Interview with Kamilė Jokubaitė
CEO @ Attention Insight

Attention Insight enables users to test visual elements, optimize their layout, test Call To Action, iterate and improve their design faster. Visual attention heatmaps identify how user's attention distributes in a page. Red areas indicate places were users looked the most.
Hi Kamilė! Could you please introduce Attention Insight and what led to your becoming the CEO of the company back in 2017?
So, Attention Insight is an A.I. tool for consumer visual engagement monitoring. It enables designers and marketers to make data-driven design decisions. What inspired me, personally, to become a CEO of Attention Insight is a personal pain of my own as a marketer because I always look for keeping eyes for consumer attention monitoring that goes beyond click rates.
What did the process of developing the Attention Insight AI look like? How long did this process take?
Started with technical development, our city developed the first version of our deep learning algorithm. We then trained it with eye tracking study data, and at the end of the day we had an algorithm that can predict consumer attention with a certain precision, and then we started building an online platform for user interface and working with our beta testers. At the moment we have an algorithm that works 84 % accurately in comparison with an eye-tracking study. Basically what it means we can implement eye-tracking study and see where customers are looking when they're interacting with your website within 1 minute.
What makes being able to predict consumers' viewing patterns so important?
Currently, we live in the attention economy and an average consumer gets hit by more than ten thousand marketing messages a day. According to the latest Microsoft Research, our attention span shrank to eight seconds which is actually one second shorter than a goldfish, therefore for marketers, it is more crucial than ever to have a tool for proper consumer attention monitoring.
Are you testing any other use cases for the Attention Insight AI besides commercial design and advertising?
Yeah for sure. We're testing other use cases as well, in different industries. We are being approached by players from media planning as well as retail, and we are open to the opportunity. We believe that's insights about consumer attention can benefit a lot of industries, so we'll see where the future will take us.
What's next for your work with Attention Insight? What are the main projects, markets and sectors you'll be focusing on in 2019?
Of course, conquering the world of marketing, but it's step by step. We are planning to launch our website design testing tool and for digital communication agencies as well as designers, with the tool, they can easily pretest their website design and get insights on consumer attention. We are currently attending next media accelerator in Germany so we're planning to make a footprint in media market. Of course we're growing our team, we're developing new features and our product and we are testing it out in different industries, so hopefully, at the end of 2019 we'll conquer at least a part of the marketing world and the next will follow.