my work better here. So I just have to say thank you for all the things that I have learned from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and have been helping me so much with my work here down in Brazil.
What have been some of the most successful campaigns you've created as part of YAH Brasil? What is your process behind developing campaigns for new clients?
I think the most successful campaign that I've been working here I see at YAH Brazil, was one of our clients who took his account that was making around 170K a month to 390K a month. So we just did some tweaks on the way he was spending his money: we kind of change the platforms, we make Google Words work better for them, as well was social media. So we just put together some tools, we analyzed the data better than the other agency did that was working for them, and we just pretty much doubled the growth in one month. The process there that was put on that campaign was just: we analyzed the whole data first, we saw the whole numbers, we have checked what was going wrong with that because they were putting some money and they are not getting back - they are not getting results. The campaigns wasn't performed better. So we took all the data, we analyzed everything, for pretty much two months. And then after that, we put a strategy campaign. We changed a few platforms, and we got amazing results in just the first month. And the account and the sales has been growing from since we got the account. The sales have growing so, so well. So I think the process is, you kind of have to give a step back, and analyze the numbers, and then just go forward and see what we can do. It's pretty much that.
What are some of the main misconceptions the general public has regarding how American and Brasilian marketing and ad agencies can collaborate?
The main misconceptions the general public has regarding how an American and a Brazilian market and ad agency is going to collaborate - to be honest with you, I don't think that there is any misconception there, why they can not collaborate. What I this is that the American advertising agencies, they are way more qualified or they have way more knowledge than the Brazilian agencies, because everything new that is coming out is being launched in the U.S. For some new platform is coming out, they're going to launch in the U.S. If some technology is gonna come out, it's gonna be launched in the U.S. Pretty much here in Brazil, I think the agencies just, we just try to copy and paste, just try to see what's going on in the U.S. and just trying to bring it to our clients here, to see if they can perform better. So we try to go to the U.S. two, three times a year. We always want to go there and learn from them. So I think that's the only thing I can see it, is the way we collaborate is go there, learn from them, and just it bring to Brazil and try to make our clients happy.
What's next for your work with YAH Brasil? What are the main clients, markets, and projects you'll be focusing on in 2019?
I think what's next for us here at the YAH Brazil, is make sure we're gonna bring some new and cool clients for this year, for 2019. One of our main clients is launching a new car - that is Toyota. I have another very cool project we are doing in San Francisco - I'm kind of doing the opposite right now; some of my clients I'm trying to bring them to U.S. We are a very cool project, we do one of our clients, actually that just opened a new ecommerce in the U.S., and hopefully we are able to do it with another two of our clients. We want to make them grow and in U.S. also, because I think there is a huge market that can grow. So I think that's going to be our main focus for this year - is make sure our agency keeps growing and we are keeping pushing, and bring new technology and new results for our clients. We are gonna be moving for our new offices and we are going to be able with that to bring new clients and make our clients to go to us, and also they are going to open their own business in U.S. So our focus here is not just grow as an agency, but also help our clients to grow in some other countries. And I think, hopefully, that's going to work for us and for them for this great year that is already in.