Interview with Kat Thomas
Co-Founder at The Green Light District

The Green Light District is a Las Vegas and Los Angeles based Entertainment Group for the Cannabis Connoisseur. The GLD conjures up classic vintage vibes with live entertainment including musicians, cabaret, burlesque, and speciality acts. They were the featured entertainment at the World of Cannabis Summit at the Palms Casino, Las Vegas, NV, Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles, the Lagunitas Community Room in Portland, OR, and Dope Dining’s Cannabis Cup Kickoff Carnival in Las Vegas, NV.
Hi Kat! Could you please introduce The Green Light District and what led you to found this company?
Hi, my name is Kat Thomas. I am the co-creator of The Green Light District along with my producing partner Miss Julia Reed Nichols. The Green Light District is a high-end luxury cannabis, events and entertainment group in Los Vegas and Los Angeles. We produce events all over the country but primarily focus on the recreational states where marijuana is legal recreationally. Now the way we got into creating The Green Light District was about five years ago we both started producing events and about three years ago we decided that we wanted to get into the cannabis space primarily because all of the events that we went to were kind of one trick ponies. Which is to say that they cater to a younger market that was primarily hip-hop based. Now don't get me wrong I love Snoop Dogg. Thank you. Dog father so much for all the amazing work you've done in legalizing in the marijuana movement. But he's not the only game in town. Sometimes you just want to listen to some chill Norah Jones after you've gotten stoned. So what we did was we looked at what we did best which was vintage entertainment and we married it with cannabis events and entertainment. So we have a cover band that does your favorite weed songs very classy style as if Ella Fitzgerald sang them. We have burlesque dancers with marijuana feather fans, we've got typewriting poets, we've got girls and champagne glasses. We've got you know Gatsby style dancers. It is a fabulous speakeasy style luxury event. And I cannot wait for you guys to see it soon.
How many employees currently work at The Green Light District? What do you look for in an ideal employee?
So this next question is about how many employees currently work at The Green Light District. Well other than Jillian I founding it, all of our employees are giggers which what that means is in the world of performance, which is entertainment and events, everyone primarily works project to project. Now we have a rotating roster of about say 20 to 30 performers that we work with depending on the event, depending on what gets booked. All the specifics. And what we always look for an ideal employee in my opinion other than talent is enthusiasm. I will tell you that enthusiasm gets you hired every day the week over a resume that's very experienced. Experience is great. But I want someone who's gonna hustle. I want someone who's gonna love it. I want someone who's gonna love the game.
How did you recruit the current staff at The Green Light District? Were there any particular qualities you sought out in employees for your unique company and mission?
This question is about recruiting current staff for The Green Light District. Well, I will tell you the recruitment of fascinating performers is always a fun job. You know it involves multiple platforms and I would say primarily more than anything else word of mouth. Social media is one of our easiest ways to find people, we put a post up and people submit stuff and more than anything else everything this day is based on video. You need to have a video resumé as a performer. There are still people out there who believe this is not the case but I'm telling you one hundred times to one this is the case now. Once again as I said in my last question what's the thing that makes us pick people enthusiasm. If you want the job and you're going to hustle for it and you're going to tell us how excited you are to work with us we're going to hire you. Most of the time. Not a hundred per cent of the time but up to me, that has more merit than anything else out there.
Has your role shifted as the business has matured? If so, how?
This question is about how roles have shifted as the business has matured. I will tell you that the number one role that I have slid into in the last three years with The Green Light District is one of patience is your number one asset when it comes to the cannabis industry. Everybody thinks it's hurry up but then it's waiting and you have to be patient with the politicians. You have to be patient with the lawmakers. You have to be patient with the people that don't understand it. You have to be patient with the policemen that don't understand something that used to be illegal but is now legal. Patience is going to be the asset. I have been in this industry for three years now and I have seen people come and go thinking they're going to make fast money and it's not about fast money it's about understanding that we're all learning a new set of rules which is exciting. We are on the ground floor of one of the largest growing industries in the United States. But you got to be patient. You've got to understand that it's going to take a while for everything to get up to speed and that's what makes it exciting. But that is what makes you learn to be a monk when it comes to the idea of waiting.
You will likely have a variety of cannabis connoisseur in your audience? Can you tell us a bit about this, and do you attract people who would otherwise not go out to events?
So this question is about the variety of our audience at a Green Light District. And I'm telling you it's all over the board. It is so much fun to have an audience that loves the concept of this amazing healing plant we call cannabis. It can go anywhere from the 70-year-old smoking grandma to the 20-year-old who's been smoking all their life because they lived in California. We cater to this audience through a variety of ticketing links, a variety of social media's. And just understanding that all of these people want to come together because up until this point social use hasn't existed. Social use is the idea that you can go to a space other than a private home and consume cannabis together. But we are on the cusp of things changing and it is so exciting because then this grandmother can meet this 20-year-old and they can do it in a fun environment and listen to music and see performances and maybe get typewritten poems written for them and it's awesome. So I am so excited to see where this industry is going as social use expands.
Are you taking burlesque and cabaret to a new level, or do you stick to tradition and striptease?
So this question is with regards to taking burlesque and cabaret to a new level or sticking to the traditional strip tease. And I'll tell you we do both. It's all about the art of having fun and being playful. Burlesque as we know it is the art of the tease. It's about being silly and playful and not taking anything too seriously. And the idea of doing a burlesque number with marijuana feather fans pretty much takes the cake when it comes to that. Now that being said because we primarily do vintage events, we have high-class events that would be similar to going to a party at The Great Gatsby house. So Gatsby style events. So you're going to have your classics you're going to have pretty girls dressed up in beautiful outfits, wardrobes costumes. You will have men in top hats. You'll have all of those fun elements that we love when we play dress up. And really that's what The Green Light District is all about it is about high-class luxury fun entertainment when it comes to cannabis and the connoisseurs that live in this industry.