Interview with Klaus Kammermeier
Founder & CEO @ InnovationLabs.Berlin

Klaus G. Kammermeier is the founder and managing director of Cyoneer GmbH. He supports and assists national and international companies and organizations in designing successful business models for a rapidly changing digital world. In InnovationLabs.Berlin he develops new business models and their implementation in an evolutionary organization. He realizes new ways of collaboration and decision making - including in NanoLabsĀ®, which he carries out with world-famous brands and companies. Klaus spent more than 15 years in a leadership position in a technology company (Corning Inc.) known for its breakthrough innovations. 10 years of it in the UK and in the USA. He has led and supervised more than 250 innovation projects and programs. Across organizational boundaries, he formed and led multidisciplinary, high-performance teams in America, Europe and Asia to work with key global customers to create breakthrough innovations.
Hi Klaus! Could you please introduce your work with InnovationLabs.Berlin and Cyoneer and tell us a bit more about the projects and collaborations you've focused on in the last year?
Hi, I'm Klaus, the founder of InnovationLabs.Berlin, where we design and conduct immersive innovation experiences. I have worked for almost 20 years in global technology companies in technical and commercial roles. And when I decided to disrupt my corporate career and step out, I decided to learn from and with startups about how they innovate, and how they bring new disruptive or transformative products, services or business models to the market. And that's how I developed new workshop formats, including NanoLabs, that we now bring to corporations, universities, business schools, startups and scale ups. Just earlier this week, I had a NanoLab workshop with a group of executive MBA students from the University of Tampa, Florida. And recently, we conducted a workshop - actually, eleven parallel workshops - with a large research organization in the area of traffic control systems in Germany. I've been working on little tools that help innovators and educators solve some of the typical issues that I see and hear about. And we have developed a new online conversation tool that will help you solve some of your key challenges. Check it out: BANG! Unleash Your Hero.
What are some of the most popular workshops taught through NanoLabs?
Based on hundreds of conversations and workshops, we have developed a workshop format called NanoLabs, in which small groups of individuals clarify their intention, find inspiration, gain insight and create sustainable impact. Some of the most important and popular applications of our NanoLabs workshops are around agile management methodologies, including design thinking scrum effectuation. Everything that helps our clients to discover customer value, and learn how to tap into that value, is the next most popular category. Individuals and leaders who want to improve their skills and competencies in that area are fascinated about the process of creating "a-ha" moments, and leading their teams and organizations through sharing those and creating a passion for joint action.
What are some of the main challenges, and benefits, of working in an international team? How do you help clients to form a cohesive strategy for an international executive team?
Many leaders realize that their role is changing - not just as individual, functional leaders, but also as members of the leadership team, or as leaders of the organization overall - as they are required to create meaning, purpose, and sustainable impact. The individual challenges vary a lot based on the context, but teams struggle a lot with the conflicting demands that are put on them. What makes the difference, for me, is insights - and I don't mean understanding or interpreting data. I mean, the real deep insights that you get about a situation, and how to solve an issue within that situation. Almost like a new window that opens up in front of you and gives you a new perspective on the situation. And there is no undoing anymore - once you understood, once you have that insight, there is no turning back. I support leaders and teams with tools and methods to create a culture for insights, and how to drive organizations towards higher purpose and sustainable impact through insights.
What are some of the main trends and innovations affecting the field of digital business strategy?
Systems thinking: recognizing the actors influences in networks and how you can help to support them around what you do. Understanding new technologies, like the Internet of Things, and how they could enable you through the collection of new forms of data to create new business models and approaches. Augmented reality blockchain: applying them into your field and what they mean, and how they can change your business is going to be important.
What's next for your work both with Cyoneer and InnovationLabs.Berlin? What will be your main focus throughout the next months?
We have developed an online conversation tool that guides individuals and teams to create meaningful change. In our current application, 'BANG! Unleash Your Hero', individuals can address and solve one of their key issues in a fun way. Any organization that wants to address, grow, develop, and communicate with a large number of individuals within their community can use this tool effectively - like universities, business schools, networks or corporations. We are currently in discussions with a network accelerator and entrepreneurship accelerator program in South Africa that wants to apply these tools, together with a range of other learning opportunity tools, to encourage and develop entrepreneurship in the townships of South Africa. We will drive this, and other initiatives, in Germany and India. It's a versatile tool, and we will also apply it in some other areas and industries.