Interview with Laura Kyttanen
Founder & CEO @ Laura Kyttanen Consulting

Our minds are cluttered with so much information on a day-to-day basis. To get people's attention you need to create something that touches a community. From her experience leading organizational change and managing the delicate cultural aspects influenced by transformations, Laura understands the importance of understanding your community and their values. Her goal is to understand why your brand exists and find ways to engage the community in the right way to create something better on the market which will make a stronger culture. Laura has recently decided to evolve her community Lady Boss Mamas: 'A tribe for ladies juggling boss and mama life' and partner up with Dr. Erin, the founder of Soulciete, the number one spiritual community in the world, to found Soulciete Mamas: A community which empowers their mama members through freedom and enlightenment, whilst supporting them to become brilliant entrepreneurs who live their truth.
Hi Laura! Could you please introduce your work as a consultant and what led to your founding your own consultancy back in 2015?
Hey everyone! My name is Laura Kyttanen and I am a business and brand strategist living in Los Angeles with my husband and our toddler, who is two and a half. We have another one due in May and we're excited to meet her. I was working in Corporate America for my entire career and, I was doing a lot of work around change management. So, what that basically means is, I would help executives think through and best plan large scale changes, whether it be restructuring or, building new functions or, redefining functions. And so, I did that and, it took me to Amsterdam from New York City and, I was there where I met my now husband and, I was getting a little burnt out. I decided that it was, that I didn't really want that career anymore, I didn't want my boss's job or my boss's boss's job. So, when my husband got an opportunity to move to Los Angeles right when my company was taking me to New York I decided, you know what, “It's now or never”. So, I took a leap of faith and, I went to Los Angeles and decided that I needed some space to discover what my passions were. What did I really want to be doing. It wasn't easy. I got married and, I started working with my husband, trying to find my passions while having a new baby. It was a lot of change management for myself. But, what I discovered is that, when you really want something you will make it happen. And so, now my passion is around helping other entrepreneurs with that same passion and, a lot of my focus is on mommy entrepreneurs. And, I started an organization called Lady Boss Mamas as well, where it's all about empowering women to go after their dreams even during motherhood and make it happen.
What are some of the most important ways you balance your work and life? How do you put yourself first with such a busy career?
How do I balance work and life? I don't! Seriously though, it is trial and error and, making it a priority. And, honestly, what I've learned about myself is that, in order for me to really give my career everything I've got, I've got to fill my own cup first. And, being a mom that's really hard. There's a lot of buzz and talk around self-care right now but, I think that self-care is different for everyone. And, what works for me might not work for you. But, there are a few variables that I've learned that really help me perform my best and that is, getting up earlier before anyone else and, really taking time to either read or listen to an audiobook or, meditate or, journal but, get my mind right, first thing. I think the other important element is not cramming my days. I used to do that all the time, especially coming from the corporate lifestyle. You know, my calendar would be jam-packed and, I thought that's really what makes me successful. That's when I know I'm in high demand but, actually, not really. I need the downtime, everybody needs time to think. And so, you know, it's equally important to just take an hour lunch break and walk around the block or, do things that really give you that space and the time to reenergize yourself and, disconnect from all of the busyness and things that are going on. The other thing that I would highly recommend is to never stop learning. I am a self-development junkie and, I, really, am constantly reading books about, you know, the power of your mindset or what most successful people do and, I'm just never ever stopping developing myself and honing in on the areas that I really want to see developed.
Could you tell us a bit more about the concept of sensory brand consulting? How are you an expert in this field?
What is sensory brand consulting? Great question! Here's what I, how I look at branding and, how it might be a little bit different to the average branding person. I know, it's obvious that our minds are cluttered and we have so much information being thrown at us on a day to day basis. So, I really think brands that focus more on building a community and a culture are ones that really win. And, I think, in order to do that, you really need to understand the psycho-demographics of individuals. "People like me do things like.." and, I really got that from Seth Godin. I really love him, I think he makes a lot of sense in terms of his marketing experience and strategy. But, I go a little bit deeper than that because, I think that, in order to really touch customers you have to understand how does the product or brand make them feel. What would they expect the brand to smell like, for example, or taste like? Maybe a tone of voice, how does it sound? Or, if there was music involved, what would that feeling provide them? We, our senses are so important to building memories into really making strong connections and, I think that it's underutilized in the branding space. So, I ask kind of questions that most of my clients say, “wow I never really thought about my brand that way” and, I really like that because, I think it's a unique angle and, I really built this knowledge from years of being in the fragrance and flavor industry, where sensory and consumer science is at the heart of everything, in order to market a really good product that is either smelling or tasting phenomenal. And so, I really enjoy the unique aspect of what I do.
What are some of the biggest challenges "boss mamas" face?
What are some of the biggest challenges boss mamas face? That's a loaded question! But, if I had to narrow it down to like one or two things. By far, the first thing that I hear is mindset. It's, you know when you are starting your own business and, you're an entrepreneur and you're, also, a mom, there's a lot of limiting beliefs running around your head, fears, insecurities, comparison games. You know, social media doesn't help of course. So, I think that really helping women understand the power of our minds and, sort of like, how do we get into the frame of mind which is going to promote life and a business that we really love is the first and foremost thing. I think the other thing is, that most the time when I talk to these women entrepreneurs, these boss mamas, they're starting out of pure passion and, it's usually the first time that they're doing something like this. Like, “I didn't have experience in this but, I knew that there was a gap on the market”. So, I think it would be, you know, just business skills and just organization planning and, really having the right strategy. And, that's my favorite part. So, it's really a win-win for me given my psychology degree and my business background to be able to help these boss mamas with both.
What's next for your work as a consultant? What are the main partnerships, markets and client bases you'll be focusing on throughout the year?
What's next for my work as a consultant and what is my focus? I have three. So, the first would be to work with brands that are really looking to have transformation, some sort of shift and, build the right culture in the process. My specialization is, really, in change management and, helping brands build the right culture and, rebranding and, updating or creating something new on the market. And so, I will continue to do that. I love working with both, big and small businesses. The second focus will be Lady Boss Mamas, I'm really on a mission to empower women to follow their dreams. I think, Yes, we can have it all! Some of the programs we started this year are The Mastermind which is a really great, intensive twelve-week program, where a group comes together every week. We get assignments in between, we dig into the businesses, we hold each other accountable for what we say we're gonna do. And, it's also lifetime access to online courses and, a small community that will continue to grow and, really encourage and support one another. We also do intensive courses. So, let's say you don't want to go through the whole Mastermind which really covers everything from mindset, to branding, to marketing, to sales, to operations, to planning, etc. Let's say you really only want to focus on marketing, that's where your biggest gap is. Well, we can do an intensive course with you, which is six weeks and it's more one on one. It's not in a group. So, that's also available. And, really, I find, I love the transformations that we've been able to see with the women so far. And then, the third area of focus, three, is speaking events. I really want to get in front of more people, inspire more boss mamas to go after their dreams and, really just let them know that the sky's the limit and, you can do anything you want to.