Interview with Kathryn Crous
Founder at EMR Forensics Expert LLC

Strategic Business Sense International Best Selling Author and Quilly Academy Award Winner, Health Care Expert, Strategic Adviser and Keynote Speaker. A seasoned Strategic Executive and a thought leader with talent for transcending IT Boundaries in strategic planning, budgeting, operations, staffing, business development, sales, marketing, risk mitigation and change management. Trusted adviser presenting value-added enterprise business solutions to C-Suite executives for ease of decision making Enterprise performance and drive revenue growth. Check out EMR Forensics Experts here.
Hey Kathryn! You founded EMR Forensics Expert LLC a little over a year ago. Why did you start the consultancy?
Hi! I founded EMR Forensics Expert a little over a year ago. The work on it began about three or four years ago. The forensics for electronic medical records is totally a new profession and field of expertise that I came across quite by accident. As a registered nurse and a Microsoft systems engineer and former CIO and someone that has done a lot of electronic medical record deployments, analysis, purchasing and optimization- I discovered I had a unique talent in being able to explain to attorneys and judges and juries what happens in the electronic medical record. In the past it was a paper record and you'd get the paper and you'd figure out what happened with the patient and try to figure out the handwriting. As we move to electronic medical records the the ability to understand exactly the sequence of events what happened who did what and interpreting the audit trails in the background. I've been able to discover a lot of things that help with either the plaintiff or the defense with the attorneys because they really don't even know what to ask for when they're asking for a medical record. And so it's been a very fun adventure too to be the inspector to find out exactly what's happened. I found some nefarious activity, I found some activity that's been able to keep a hospital from having to pay out a lot of money. I've had individual clients and it's just really kind of a fun industry to be launching into.
What was it like transitioning from being the Founder of Benessere Journey to your work at EMR Forensics Expert LLC? How is your life different now?
I work on the EMR forensics that is the primary focus of my career at the moment. I also do have a passion for health and wellness and I still continue to grow the Benessere Journey brand. So that was part of what gave me the impetus to co-author the book on Health and Wellness Today. I had the good fortune of having a mother that was very health oriented and I learned so much from her I also learned from my nursing background and I continue to develop different things in the Benessere Journey area. So I have my feet in both camps- the EMR forensics is the discovery work that works with the attorneys and judges and juries and then the Benessere Journey is kind of a fun side project that I'm working on. I am currently working on a time management program with Benessere Journey and I do hope to solicit some feedback from people. Technology has has created such a conundrum as to how we function anymore. And a lot of time is spent on social media so I'd love to hear from other folks as to how they manage their time and and be more effective and productive. There was a time in my career as managing a 200 million dollar capital project and continuing my education for my master's program and through that process and also being a mother and a nurse and all of those things I've learned to manage time in a very unique way and I'd love to get feedback for my next book which will be about managing time. That's not the title but it will be coming out. So if anybody has some feedback I'd love to hear about it.
How does the medical industry need to change as it pertains to usage of EMR's from both the patients and the doctors perspective? Do these records actually improve patient care?
I do believe that the medical industry does need to change with the adoption of electronic medical records, I think we've gone fast and furiously into deploying technology without using it smartly. What I'm hearing a lot from physicians is their take their time has taken in being data entry clerks and we aren't optimizing the patient-physician relationship. So I do think that optimization is a very important thing that we're going to need to do. I think we're going to have to find ways to better use the time and develop the electronic medical records in a way that they're much more user-friendly perhaps not as focused on the revenue side of it although the revenue is important, don't get me wrong, you need to keep the lights on. I do think we need to find ways in which we're not catering to the insurance industry as much but we are meeting the regulatory compliance. And I think that is going to come with legislative changes. I do think we need to simplify healthcare. I think we need to simplify the insurance industry and I know that especially in the United States the legal system is very complex and convoluted. So I do hope that at some point we can begin focusing on making the user experience better and giving the physicians back their autonomy to practice their medicine and create that patient-physician relationship and make sure that the outcomes really are better with using the technology and that we're not hampering better outcomes because of the point and click and the number of fields that need to be filled fell down. So I think we're at an optimization moment and a time to simplify healthcare and create perhaps even a new platform with some of the technologies that are coming.
You are also a best-selling author for Health and Wellness Today, what topics do you usually write on?
Yes I did have the opportunity to co-author a book called "Health and Wellness Today" with several industry leaders from across the world. That was a really fun experience. I'd mentioned my mother was very focused on health and wellness and exercise and those kinds of things. And so winning an Academy Award for the first book I coauthored was a very exciting moment in my life and I loved reading my chapter to my mom and watching my tears coming out of her eyes because I do credit her for a lot of the success that I've had in the health and wellness industry. So as I look to that I do think there are seven aspects of our life that we tend to not lead a very balanced life and so we need to have our, you know, our rest we need to have our exercise. Our nutritional assessment, making sure that we're getting good nutrition and and eating well. I do think there's a social aspect of our lives in a spiritual aspect of our lives. And one of the things that I'm focusing on right now is all of that has to come with balance. And so one of the things that allows somebody to have a balanced lifestyle is to manage your time well and so as I'm looking towards my time management book that I'm writing right now I would love to hear from other people as to how they better manage their time. When I was on the road all the time and and working 60/80 hours a week sometimes up to 100 hours a week- it was very difficult to make sure that I managed my life well. So I hope to hear more about that soon from others. Thank you.
Any new projects either with EMR Forensics or written work coming up for you in 2019?
I do have some exciting projects coming up in 2019. I'm currently working on a white paper about the unintended consequences of electronic medical records. So look to see that coming in the first quarter of 2019. I'm also soliciting advice from others and including in my new book that I'm writing. We've discovered that technology is really consuming a lot of our time and perhaps changing our cultures a lot because of the amount of time people are spending on social media and on their electronic devices. And so instead of having technology steal that time from us I'd like us to find better ways to manage that time and my next book will be focused specifically on time management as it pertains to the technology. So it's very soon on my social media accounts particularly LinkedIn. I will be putting out a survey and I'd love to have people join me in developing this book so that we can give people back the time that they need to live their lives more fully and to spend time with the families and people that they love and to make sure that they lead a well-balanced life. So the convergence of all of these things that I've learned over the years is now culminating into my second book and I hope that you decide to be part of that. So watch my social media and see if there's an opportunity for you to participate. I will credit those that do give me advice on that and I look forward to hearing from all of you because I'm sure everybody does have value to add. And I'd love to collaborate on projects like that.