Interview with Josh DeWare
Graphic Designer @ The Sierra Club

Hi Josh! Would you introduce yourself and tell us about your work with the Sierra Club?
Hi! I work in-house at the Sierra Club as a graphic designer, and we are an environmental nonprofit that has campaigns all over the United States. Everything from blocking drilling in the Arctic, to getting cities and states to commit to 100 percent clean energy. And often we're taking on polluters who have unlimited money; who have the PR teams that used to say smoking doesn't cause cancer and now saying climate change isn't happening. But when we see the people organize and say, "Clean air, clean water are a human right" - that's when we see the people win.
With your roots in creative urban culture, do you think skate culture is still in your designs today?
Something I love about skate and street art is: you can tell how much fun some of these artists are having with how wild and out there some of these graphics are. And I think I've definitely been aesthetically influenced but, more importantly, I've tried to take away that attitude of: how can we play around with some of these ideas and have fun with this process?
What design are you inspired by now? Where do you go for inspiration?
Lately I've been really inspired by short films - I love going on Vimeo staff picks and looking for ways to add humanity or emotion to whatever it is I'm working on. I also find that if I'm stuck or unmotivated, that travelling somewhere - even if it's just a short road trip - there's always something out there that grabs attention and gets me excited to work on something, is the best- I find is the best cure for any kind of creative block.
What design projects do you most enjoy and which ones present a challenge?
It's great finding a good team to bounce ideas off of, who have backgrounds different than I have. There's no way a designer can be an expert on everything, so I really value other people's point of views, the expertise that they bring to the table, to come together and make a better project. Projects can be challenging when the key decision makers aren't involved from beginning. So I like to make sure that I'm working with the person that's gonna be signing of, or they're at least involved throughout the process.
What are you working on right now and where can we see your design next?
I just jumped on the iPad Pro train - so I've been on Procreate looking for ways to add custom type, or handmade feel to some of the projects I'm working on. I'm also looking at really looking forward to some of the projects that come out of the Green New Deal. This is a gut check moment for our generation - are we the ones that lead our planet to extinction, or are we the ones that fight climate change and created a world that works for all of us?