Interview with Klee Irwin
Founder & Director @ Quantum Gravity Research, Founder @ Irwin Naturals

As the Director of QGR, Klee manages a dedicated team of mathematicians and physicists developing emergence theory. Since 2009, the team has published numerous papers and journal articles laying out some of the mathematical building blocks and axiomatic ideas for this unification model. Klee is also the founder and owner of Irwin Naturals, an award-winning global natural supplement company providing alternative health and healing products sold in thousands of retailers ranging from Walmart to Whole Foods. Irwin Naturals is a long-time supporter of Vitamin Angels, which aims to provide lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children at risk of malnutrition thereby reducing preventable illness, blindness, and death and creating healthier communities. Outside of his work in physics and nutraceuticals, such as CBD, Klee is active in supporting students, scientists, educators and founders in their aim to discover solutions leading to high impact positive change in the world. He has supported and invested in a wide range of people, causes and companies including, Upworthy, Donors Choose, Moon Express, Mayasil, the X PRIZE Foundation, and Singularity University, where he is an Associate Founder.
What separates the products and supplements offered by Irwin Naturals apart from those offered by other companies?
Irwin Naturals tries to set itself apart in two ways. The first way is that we use multi-pronged solutions. So, we're going to make a product to deal with a health concern, we put high levels of clinically effective nutraceuticals, plant, and vitamin-based supplements in to deal with the problem in two three, four, five different ways. We call that the multipronged approach. The only problem with that is you don't have a lot of money left over for advertising. So, you have to cross your fingers and hope that the public will appreciate the products, without being manipulated with a lot of advertising and a lot of companies are doing this. Chipotle does this, Chipotle's spends 10 times less per dollar of revenue than McDonald's spends to advertise and instead, they take all that money and pump it into the cost of the product that you're getting and so, you can feed a family of four for about the same price at McDonald's or Chipotle but, the actual value or the cost of the food at Chipotle is much, much higher. And so, we do this. Costco, you will not see Costco running TV ads because, they just spend all their money to allow the delta between the cost of what you buy and, the value of what you buy to be stretched out as far as possible. And, we think that's the trend. We think consumers don't really appreciate or want advertising. They want to get as good of a product at as low of a price. So, those two things really effective multi-pronged formulas and low cost high, high value very low cost. That's where we try to set ourselves apart.
What's next for your work both with Quantum Gravity Research & Irwin Naturals?
With regard to my involvement with Irwin Naturals, I've spent my time in the last year helping to create the hundred products that are coming out now. And, we're all very excited because we're as a company taking a very low to nonexistent profit margin until the pricing for hemp extract for CBD gets lower because we want the bottom 20 percent of income earners in this country to be able to have access to it. And, right now they don't. They cannot afford something that costs one hundred dollars a month. So, we're selling it for about twenty-eight dollars at retail. As far as, my involvement with my lifelong mission which is, quantum gravity research and emergence theory that we work on, we're making enormous strides lately and, we hope to see this physics that we're working on, help to alleviate suffering in the world. Because, understanding nature better can help suffering, where suffering relates to help medical issues, technological issues, clean energy, eventually, ubiquitous space travel and, so on. And so, that's the highest impact thing that I think I can do with my life. And, we've been at that full time for 10 years and, we're making a lot of progress now and, we expect that to accelerate in the coming couple of years.
How has the legalization of Cannabis and the rise of CBD influenced your career today?
Well, this question is about how the legalization of CBD has affected my career. It really hasn't. Because, I quit business about ten years ago to work on fundamental physics which, I do full time with a team of scientists at quantum gravity research. But, I did get involved with Irwin Naturals, the company that I founded and own, more recently on a temporary basis to help reinvent our mission and, to help people get CBD at a lower price. So, the book that I wrote called Pain Nation explains how America may be a nation on the brink. We have the highest level of opioid addiction ever. We single-handedly consume about 75 percent of the world's prescription drugs, even though, we're less than 5 percent of the world's population and, CBD is the closest thing to a miracle solution that I've ever seen. And, I've been in this nutraceutical or plant medicine business for twenty-five years. And so, I'm very happy that Congress passed this bill that makes the hemp plant legal and, I think it's gonna be an amazing transformation of our nation when CBD becomes as ubiquitously used as say caffeine.
How did you begin your partnership with Vitamin Angels to help provide vitamins to those in need?
We fell in love with the people at Vitamin Angels because of the power of their mission. Their focus was on children. And, what's so interesting about the model is, how you can save a child, who is malnourished from the lack of certain vitamins where that can cause death or blindness and, for literally, just pennies a day you can save one of these children from experiencing that. There are, a lot of charities are there, a lot of causes that are out there but, this one really was close to our heart because of how you can impact so many children with a given amount of money. So, we figured we would get more bang for our buck there and, of course, it's also in our category of what we do as a company at Irwin Naturals, to do good in the world. Which is to help people become less dependent on pharmaceuticals and to live healthier and, more whole lives through understanding nutrition and the power of plant medicine. So, our mission at or Irwin Naturals is to heal the world with plant medicines so, we give money to Vitamin Angels because they have a mission that's so aligned with ours.